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United States - 76540-0937

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Complaints & Reviews

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This is the worse and worst bank in banking history exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation exclamation

business account

It took almost a month to open my business account. I had all the information that was requested on my FIRST visit and throughout the following 3 weeks I kept getting asked to go in person to submit documents that were already provided.
After opening my account I visited another branch to deposit two checks and order new checks and was advised by the teller that the checks were ordered. It has been almost a week and was told by the online agent that the order was never placed.

I'm now having to go in person, AGAIN, to do something I was told was already done.

This has been by far the worst experience with any bank I have dealt with. The word "convenience" should not be part of the banks' name.

Everyone that has helped me has been friendly and courteous but the actual process of dealing with the bank itself has been a nightmare.

fees for account

Was thinking about closing out my account because I only had 100.00 in there. Got a nice email stating that I...

the bank will not give me any of my money

I was garanteed to have access to the money that I deposited into my account and not only have I not be able...

deposits and overdraft

I've been with this bank for close to 4 years and every single interaction I have with someone rather it be in my local branch or over the phone I'm left feeling even more frustrated and helpless than I already was. I've cashed at least 5 checked from my 401k and each time you all want to place it on a seven day hold even tho I have cashed several of these checks with you all before. They even want to hold your bank transfers. Transferred money into my bank from my cashapp because I needed to get a rental car that day every other time I've done this my money was always available immediately, but all of a sudden they now need to hold it for 24 hours while I have 2 pending transactions into overdraft. I feel that they only held money so that they would be able to charge my account the extra fees to get more money out of me. This place is the worst can't wait to leave you all as soon as money clears. I will be posting my bad experiences with you all across all of my social media platforms.

banker treated me poorly because I wanted to deposit my check as cash

On 10/27/2018 at approximately 1520 I was attempting to deposit my check as cash at the Stephenville Walmart...

I deposited escrow check

On July 25, 2018, Wednesday, around 11:30-11:45, I deposited my escrow check to the First Convenience Bank...

First Convenience Bank [FCB]

excessive overdraft fees

I've had my account with this bank for close to three years. I've never had any major hiccups until I place...

banking/customer service

The absolute worst bank ever! Do not bank here! These guys ruined a special day for me. Today is my last day...

transferring funds

I was told my account allowed free transfers. Attempting to do so I learned only to accounts within your...

large deposit on hold for 3+ business days!

This is the last issue I will have with First National/Convenience Bank! I've had too many issues with them when it comes to withdraws, credit/debit purchases, etc. They ALWAYS take the biggest purchase out & hold on to the last ones so that you can overdraft. I've complained with them too many times about this. This last time, I sold some tickets on Ticketmaster for a concert for a colleague of mine. He actually took a loss on this, so the amount I was to receive, was less than what was paid for them. On Friday, 10/20/2017, Ticketmaster deposited the amount into my account. I check my account every morning at 7 am & the funds were there. So I wrote a check to the person I sold them for. Later that day, I checked my account again (I check my account morning & night) & noticed the funds were taken out! I figured it would be in pending status until at least Monday. Well, here it is Tuesday 10/24/2017 & I had to call them to find out what was going on with my money. They finally informed me that my money was on HOLD until I submitted my original receipt from Ticketmaster for the exact amount. Well, the original receipt is for more than that amount & it took me more than 30 minutes to finally speak to a supervisor for him to say that the original receipt will work & that I have to fax it in to the card fraud department with my account information for MY money to be released to me! I am fed up with all of the issues & trying to give them multiple chances to fix their crap! I am closing all of my accounts after I receive my money!

Customer service

Calling the customer service support line has been a bitter and unpleasant experience with this bank. The representatives are rude and annoyed with you as a customer. I simply wanted to inquire about a deposit, yet was treated as if I was calling to ask the representative personally for money. The Desoto branch in Kroger is the only reason I have stayed, when I would go to close my account their smiles and warm reception make it almost impossible. However, the phone customer service I have received mad me yet get into my vehicle and drive to close my accounts. Just horrible

csr & online/automotive system and bank ethics

I was advised by your CSR that overdraft protection would cover me in the event that my account goes negative...

not really "overdraft protection"

I have a checking account and a savings account with FCB. I specifically wanted any potential overdrafts to be paid from my savings account. They call this "linking." I thought I had made that clear from the start, but 3 years later, they charged me over $34 in overdraft fees (for a $10 overdraft!). They said that overdraft meant they would pay (in this case an auto debit) and charge me. I would never have agreed to that when I signed up. What a stupid concept.

