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Countrywide Mortgage / Bank Of America / Mortgage modification is a joke

1 Santa Rosa, CA, United States Review updated:

I have always paid my loan on time and took every proactive step to avoid defaulting on my loan. I knew my loan is due to reset from it's current 'interest only' and I would not be able to afford it. So over the past 6 months I've spoken with 2 "home retention" representatives from Countrywide, faxed and mailed every piece of documentation they asked for within the timeframe they required but no one has ever contacted me.

I've sent several e-mails to Countrywide customer service trying to find out the status of my work-out only to be told I had to call a number which only leads to endless dead-ends in phone-tree hell! Now they say that they never received the first packet I sent and they claim that the packet I sent 'registered' mail and the third packet I faxed the same day did not show up on time... (I have proof that all three packets were sent on time)

Again, not ONCE has anyone botered to contact me and let me know the status of my request for help or that there was a problem.

So surprise, surprise, the minute I can no longer pay my mortgage and miss a payment, I get a call from some guy in India who barely speaks English, is impossible to comprehend, and has NO CLUE what the status of my account is or why I was never contacted, or any advice at all, except to tell me that "It's not my department" and I should call the home retention representatives to asks for a possible modification!!!

This is NO way to conduct business. I'm frustrated! I'm angry at Countrywide and Bank of America for painting a false picture to the public of being 'helpful' and 'proactive' when if fact that is a lie. This all could have been avoided but they are now the reason I am forced to file bankruptcy. Shame on you!

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  • Po
      24th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    this company sux big time overcharged my mother on her pay off and kept the money saying it was more administrative cast what a farce

  • Ra
      3rd of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have worked very hard at keeping my mortgage payments paid and paid on time with Bank of America. After my divorce was finalized I approached them about refinancing my mortgage with them because of the extreme high interest. I was told I did not qualify! Now let me figure this one out? I have had a mortgage with Countrywide, now Bank of America for more than 4 years. All payments have been made on time. My income to debt ratio is where it should be. I don't qualify because of credit scores due to my ex spouse. NONE of my payments on any account of any kind has ever been late, but they don't look at that. They just look at CREDIT SCORES which DO NOT truly reflect MY credit. Nor do they look at my account history with them. They did go so far as to tell me that I would be better off if I had not made my payments on time, and I was facing foreclosure, for then I would qualify! Some one tell me what I am missing here ????????? I am quickly approaching another interest increase of which I will not be able to afford. So at that point I will be forced into having late payments and then the credit scores will be even worse.

    When I ask about loan modification, I was transferred to INDIA! I was speaking with some one who could barely speak English, and who had NEVER had a mortgage in his life, and if I had to guess, probably makes $1.50 an hour! How absurd it that? I finally ask to speak with an American. When I was transferred to an American (so they said) I was told that if I wanted to speak about modifying my loan I would have to speak with the department in India!

    I decided to research a bit more and discovered "Loan Modification Companies", staffed with a full legal department etc. All guarantee they have at least a 98% success rate. The kicker, you have to pay them more than your mortgage payment, and then you still have late payments etc.

    What on earth has our country come to?! Upstanding law abiding, citizens that hold to their financial responsibilities are being kicked to the curb by financial institutions such as Bank of America. I feel strongly that financial institutions like this are deliberately trying to bankrupt Americans and America all together.

    Overland Park Kansas

  • Go
      7th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I tried to modify in November, but was told that 'I couldn't be assisted because my account was clear and on time'. So, come December, hours started to drop at work, like my employer had warned me. Hence, from that point, I was not able to make payments. I received my tax return in April and sent them over 3K. My statement shows that money cover all late fees and no type of of reduction in my balance. The value of my home is $144k, and I owe $196k, what should I do? So I do not qualify for the make home affordable plan. Houses in my neighborhood (w/pools) are renting for $950-$1200, compared to the new forbearance payment of $1824, in comparison to the $1487 that I was paying in November. I have submitted paperwork after paperwork via fax and have been denied every time. Do these people have families? We are still recovering from hurricane damages from '05 here in Florida. I had to replace our air cond. unit which was not a cheap expense. Where in God's plan are we heading? Any advice will be helpful.

