Countrywide Home Loan / Fake Homeowner's Insurance

Jacksonville, FL, United States

Warning to all Countrywide Home Loan homeowners. Double check to see who your Homeowner's Insurance is with. Countrywide Home Loan may have allowed your Insurance to lapse, and you may now have in-house forced-placed BALBOA. This is NOT a real insurance company, but a loan guarantee! If you burn down your kitchen, Countrywide will not rebuild your kitchen, and will not make a check out for damages. They will take your home away instead! You will be left with no home, and no check from an insurance company, because BABLOA is only a LOAN GUARATEE!

Countrywide has been allowing homeowners' policies to lapse. If they get a call from your insurance, asking why the bill is not being paid, Countrywide will claim that YOU called them and said you decided to go with another company, thus illiminating a call to YOU to let you know Countrywide was not paying the bill (out of your escrow account). This has happened to me twice now, when my loan was purchased my Countrywide. I had no idea this was happening until I had to get a lawyer for something else.

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