I didn't know this was a "bad credit" bank--I just liked it at first because it was at WalMart and open better hours. I guess I will be making a trip (with my money) down to Wells Fargo or another REAL bank that can be upfront with how their processes work. My advice--get out of this mess as soon as you can!

rude, childlike behavior

On November 16th, I approached the bank counter and made a request to Justin, bank employee, to deposit fund...

they took money for the declines and didn't help you to solve the problems

When I signed up for the services of First Convenience Bank, I was told that if I had any problems, the...

they started to steal from my account

OMG. I used the website But after couple of weeks, I started to notice that money started to...

excessive overdraft charges

I most recently suffered (Double Dipping) by First Convenience Bank. I have noticed that they will charge a...

faulty transasations

Proof upon request. I received my taxes direct deposited as usual on at a different bank. This time the Bank...

everything about them

Everything about this bank sucks. More than half the time you can't even access the online banking site...

First Convenience Bank

denial of access to funds

On Monday November 19th 2012 I deposited a check into my account at First Convenience Bank, a division of First National Bank Texas. I called First Convenience Bank and spoke with a customer service supervisor by the name of Else who told me that the funds where placed are hold by the loss prevention department for reasons she was not allowed to share with me, the account holder. I was also told to call Else back before 4pm on that day (Nov. 23rd 2012) to check for any new information. I called First Convenience Bank at 340pm on that same day, Friday (Nov. 23rd 2012). I was told Else was unavailable and was transferred to another customer service supervisor who's name I do not have recorded. I was told that the issue with the check was due to the loss prevention department not being able to contact the issuing company for verification. I asked why the loss prevention office could make a telephone call to company and ask them for whatever information was needed for the verification of the account and was told that she (the customer service supervisor) was unable to answer that question as the everyone was gone for the weekend.

I called First Convenience Bank at 830am on Monday (Nov. 26 2012) and spoke with a customer service supervisor by the name of Misty. I ask Misty to contact the loss prevention department and to ask that they contact the company who check for verification of the account, after be placed on hold Misty returned and then stated that they had spoke with "someone" at the issuing company and was told that person could not verify the account on which the check was drawn and that First Convenience Bank would continue to refuse access to these funds. I contacted the manager of the Accounts Payable department at the company who issued the check and was told that no one from First Convenience Bank had contacted his department. The Accounts Payable manager also verified that the funds for the check where release from the companies account on Friday (Nov. 23rd 2012). It has now been ten business days I have still have no access to these funds and no attempt has been made to contact me by First Convenience Bank.

  • Th
    th!sman Nov 30, 2012

    I used to have an account with this bank. I had a situation get soured by their inept CSR. I decided not to lose sleep and asked them what is the process to close the account. At this point oh the bank manager himself is suddenly available to rectify their mistake. I told him I am not stopping him from fixing the problem. Nevertheless, Me Inc. has a policy, if you make me feel like [email protected] I vote with my feet. I did, I am with a credit union now. You have the power over You Inc. not them. They need you, you don't need them. They need to justify why they need to have you as a customer. If their actions don't measure up vote with your feet.

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bad bank that ripps people off!

I opened an account with this bank in an Arizona walmart and thought it was convenient! I read all the fine...

poor service

Because i live out of state and we have no First Convenience Bank in our state, the branch in AZ said it wa...

federal regulators need to look into this bank

I had been banking with this institution for more than 6 months. During this time I had two overdrafts. One...


PLEASE beaware of this bank. DONOT do banking with this bank. they are gona rob you with their overdraft charges and they give you the wrong information every time. they are very very slow and their transactions take 2-3 days to go through.

  • Ma
    Marlboro Feb 17, 2011

    To make a long story short, my bank card was stolen and instead of the bank helping me, they were trying to make me feel like I was the criminal.Not only did I give them a police report, I gave the claims department my time card from work.Lynnsey continued to tell me she could not help me because she didn't understand why I didn't clock out for lunch at work.Someone was using my debit card as credit.I filed two claims and the bank insisted that they could not help me.When the person overdrew 1200.00 worth of bank fees, the bank still never gave me a courtesy call.I will never tell any one to bank with First Convenience Bank EVER!

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  • Hi
    HighBankFees Apr 11, 2011

    Please contact me at [email protected] if you have had bad experience with this bank. I am conducting an investigation and would like to hear from you. Please feel free to email me. Everything said will be confidential. WE need to put a stop to institutions like this one!!

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  • El
    Ellen67 Oct 11, 2011

    So, are you saying you should overdraft your account for free?

