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Costco / window shades installation — a costco nightmare

1 Mill Valley, CA, United States
Contact information:

Demographics: Noman Absar
Costco membership # [protected] (member since least September 2004)
 My cell # [protected]

Sequence of events:

August 2nd, 2016: First phone call to Costco for window shades. David made the call and was told that a specialist would call back
August 5th, 2016: Jean Witty called back "from Costco" & made an appointment for August 6th but next morning called back reschedule
August 8th, 2016: Jean Witty came to our house, met with David, measured the windows and gave us an estimate of $3423.53
August 13th, 2016: Jean Witty came back to our house, had me sign the contract but now the price was going to be $4423.53, a thousand dollars more than she originally quoted and claimed that she made a mistake in arithmetic---THOUSAND DOLLARS. When I protested, she reminded us that there will be a prompt refund by Costco of $442 + a check of $300 will also be sent promptly by the vendor
August 24th, 2016: $4423.53 was withdrawn from my B of A account
August 25th through mid September, 2016: No word from Jean Witty despite multiple phone calls & texts. Finally, she called back that "Costco employee" who does this work in Marin has died and in order to expedite the process she can hire a different person but we will need to pay more. I declined and finally she sent Ed to our house for final measurement around September 15th. Ed informed us that it would take 1-2 weeks for shades to arrive
Late September, 2016: We called Jean Witty back and she informed us that she no longer works for Costco and that we should call Costco ourselves
Late September through October 9th, 2016: No word from anyone
August 10th, 2016: I called Costco customer service at 10:47 hours (#[protected]) & lodged a formal complaint. I talked with Tessa who informed me that she has no direct relationship with Costco and is a third party vendor. She told me that someone would get back to me with in 24 hours
October 11th through August 14th, 2016: No response from Costco
October 15th, 2016: I called Costco customer service again at 07:44 hours & inquired about my formal complaint & follow up. I talked with April, who gave me the complaint # 29654 and also informed me that she has no direct relationship with Costco and is a third party vendor. She also told me that someone would get back to me with in 24 hours
October 16th, 2016: No response from Costco but late PM we received a text from Jean Witty that she had received our window shades at her house and attached a picture. When David called her, she informed us that she would deliver the shipment to Ed at "some point" and by the way Ed works for California Carpets and they are the vendor responsible
October 17th, 2016: In the morning, I called California Carpets in their San Francisco office and talked with the manager Maria Aganon who was extremely nasty and rude. She did not take any responsibility and told us to call Costco. Then I called Costco, Novato at 12:02 hours and talked with Alfonso who listened to the details and promised to get back to me. In the mean time we got a call from Greg (California Carpets) and installation was scheduled for Friday 10.21.16. Alfonso left me a message that issue seems to have resolved and there was a confusion about installation. He did not address the refund by Costco of $442 + a check of $300 by the vendor
October 20th, 2016 in PM: I called Ed the installer to confirm our apptt & he informed me that he does not have time on 21st but can do it on 24th. My partner, David had taken time off to get the window shades installed
October 21st, 2016: Window shades were NOT installed
October 24th, 2016: Window shades were installed late in the afternoon by Ed & a helper but one of the cassette's side was broken and Ed informed us that he will order another one and whenever it arrives, he will come and install it
October 29th, 2016: Around 1:00PM I went to the Novato Costco and after 35 minutes I was able to see Alfonso in person. He acted perturbed, unhappy and disturbed that I had come in. There was no gesture of apology for the nightmare we have gone through. He made copies of the receipts that I brought and when I asked for timelines, he rudely responded that "I just can't give you $700". Someone will call you
October 31st, 2016: Alfonso left a message on my voice mail that someone from Costco corporate office will call you
November 1st through 9th, 2016: Not a word from CostCo
November 10th, 2016: I called Costco Novato to talk with Alfonso who was busy but I talked with Ken who advised me to write my story and send it in. Email was sent in PM
November 11th, 2016 around 13:00 hours: I called Costco Novato to talk with Ken to ensure that my e-mail was received but he was busy. Message left

I have the following questions for Costco establishment:
1. Is this a typical example of Costco customer service?
2. How do you define INTEGRITY of your organization & the vendors you choose?
3. How do you plan to compensate for the poor customer service, disrespect, wastage of time & effort, mental aggravation and wasted resources?
4. What would you do if you were in my shoes?. Post on Yelp or Facebook or Tweet or would you call the business bureau at state level or take legal action which would be even more time consuming for all parties

Resolution requested:
1. An apology from Costco
2. Refund of $ 742.00
3. Payment for the mental anguish & loss of wages on 10.21.16 when they promised to install the window shades but did not show up $1000.00

Noman Absar, a very disappointed and frustrated Costco customer

Nov 11, 2016

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