Costco Wholesale Corporationrude staff

Yesterday I went to the Estero location Costco with a friend of mine as her guest. I was looking for a particular bottle of wine that I guess they don't carry anymore, which was fine. I found another one I wanted to try and made my way up to the register.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Estero, FL Little did I know, guests can only purchase items with cash and when I told the person ringing my item up that I did not have cash, he then proceeded to say that he wasn't really allowed to let me purchase alcohol anyway since I am a guest (he made it seem like he was being so nice and doing me a favor by letting this one chance slide... which I thought was rude and kind of condescending). I then told him to cancel the purchase and as my friend and I were getting ready to walk away he didn't even apologize, but turned to me and said "good choice of wine, it's really good"... Seriously??? Well, guess I'll never know how good it was.

I guess Costco doesn't want to make new members. I will never go back.

Jan 20, 2017

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