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First Convenience Bank [FCB] Customer Service


First Community Bancshares, Inc.

PO Box 937
United States - 76540-0937

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1800 666 9801(Mexico) 0 0
1800 507 0188(Panama) 1 0
+1 800 903 7490(Customer Service) 26 0
+1 254 634 2161(First National Bank Texas) 3 0
+1 800 677 9801(First National Bank Texas) 5 0
+1 866 390 9768(Hearing Impaired) 1 0
+44 800 089 8062(United Kingdom) 1 0
+33 800 903 295(France) 1 0
+49 800 181 4483(Germany) 1 0
+39 800 878 144(Italy) 1 0
+31 800 022 0016(Netherlands) 1 0
+81 531 123 402(Japan) 1 0
+82 798 148 000 332(South Korea) 1 0

First Convenience Bank [FCB] Complaints & Reviews

First Convenience Bank [FCB] / banker treated me poorly because I wanted to deposit my check as cash

ND1 on Oct 27, 2018

On 10/27/2018 at approximately 1520 I was attempting to deposit my check as cash at the Stephenville Walmart location. I asked to deposit my check as cash and I was immediately denied being told that that is unnecessary cause she'll put a memo on it so it will be available immediately. I...

First Convenience Bank [FCB] / I deposited escrow check

Imee Fajardo on Jul 26, 2018

On July 25, 2018, Wednesday, around 11:30-11:45, I deposited my escrow check to the First Convenience Bank locates at 2108 Bedford Road Wal-mart 76021. I spoke with black African woman, big hair, around 5'5, and heavy set built, I gave my check and she said it will be available...

First Convenience Bank / excessive overdraft fees

J.Renae on Jun 13, 2018

I've had my account with this bank for close to three years. I've never had any major hiccups until I place the overdraft protection on my account . Within the past 30 days, the bank has charged me $102 in overdraft fees. One was an error on my part, but other two are truly uncalled for...

First Convenience Bank / banking/customer service

Jimmy Odus on Mar 20, 2018

The absolute worst bank ever! Do not bank here! These guys ruined a special day for me. Today is my last day in Chicago and wanted to pay off an engagement ring that I was going to surprise my GF with as soon as I got home to Texas. I owed a little over $2500 on the ring and have well over...

First Convenience Bank / transferring funds

Trudy Cooke on Feb 13, 2018

I was told my account allowed free transfers. Attempting to do so I learned only to accounts within your bank. My payroll card does not have check cashing abilities. I am on loa & part of my std payments are in check needing to cover a bill pay withdraw on another account while bed ridden...

First Convenience Bank / large deposit on hold for 3+ business days!

rose2002 on Oct 24, 2017

This is the last issue I will have with First National/Convenience Bank! I've had too many issues with them when it comes to withdraws, credit/debit purchases, etc. They ALWAYS take the biggest purchase out & hold on to the last ones so that you can overdraft. I've complained with them too...

First Convenience Bank / Customer service

Unsatisfactory 2 on Sep 7, 2017

Calling the customer service support line has been a bitter and unpleasant experience with this bank. The representatives are rude and annoyed with you as a customer. I simply wanted to inquire about a deposit, yet was treated as if I was calling to ask the representative personally for...

First Convenience Bank / csr & online/automotive system and bank ethics

Marcy Nobles on Jun 25, 2017

I was advised by your CSR that overdraft protection would cover me in the event that my account goes negative I would not access any type of fees unless my account stayed negative for 5 days or more, no one said anything about I will also receive NSF fees as well which isn't that the...

First Convenience Bank / not really "overdraft protection"

Annabelle Adams on Jun 23, 2016

I have a checking account and a savings account with FCB. I specifically wanted any potential overdrafts to be paid from my savings account. They call this "linking." I thought I had made that clear from the start, but 3 years later, they charged me over $34 in overdraft fees (for a $10...

First Convenience Bank / rude, childlike behavior

notbankhappy on Nov 18, 2015

On November 16th, I approached the bank counter and made a request to Justin, bank employee, to deposit funds into my account which included cash, paper checks, and a wire transfer from Western Union. Justin partially completed my request and instructed me to stand to the side of the bank...

First Convenience Bank / they took money for the declines and didn't help you to solve the problems

eddyf on Aug 28, 2015

When I signed up for the services of First Convenience Bank, I was told that if I had any problems, the tellers from the company would help me. But when I have serious problem, the teller told me that he could help. I wanted to put fuel to my car, but my card was declined. After that the... / they started to steal from my account

NT_NFSU on May 12, 2015

OMG. I used the website But after couple of weeks, I started to notice that money started to disappear from my account. WTF? I called them and sent emails, but these jerks didn’t react and didn’t return my money back. WTF? I wonder if there are people, who had...

First Convenience Bank of Texas / excessive overdraft charges

joem21 on Dec 5, 2014

I most recently suffered (Double Dipping) by First Convenience Bank. I have noticed that they will charge a $35.00 fee for pending charges only to find them picking the order when charges are posted in an attempt once again to collect fees. For 5 transactions I was charged $245.00 in overdraft...

First Convenience Bank / faulty transasations

First convience Bank on Feb 14, 2014

Proof upon request. I received my taxes direct deposited as usual on at a different bank. This time the Bank was First Convenience Bank in Tucson at the Wall-mart. Me and my wife filed joint return was filed together, and as soon as the check went in the account they send me a an available...

First Convenience Bank / everything about them

Mry1968 on Nov 1, 2013

Everything about this bank sucks. More than half the time you can't even access the online banking site. It is always "under maintenance". The other day I had two accounts that weren't even mine on my online account, and then they emailed me that I apparently tried to administer...

First Convenience Bank / denial of access to funds

JGC013 on Nov 30, 2012

On Monday November 19th 2012 I deposited a check into my account at First Convenience Bank, a division of First National Bank Texas. I called First Convenience Bank and spoke with a customer service supervisor by the name of Else who told me that the funds where placed are hold by the lo...

First Convenience Bank / bad bank that ripps people off!

Sam foti on Sep 8, 2012

I opened an account with this bank in an Arizona walmart and thought it was convenient! I read all the fine print and knew about the 90 days of keeping the account open or they charge 25.00 to close it. I kept this account open for over 90 days and moved out of state for a job. There is no...

First Convenience Bank / poor service

ITREALLYSUCKS on Apr 26, 2012

Because i live out of state and we have no First Convenience Bank in our state, the branch in AZ said it was ok to mail a deposit to the branch. That is what i did, and it cost me $5.90, it was delievered and i have confirmation that it was delivered, but nobody within the branch or at...

First Convenience Bank / federal regulators need to look into this bank

jkwaghorne on Mar 30, 2012

I had been banking with this institution for more than 6 months. During this time I had two overdrafts. One of the overdrafts was because I was doubled dipped by an automatic withdrawal. I went to open a savings account on 3/22/12. No problems, the people at the branch were nice when they...

First Convenience Bank / fraud

arhy on Oct 9, 2011

PLEASE beaware of this bank. DONOT do banking with this bank. they are gona rob you with their overdraft charges and they give you the wrong information every time. they are very very slow and their transactions take 2-3 days to go through.