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In early 2016 I was so happy to receive a prequalification from credit one stating that I had prequalified for a unsecured visa card with them. I had spent a few years trying to build my credit up with secured card and they were the first ones that gave me an unsecured card. Are use the card responsibly always paid on time and in full the limit was low it was only $800 but I was very happy with that at the time. Fast forward to the middle of 2018 and I began having huge issues with them. By this time I also had a MasterCard with Credit One my credit score was a 700 and I never used either the MasterCard or Visa because I had other credit cards with high higher limits and they had rewards and all these other things. I had requested that credit one go ahead and put an automatic payment on my Monthly fee of four dollars and some odd cents per month per card. I believed that everything was fine and Was assured by the customer service rep in India that I had nothing to worry about. Boy was he wrong I had everything to worry about about October 2018 I see that my credit score has been hit for almost 60 points and I was in the middle of refinancing my home. Come to find out I have a late payment of eight dollars yes that's right eight dollars from credit one bank, then come to find out that the reason that I have a late payment of $8 is because they do not do automated payments you either have to pay over the phone for the fee that they charge you or you have to do it online. So I politely asked them to cancel both my cards after I found this out because when I explain to them what happened and the fact that I was told that I could use my bank account that I was calling in and paying on the card for him I told him that one of their employees is the one that told me that Big basically told me that I was lying and that they would not be removing it from my credit because they can't do that. Now they say that they can't do that that is again another lie. I went around and around with a lady in customer service who again I could barely understand her and she just kept trying to convince me to keep the cards keep the cards I'll waive this and I'll do this for you and this went on for almost 40 minutes and because of this I Just kept the cards and said that I would deal with it at a later date. To no avail I have called every number I can fine for them and I can only reach people in India who I am now well aware cannot or Do you not have the power to get this removed from my credit. Fast forward again to now it is almost February 2019 and I am still trying to refine my house my mortgage broker has been trying everything that she can to get this done but literally because of an eight dollar late payment charge that I quite frankly feel is their fault they have squashed any chance of me getting a refi on my house I am disgusted I have never in my life ever seen customer service like they have I cannot believe that someone who is and has been a loyal customer who quite frankly I don't need to have those two carts but I continue to keep them for as long as I did in the beginning because they were the ones that took a chance on me and now those same people have wrecked my credit over eight dollars. I asked to speak to somebody else a supervisor or what not when I called the numerous times that I have called and I get just another person who is definitely From India and on multiple vacations I can hear them laughing in the background. Also during that time after the first gentleman so politely took my banking information and said that I could "" be on automatic bill pay which they don't have every one of my computer systems at home got hacked and traced back to an Indian company so I'm sorry I wasn't born yesterday and coincidences like that don't happen. I has a small business owner know that large corporations Choose to outsource to save money but at what expense because right now I will be letting everyone know how terrible credit one bank has treated me for eight dollars and my husband and I own an Internet marketing company so I will blast it through everywhere I can because I feel like if they are doing this to me they must be doing it to other people. I have been told on six different occasions that someone from corporate would be calling me back and have yet to hear from anyone so once again I have been lied to by credit one bank I want this removed from my credit so that I can refinance my house I held my end of the bargain up I have paid my bills I have done everything and in return they have made this process of getting my credit score up they turned it into a nightmare. I will be canceling both of my cards once I feel I can have a normal polite conversation with them. I am also having the hack on my computers traced back to an exact location and if it is found to be one of their Indian employees they will be speaking to my attorney.

Jan 30, 2019

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