    Davenport, FL

  • Ti
      19th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My wife and I qualified for the special forbearance payment assistance to suspend our payments fo r three months. We qualified due to our job losses and my wife getting cancer.

    The 3 months of suspended payments would save our home for us.

    we started the process in February 2009 and after waiting a couple months we received the final paperwork to sign and send back. A week later we received a call stating that we didn't return the paperwork in time. The paperwork states you have to send it back within 5 days of the date on the notice.
    Since we received the paperwork 6 days after the date we assumed it was a mistake or not that critical, I was wrong.. We had to start the process all over again.. It gets better.

    I just received the final paperwork to sign and send back within the 5 days. It's dated June 11th, must send back within 5 days. Their stamp from bank of america has a JUNE 16TH DATE!!!

    I recived it on the 19th. Is this a joke? A scam?

    We want to keep the house but if they really want a house that's worth 200k less than it was 3 years ago, come and get it, my next door neighbors are foreclosing too.

    Am I crazy? Why would B of A do this?

  • Sa
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    3.5 years ago my husband and I bought our 1st home with country wide now BOA. When we got the home we were assured that after two years we would be able to refi at a fixed lower rate. We are currently at 10% and about to go higher.

    Over the past year my husband has worked for two companies. Before the past year he had been at his company for 8 years. The two companies this year both filed BK and he is NOW unemployed. He was denied unemployment cause they stated that he didnt get enough hours and wages to qualify WHAT ABOUT THE LAST 8 YEARS!!! Anyways, in January I submitted a loan modification request to Country Wide/ BOA cause we knew that in April our rate was going to increase and the payment was going to increase to a payment that I alone could not afford!!

    Since I submitted the request ALMOST 6 months ago I have gotten NO calls NO mail and my online status for my workout has not changed and get this the message STILL states that if I dont hear back from them by 03/26/09 to contact them!!! However, when I do contact them I get some one that I cant understand and they tell me that its under review. I called them today and went off on this INDIA guy and told him I want someone in that department ON THE PHONE NOW! I didnt want to talk to him since he wasnt IN that department as he kept reminding me

    He transfered me and I got a series of beeps and heard the message "this is an attempt to collect a debt" ...HUH then I heard a BEEEEEEP and silence ... was I suppose to leave a message?

    This company is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE. I have NEVER been LATE nor missed a payment on my mortgage EVER!!! I have used every saving that I have sold every thing that I can to make ends meet.

    There isnt any thing left!!! NOW what do I do!!!

    8 weeks ago I contacted NACA they worked with me for 4 to 5 weeks. Phone interviews, sending documents this and that. When we FINALLY got to the workout you arent going to BELIEVE what I was TOLD!!!

    NACA told me that I was NOT ELIGABLE for a loan restructure because my income was to low... SAY WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT IN THE HECK DO YOU THINK I AM ASKINGGGGGGG FOR ONE?!?!?!?!?!? So if anyone is looking to go to Naca for help ya better make sure that you make enough money to cover your bills, food and mortgage and then you will be eligable. TO ME that sounds like they are only helping the people that DONT NEED IT!!!

    SO they said they were going to advise to BOA that I need a forbarence. A couple of weeks go by and I hear nothing so I called NACA they stated after having my file for 3 weeks or so AFTER they told me they were sending it didnt sent it till 3 days ago to BOA. So when i called they advise me to contact BOA and stress the importance as my payment will BOUNCE LIKE A BALL this month. So I call BOA and NOW I am told that they did get the info from NACA but they only allow forbarence in either a death of one of the owners, or a natural disaster.. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF are you serious!!!.

    What do we do!!! As of this month I will be joining half the american people and will be able to officially say we have missed a mortgage payment and dont know where to go from here.

    I have 3 children and 4 dogs. WHAT am I gonna do!!! Has anyone found a way for a REAL relief yet?

