Courtyard Marriott Hotel / Customer Service

North Olmsted, OH, United States

On Saturday April 14, 2012 I checked into the Courtyard Marriott. I have been staying at this Hotel since 2005. I am part of a large group that comes to Ohio for a pilgrimage to Maranatha Spring and Shrine. On Saturday night we didn't get back to the hotel until almost 2am. I was so tired I just wanted to go to bed. I pulled back the blanket and there was a large grapefruit sized blood stain. The blood was not from me, I had not been in the bed yet. I immediately called down to the front desk, I was told by the front desk female that clean sheets would be right up. 15 mins later a young man knocked on the door, handed me sheets and left. Could this situation get any worse...YES the sheets were handed to me and when I felt them they were very very WET. I called down to the front desk again. The same female seemed agitated by my call. I had to cover the bed with towels and sleep on top of them. First of all do you know how unsanitary the blood and wet sheets are? How am I to know if the person that left the blood on the sheets didn't have a disease? The next morning I take the bloody sheets and the still very wet sheets to the front desk, I asked for the manager she said that she was the manager. I proceed to tell her my issue and she cut me off and said yeah they gave you the sheets that weren't dry yet and tossed the bloody sheet aside not even looking at it. Maybe instead of trying to make your lobby into a California Bistro you should spend some of that money sending your so called Managers and employees to Customer Service classes. Why did you not start your remodeling in the guests rooms. I would think our comfort in a room would be top priority, apparently its not because I found stinky men's sweat socks on my floor and they didn't belong to me !! I don't think I will be staying at your Hotel anymore when you care more about your Lobby than you do your guests. By the way your Retro look is ugly its way too dark. People came there for the comfy home feeling, not to have Bistro style dining that only a 2 or 3 people can fit at a table. You are in OHIO not California

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