Credit One Bank / fraud charges

I called the Credit One card company due to multiple fraud charges on my account, and everything was handled promptly. I was sent a new card in time for my child's team trip, and it's been going great until today, 5/31/2018.

This morning I received a text that my card balance is -$293.00. I looked at the transactions online and all of the charges I disputed were placed back on my card. I called and spoke with a customer service agent for 25 minutes to try and address the problem. When I explained the April 2018 charges for American Airlines were for a team trip as this card was to be used for the majority of team trips. I also explained I paid for my bags *at the airport* using this card. The charge I previously disputed for American Airlines was paid online or over the phone, I'm assuming since the line item did not look the same. Per the customer service rep, the fraud charges were voided even though they are not finished investigating because I paid for bags at the AA terminal. Because of the bags, the large American Airlines charge I disputed on the card must be mine; and because it must be mine then all the charges are mine as well. I was then advised to cancel the subscription to American Airlines. Per the customer service rep, American Airlines is a subscription and I own the subscription.

I followed the appropriate steps of calling when the fraud was noticed on my card. The charges were credited back to my account because I did not use my card at the places listed and I don't even know where it was used at location-wise. When I looked up Roy's, it looks like a restaurant that has locations all over the world. I've never been there nor heard of it until I looked up the merchant name.

The resolution I am requesting is to have the fraud charges removed from the account. If not, I'll be filing with my State AG and Federal Agencies for the business practices of this company.

May 31, 2018

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