    Try using a register if you cannot understand how online banking processes and only spend the money you have.

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worst bank!!

I was buying some medicen at cvs when my card was decling and I knew for a fact that I had money in my account. I called customer service they said I need to go to one of their branches so I did and I was negative 1800.00 dollars. I disputed charges that weren't mine but I was denied because I never reported my card stolen. I had explained to them my card was never stolen its been with me. The another person using my card number was doing transaction at the same time I was and I was at huntsville for that weekend and I used it to pay gas and hotel. While the another person used it 15min difference in mesquite. How could I drive from huntsville to mesquite in 15min. Now I receiving call from them to pay that money which I not going to.


I was a First Convenience Bank member until today. I dont have the greatest credit around so I figured a bank who will give me an account great. Started direct deposit an everything was going great until to day 4-16-10. I knew I might have some overdraft fees from previous transactions made earlier in the week. but not 387.00 in overages. That was my whole pay check. But when I went to the ATM on 4-15-10. It said I had money in the account. But what made me overdraft was checking the ATM it told me I had 127.00 left in the account this was prior to this week. So I thought I had money to use on a side job when I didnt. I wonder what is up with not holding the funds that were charged as credit. Any other bank would do that oh no not them they set u up for failure to overdraft. No warning or nothing. So here I am with no money to pay for insurance on mine an my wifes cars, no money for food for our son or us, an no money for gas for us to make it to work to get another paycheck. In my opinion this bank needs to be closed down an rebuilt from the ground up. They need to start taking a look at there customer satisfaction. Which is very poor. Thank You First Convenience Bank you opened my eyes to how low of a bank u really are!!
To the check list at the end all of the above.

  • Jk
    jkwaghorne Mar 31, 2012

    BOFA was sued successfully for their overdraft policies. The law firm is now going after other banks. I do agree most overdrafts are the responibility of the individual unless the bank screws up. This bank for example will hit you with an overdraft fee when you close an account. Their software has a 5 cent differance in it. So when you close your account you will be 5 cents overdrawn. I know this because I was able to see the screen when I closed my account and confirmed it with the employee. As far as "whythelongfaces" don't pay attention to that idiot. You can look up his account and all he does is spend all day in front of the computer responding to others. No life for this fool.

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  • Jk
    jkwaghorne Mar 31, 2012

    whythelongfaces...boohoho Wipe the tears away little boy.

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  • Jk
    jkwaghorne Apr 01, 2012

    If your going to ridicule people who post complaints, be mature enough to handle it when people ridicule you. Also, each time you send a response, I have the right to respond. That is not spamming fool. It would be nice if you knew what the hell you were talking about, but it is so crystal clear that your use of the english language reveals you really are just a immature brat.

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  • Jk
    jkwaghorne Apr 02, 2012

    I want to thank Complaints. com for helping me get my Bank straightened out. It's a great site and if I ever have the need, I'll use it again.
    "Whythelongfaces" you said "Now, I am a big girl"...all girls weighing over 400lbs are big girls. That's why you got the job at the Carnival Freak show. Keep on sitting in front of your computer doing comments to every post (913) and stuffing your face with ding dongs. That is the closes your ever get to any man sticking something in that big fat mouth of yours. You can post all you wish now and don't have to worry about me showing everyone you want-to-be Ann Coulter are nothing more than rejects of society, because my email was a temp account and I'll never see it. I would say, I'd like to meet you one day and slap some sense into you, but it is so clear your parents did this so many times, you have brain damage. Good luck getting your "crab" problem under control...lmao...

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  • Um
    umbgva Apr 02, 2012

    Thanks for your comments jkwaghorn. They're very informative. Whythelongfaces just likes to pick fights with everyone.

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  • Brenda* Apr 02, 2012

    Clicking the spam button would be good about now wtlf. ;)

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the worst liars

I have opened up an account and I have friends told me about this bank that they ripped their customers off from their customers. They can't take care their customer very will. For an example once you deposit a check they hold that check for 4 to 5 days then they decided to deposit and post it to your account. On the day of 11/23/2010 I have closed my account and I saw the teller wrote the date and enter it in the computer. Then three or four days later they still haven't actually closed my account. So I would like to tell you if you want to find a bank I would not recommened this to anyone.

do not do business here

I just recently opened another small business and decided to use 1st Convenience bank since it was located in my local Kroger's Store and they had extended hours. I should have followed my gut instinct to quickly run away when the so called "branch manager" began arguing with me about my business structure. She insisted that business was a Limited Liability Corporation - while I stood there informing her that I had started a Single Member Limited Liability Company, which for tax purposes would be treated as a sole proprietorship. She demanded a DBA - which I didn't have or need, because I do business under the exact same legal name. **For credibility purposes I should mention that - I am graduate student in business (also a bachelor of business) and currently in the process of getting earning my CPA.