    Ohio Gal

  • Sa
      29th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Thanks Nonnie Mouse I will check it out and Nice that NOONE on either side not NACA or BOA has said that we have to destroy our lifes credit to be able to stay warm at night and our children safe when we have always paid our payments on line

  • Ke
      4th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    My wife and I have a mortgage with Countrywide. Now Bank of America. I have been trying to save our home for almost 10 months. They are rude, talk down to you, and unhelpful. For the 3rd time they offered to redo our loan and "raised' our payment by over $300.00. Today i told them to kiss my a$$ and rented a house 3 doors down for less than half what they want. We owe 243k. The home needs everything fixed and according to an appraiser its worth less than 140k now. I'm proud to shove it right up their a$$. Its funny to me. Thats what happens when you buy a failed company and keep the ###s that caused it to fail. They received billions of dollars from the tax payers and call it a loan. Its at zero interest and their credit rating was terrible. Thats not a loan its a gift. I'll be glad to never talk to the gene pool skimmings that I've tried to deal with again. See ya !! hahahaha

  • Jk
      25th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too was a Countrywide customer. My loan went into foreclosure (I know, this was my fault for falling into the adjustable loan, and then losing my job, etc.) The house was scheduled for foreclosure sale and I received all the paperwork from the county so I moved out prior to the sale. I didn't want to go through the nightmare of having my things tossed on the street and my 9 year old daughter witnessing it. Well, that was over 1.5 years ago. Apparently, they keep pushing the sale back "pending workout." This month I received the wonderful news that my modification under the Making Home Affordable plan had been approved for the three month trial payment and I would be receiving docs via Fedex. I was thrilled. I didn't expect it, but I wasn't going to turn it down either. A week later, still no docs so I called back. I was then told that they had just been sent out the Friday before. I waited another week. I called again. Then I was told they were sent in JULY and that they sent them to my home, where no one lives. I asked them why they didn't send them to the apartment I am renting since they send everything else here. They said it was to "weed out the liars." I explained that if I had a modification and the house wasn't foreclosing me and my daughter would be back home in 24 hours. They said that since the papers had a deadline of two days from now and I didn't receive the paperwork, I was basically screwed and they were "so sorry." So, they can claim they offered a modification, send paperwork to an empty address knowing no one is there, and then claim that I didn't want a modification. Today they called me asking what my intentions are on the house since the new foreclosure sale is scheduled for TOMORROW. I am tired of crying over this.

  • Ja
      12th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    We have been dealing with BoA for about 4 months now. Started with Countrywide and they were rude to say the least. I am disabled and my wife just had 5 kidney operations this past year. We have a 10 year history of on time payments, taxes and insurances and just needed a small loan moddififation. Well they did it! raised the monthly mortgage 800.00 more. and some how added 12000.00 more to my wifes payroll. The paper work arived 1 day after the dead line. The Treasury Department needs to look at them, They are responsible for paying BoA for the loan modiffications. Next month we will be homeless Please give if you can ?

  • Lo
      18th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Im 100% prube all complaint- Bank of America is Owner of USA and Owner of all Money -

    Bank of America doens't care what as think, just: YOUR MONEY OR TAKE YOUR HOUSE

    keep going with complaint

  • Lo
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    For all mortgage complaint, try send to FTC-GOV


  • Ho
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    We are also countrywide/Bank of America customer. We applied for mortgage modification upon advice from customer representative from Bank of America. I called to find the status and some guy in India explained that Unemployment Benefit is not considered as any income. Why do we then pay tax for? These people who work in other countries have no clue about US laws. So, I told this guy that we have some rental income and that must be considered as an income. He said, "I don't know", and added that it will take at least 45 days to know about it. He mentioned that he was with HOPE. I called later to find out whether they had considered rental income as income. his time some guy from India abruptly saaid, You owe $200. Will it be a check over the phone? I said we are current with our mortgage and applied for Home modification as a proacctive measure. He said, "Let me do some checking". He then said it will take 90 days to know the status. I asked him whether it will be informed by writing. He said, "Only by phone". What if we loose our phone 3 months from ow. He then said, "there are pay phone, you know. Keep calling caaling" He also identified as someone from HOPE team. I called again to find out where we stand with all these conflicting and confusing statements. This time some lady in India told me taht we are with Countrywide not with Bank of America. I requeted to transfer my call the survey then conducted by B of M. She put the phone on hold for a long time. Then someone else came online saying that her phone was locked up and whether I want to talk to home retention department. I said, alright. I finally got hold of someone in the USA and explained that I was been put on run around with many department and did not get an answer. I also mentioned that it is a shame that when several millions of Americans are unemployed I am talking to an outsourced call center in India. She then told me that the entire HOME MODIFICATION DEPARTMENT OF BANK OF AMERICA is in INDIA !!!. I gave up mostly because I could not even understand what these people are saying besides conflicting statement. Besides when I talk with American accent they could not understand and wanted me to repeat in tune with their funny Indian accent.

    This outsourcing of jobs must end. It's high time to do this when the change in administratiion(Obama amin) is not showing any change at all. They seem to be all hung up with some health care reform and all that impractical things. I was thinking to myself when we bail out Bank of America with our taxpayer money, we were giving money to some compnany in India dealing with Mortgage Modification for Americans? This doesn't meet any commonsense . Enough is enough.

  • Ho
      22nd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I went to the FTC site to make a complaint. The form doesn't show up!

    I am going to write to my Senator.

  • Ju
      4th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Our fixed rate mortgage was originally with Countrywide-when Bank of America took it over, it became an adjustable rate mortgage. We didn't sign anything changing the terms to an ARM. How can they do that, and how the H*ll do we get it straightened out?

  • Aw
      22nd of Oct, 2009
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    I am also with Countrywide/BOA - I wanted to know if I could get some type of modification since my house is not is not worth the same amount anymore and my husbands work had cut his hrs because of the economy. They told me they could not work with me until I was the hubby hrs were cut, and I got behind.

    I have been waiting since Jul for some signs of a modification but have not heard anything. The only correspondence I have had with BOA is when I call and ask for the status. I filed my original paperwork on June 22, I called back every week, or at least 3 times in a month. On Aug 20, the financial part of my paperwork had expired. I received no notification from BOA of the expiration, I had just talked to them on Aug 17 and no one told me that they paperwork was getting ready to expire. I resubmitted everything by Aug 24 1 and called to confirm it was received. On Sept 5 I received a letter from a lawyers office it was sent out on Sept 1, that they were selling my house on Sept 16th. WHAT? I called BOA and they said it was a mistake and that they would stop the sale. It is now Oct 22 and I am still waiting on whether or not I can stay or have to move. It is very hard to find a rental in the cold months and even harder to find one that allows three dogs. If they raise my amount, I have no choice but to give them the house. We cannot afford to pay more and that apparently that is all they would qualify for. They say we would rather you keep your house but if that is the case, then why raise the mortgage payment? Why not just knock down the interest some?

  • Mo
      8th of Jan, 2010
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    I called BoA on July 9 requesting info regarding a short sale in order to go forward with the contract I already had on the home. I was informed that BoA no longer provided short sales. After persistence by my real estate agent, I called again on Sept. 3 and was informed by "Rose" that I was misinformed in the previous conversation and that BoA does indeed provide this service but I had to be 3 months behind on my mortgage before I could apply for any type of assistance. She gave me her direct line (x6188) and told me to call her back once I was offered another contract.

    On Oct 13, I called BoA's 800-669-0002 asking for "Rose @ x6188". I was informed that they could not transfer me and that there was NO WAY of them going back to the 45 minutes and more conversation with "Rose". I asked them why then do they claim to record our conversations but can't play it back. After hours on the phone, I decided I was going to just sale the property out right, it was not worth it for me to deal w/the Home Retention Dept. In the meantime, collections would call me every month and every month they were informed of the closing date. My agent & the Title Company both faxed them the current contract on the property.