No sooner that I had moved past the incompetence of the banks employees - 1st Convenience bank service amazingly got worse. I began setting up my direct deposit, PayPal, Google checkout, shipping and other office supply store accounts - when I realized 1st convenience charged me a $2.00 "POS Denial Fee" per entry - for the verifying deposits and/or setup authorization charges ( which are temporary). I should also add that I made a deposit on January 18, 2011 before noon that as of now (Jan 28 3:18pm CST) still hasn’t been deposited. I called customer service and the young man I talked to couldn’t give a flip about the unfairness of the situation. Right now – I am thinking that enough is enough and I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER do business with 1st convenience bank again – even though I am stuck with them for the next 60 days because I refuse to pay the penalty of $25.00 to close my account. I have started a new commercial account in the same bank as my other business and will not l use the First Convenience account and have every intention on closing it on day 91.
Also, I should probably mention that after providing all my business formation documents to the bank – and I watched them make copies of everything – on another visit they could not locate any of the information I had given them. I sat there and watched the workers scramble around for about 15 minutes looking for it. I wondered and started to ask if maybe someone had taken it home with them. That is SCARY. I may be a small business, but will not accept being treated this way by any bank ever. Please be warned – I wish I would have read this before going there.

fraud on my account

I was with this bank for over 5 years with no problems at all. Until 05/21/11, i checked my online statement...

draft overdraft charges on daughters closed account

Looking at previous reviews, there isn’t much more that can be said about this bank, but here you go.

My daughter inadvertently over drafted. Within 2 days, the OD charges had run up to $300+. We went down and took care of the charges, as well as closing the account. They tried to get her to leave the account open with a dollar in it. (I'm sure this was so they could find other charges to collect)

We refused and closed the account. 5 days later, a netflix $9.00 charge came in, which sent the already closed account into OD again? At this point, they started adding up daily charges for OD. They kept doing this for 2 months, without any contact. At this point, they sent to collections and are calling her 5+ times a day.

She is a struggling single mother, trying to make ends meet. I could help out and pay these fees again, but whats to say that this wont happen again as the account was already closed.

I put some of the blame for how this bank is preying on people who are having difficulties, on Walmart, as Walmart must know of their business practices, and lets them prey on their customers.

Start taking your complaints to the grocery stores who are hosting these banks.

  • Wh
    whocares9111 Jan 30, 2011

    You need to cancel the card on file with Netflix. It was a automatic debit every month that was already authorized. When it came through for the month it automatically re-opened the account.

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  • Ch
    CherK Jul 08, 2011

    I lost my job, the bank knew of my payday loans I could no longer pay. I was told to do an open and close account I did I was given a new account. I came in made a deposit to find out the close I did 2 days before had not prevented the 'closed account' from being charged. The account charges were $39.00. I spoke to a customer service phone rep who originally refunded that charge, however the account was in reality not closed! The bank teller inside had said it was alright, no problem. (ha ) Returning two days later I was told they were sorry, but for some reason it could happen again!!! "What the?" Should the charges reoccur on an aacount that is closed makes very little sense to me. I was also told if charges reoccur again within 24-48 hours the location manager may not refund me the $39.00 !!! OUT RIGHT THEFT! BANKS ARE BANDITS. I by all means will report this to the grocery store manager that houses this bank. I will follow up with a call to the BBB as well,

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one month ago i went to this bank and i had a problem with a check that some one stold. but the employees at...

horrible bank

Well I am taking a stand against the bank, send any and all information about how the bank ha...

account balance

The bank put 7 dollars in my account for a referral and I took that card to the store and the man behind the...

this is the worst bank ever

This is the worst bank ever!!! The overdraft fees are utterly ridiculous. Not only do they charge you for overdraft fees on pending transactions but they turn around and charge you overdraft fees when those same transactions clear too!!! I've literally called 12 times to speak to the branch manager and keep getting transferred to the main swtch board. If you actually want to talk to someone, they charge you $3 which they will overdraft on. I can't wait to cancel my account... Which they will charge you $25 for if it's been less than 90 days since you opened your account... What a crock!

  • Fr
    Frustrated-n-tx May 10, 2011

    I know what you mean. I have tried to figure this out and i keep coming up empty handed. Easy way to solve this is not to overdraft your account. Use cash whenever possible. AVOID paying the bank for NOTHING.