    Closing was set for Nov. 15, then delayed till Nov. 24 then delayed again until Dec. 18 reason given to me by the Title Company was that "the Bank needed more time in order to close". It was a BoA to BoA loan. In the meantime I've stop paying my mortgage since my conversation with "Rose".

    In late Nov I called for a Payoff amount (at the request of my agent and Title Company as they were both unsuccessful in obtaining it from BoA), after hours and hours and being transferred to at least 5 depts I was informed that they had started foreclosure process on my loan. FORCLOSURE????? I have never been so frustrated and helpless in my whole life until that day. Here I am doing what they asked me to do and they are trying to take my house without officially notifying me.

    On Nov 25 we received a letter stating that they have gone to the property and changed the locks. I called BoA to let them know that we needed access as we are trying to complete the selling process. I was promised the keys would be sent to my current address. We had to break into our own property in order to let the Buyer's inspector in so that we can complete the sale.

    Just when I thought I was finally done with BoA, they faxed the Title Company a notice that my Payoff was short over $600 in FORECLOSURE FEES 7 DAYs AFTER the loan was funded. I had already paid over $3, 000 in FORECLOSURE FEES in order to sell the property. I still can't understand why they even started foreclosure process but paid it anyway in order end this mess and now after I’ve paid what they asked me to pay on the payoff balance that was good until Dec 23 they are wanting more. I called the 800 number various times was on hold for hours, on certain occasions was disconnected. That 800 is nothing but a JOKE. No one was any help and all they wanted to do was pass you from one dept to the next.

    To reiterate I closed on the house on Dec 18 and it was funded on Dec 21, The Payoff amount they requested was good until Dec 23. Now on Dec 30 they are demanding more money. Oh I finally received the keys that were requested Dec 8 on Dec 28 via FedEx. To top it all off, BoA went back to the home Dec 24 and posted foreclosure notices on the door while the new buyers were move in. I was sooo embarrassed.

    I’ve repeatedly called the 800 number and have spent hours and hours explaining my situation and being transferred from one dept to the next. I’ve even tried having my locate branch help me but was informed that they too had to go through the 800 number. Why do I have to be placed on hold for what seems like days (if I’m lucky enough not to get disconnected), explain my situation over and over from one dept to the next and still can’t get anywhere………

    Molly Nguyen – account 085118433

  • Tr
      21st of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Bank of America has been and continues to do this deceptive practice and stalling tactics of home loan modification, and they need attention drawn to them. Please keep meticulous documentations of the dates & times you speak to representatives and what you are being told.

    File complaints against Bank of America with the
    Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    Consumer Affairs
    Attorney General of your state and the state in which Bank of America operates
    Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
    FDIC (if applicable)
    Comptroller of Currency (if applicable)
    Federal Reserve Board

    Remember that "the squeaky wheel that makes the most noise gets the oil..." Shine the spotlight on Bank of America, we can't continue to let this financial institution who received millions in bail-out funds, bail out on their customers...without our business, they would have none!

  • Sa
      21st of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well here I am back to this forum to give you all an update. I will make it brief. So previously I told you all (under the ohio gal post) about my issue that was going on... this was almost what a year ago. I had left off being told that I could not get the loan modification cause I didnt make enough money and that I couldnt get the forbarence on the loan. WELL one day I was really irritated with the situation and called BOA. To my surprise I got this sweet kind AMERICAN man on the phone who listened to my every word of concern and despair and said that he would do what he could to help. He did see where NACA reccommended for me to have a forbarence. He told me that he would get this working right away for us. I wanted to believe him and something in my heart told me I could. Anyways, I remember I asked him if a forbarence would mess up our credit and he said NO that is was just a suspension of my payment. Well shortly after that we got a notice from BOA that our payment was going to be increased the following month by another 300.00 ...huh? I have always paid my own insurance and always paid my insurance on my own no escrow. I just didnt have the xtra money at that time to pay the year in advance. SO I would always pay 814.00 in July and 814. in Jan and my agent for all my insurance took my montly payment out each month. Well they increase was ESCROW that they decided to do and additional increase from where they increased my int rate as I told you all that would happen soon. In the same week I got the notice and papers out of nowhere that my forbarence had been approved. I was able to hold my payment back for 90 days. Okay... the point of the forbarence should have been that they were doing some type of work out. Right?...WRONG! I called them about one month into my forbarence and discussed what they were doing and what to expect etc. I was then told that since I was in a forbarence that they canclld my loan modification request because they only allow one hardship at a time. HUH? Okay wait you all are NUTS! Why would I want to just set around for 3 months and have to do this all over again. They said to allow more time for my hubby to get income. Well okay fine now we are 3 months end and payments start again and I get a bill for 5872 dollars stating that I am 90 days past due. SAY WHAT ????? So I check my credit report and my 780 - 800 credit score is now a 510!!! ALL because they reported me non payment!! They said that this would not hurt my credit that it would just be no data for those months NOT NON PAYMENT WTF ... well so I call them and they ask me to pay RIGHT now! I FLIPPED OUT! They told me that they dont know why I was told that it wouldnt damage my credit because that is the only reason they allow them my situation. So that we can show hardship and be behind. OKAY HELLO they just took away any chance for me to go somewhere else to get a better loan or a fha loan!!! NOW they are saying that I HAVE to contact NACA again and start my modification request all over again!

    SOMEONE has to do something about this company!!! They took BILLIONS of dollars of OURS working AMERICANS and they are not doing anything to help us they are destroying our lives and taking our taxes AND OUR HOMES what do we do!!! HOW CAN WE LET OBAMA KNOW that THIS is what they are doing to the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!

  • Ti
      21st of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Update. I originally posted 215 days ago. They sent me the packet to send back by the due date but I received twice after the due date. My wife somehow got ahold of someone who said don't worry about that, your request is being processed. So this is what they did... We qualified for the modification because of our huge income drop and my wifes cancer and several surgeries so they let us skipour payment for three months ( yes it affected our credit, but we needed the 11k more than good credit) and after that they took $900 off our payment. As long as we made our payment by the 1st for three months straight they would continue with the modification. That part ended with our Dec. 09 payment. They still kept the $900 off our payment and today an underwriter called to give us an update and ask a couple questions. He said the next step is it goes to the modification people (legal I think). Anyway it's been a long time but I think it's actually going to work. They said in addition to the lower % rate they may lower our principle (principal?). We'll see.

    If anyone is interested I can get the name of the individual at B of A that really helped us. Sure we were on his butt every week and on this process but it's looking like we may keep our home and if anyone cares my wife has one more surgery and she'll be cancer free.

  • Oh
      22nd of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Tired in California... first and formost I am so happy for you and your wife that she will be cancer free. GOD is good! Also I am happy to hear that you were able to get your modification underway! PLEASE do come back and keep us posted as to how this turns out. You are three months ahead of our schedule. Yesterday after I wrote my prev update I was so upset and just could not let this go I decided to call BOA directly (instead of going through NACA). Yes I was crying and upset and took me a minute to get out what I was telling them and this rep was very patient with me. YES I was transf all over the place and in to wrong departments but I just kept praying. YES I ended up BACK into INDIA and thought it was a lost cause. So it was a do or die sitution for us. SO I just laid it on the table spoke my heart and truth. I spoke with Sandra Ross whom I mostly could understand IN the retention depart for BOA. Short story. In a matter of 15 minutes they approved me for what you went through 3 month trial base of a new payment and adv that if I made the payments ontime I would be where you are now paying a new better modified loan. SO again please keep us updated so I know that I really have something to look forward to finally coming to an end. They lowered my payment from 1500 a month to 961.00 a month ( with escrows) I AM OKAY WITH THAT! I sure do hope that I get news at the end they will be lowering our rate as well that would be such a help. Currently we are at 11%!!! Which happend when they took over our loan. So lets keep praying for a final outcome that will truly help!

    Thanks for sharing
    Ohio Gal /SassyGirlOhio

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