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can not find a third party

I deposited a check at the bank and they said a third party contacted them and said the check might not be good so they held the funds...but they said that due to confidentiality they couldn't disclose who the third party is and to contact the bank issuer...Can you help me find out who is this third party hiding behind the scene in my bank deposits?

their gliched system double billed me

Be careful! They've caused me so much stress over this... What a nightmare! They are scam artists! After what...

unbelievably bad experience

In january 2009 I was buying some medicen at cvs when my card was decling and I knew for a fact that I had money in my account. I called customer service they said I need to go to one of their branches so I did and I was negative 1800.00 dollars. I disputed charges that weren't mine but I was denied because I never reported my card stolen. I had explained to them my card was never stolen its been with me. The another person using my card number was doing transaction at the same time I was and I was at huntsville for that weekend and I used it to pay gas and hotel. While the another person used it 15min difference in mesquite. How could I drive from huntsville to mesquite in 15min. Now I receiving call from them to pay that money which I not going to.

  • My
    my2cents7 May 05, 2010

    does it have a Visa or MAstercard logo? if so, they usually will help you with that!

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awful bank

You are either an employee or I want what you are taking. First Inconviencebank utilizes an 800 number out of Killeen, their headquarters.You can never escalate past the call center even if your issue is beyond what they have the authority to handle(which is pretty much everything) They are currently under federal investigation. Take your money out and buy a clue.

  • Ti
    tigo85 Mar 10, 2010

    Why are they under federal investigation if you could post a link to your source so I can make a decision to stay or go I would really appreciate it, since most of my family banks there I would like to be able to give them a good reason to transfer to another bank, but if its true I don't want anyone to lose their money due to others mistakes and shortcomings .
    Thanks So much

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overcharged, mis-charged, harassed and ripped off

Let me start by stating that I've been banking for 23 years. I've had more trouble with this bank than any other bank I've been with in 23 years. Every payday I have to call them. It all started when I first opened my Acct. I cashed a check and deposited half of it. I used my card the next day to make an online payment which they charged me a fee of 34.95 for overdraft because they had failed to post it to my acct. I had to call and have them remove the charge which they did. Then I'm supposed to have a $200 overdraft, when I went over the amount available by $86 they called me all day long from an unavailable #, never left a message and continued to call all day for several days until I finally called the number back. When returning the call I sat on hold for 25 min waiting, not knowing who it was I called because the number doesn't tell you. This has happened twice in the 3 mo. I've been with them. Finally I get to talk to someone and they inform me that I'm over-drafted, I asked why they couldn't just leave a message and they told me because it done by computer and they have no control of it. Then I get charged an acct. handling fee of $11 something because I've not used the ATM card I have not received yet 5 times in that month. THE LAST STRAW- I use my debit card to make a $200 payment on my cell bill, keep in mind I have a $200 overdraft. I get a letter in the mail stating they have charged me $69.94 in handling fees for paying a $41.75 ATM withdrawal on 09/30/09, my current balance is $183 something. Then another 34.95 for the $200 payment made to my cell phone which didn't go through until 10/02/09. Now they tell me the fees are because the $200 was pending and not available. Now my question is if the $200 was pending and not available why did the ATM say my available balance was $183 and let me withdraw the $41.75? Not to mention the $200 overdraft which my acct is currently over $124 which would truly only be over drafted $57 if they had only charged me for what was truly NSF which was the $200 that went through on 10/02/09. This banking institution SUCKS and I have since closed my Account and moved my funds to a much more pleasant bank, NATIONAL BANK. If you're considering this bank for any reason, I RECOMMEND YOU DON'T, you'll just be having your money stolen from you.

  • Aw
    awhitney Jan 24, 2010

    I'm confused here. At the begining of this comment you wrote, "i used my card to make a online payment", if you didn't recieve your debit card, how did you make that payment the "next day" after opening your account. So, some of this comment is not true.

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  • N3
    N33s3 Apr 28, 2010

    I actually still have this bank and I completely agree with you! Went in to cash a check that I had got from my sister .I wanted to deposit half and get half cash back, which apparently was fine, then changed my mind and decided to just cash the check and deposit it as cash so it would go into my account instantly instead of having to wait.The cashier then tells me that they couldn't do this anymore which makes absolutely no sense since she was gonna give me half of the check in cash in the first place.The only reason I still have this bank is because I get direct deposit and I'm just too lazy to change it to another.This is one of many things besides all the little random fees that they charge you that makes me not like banking with 1stcb!!

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