Costco Wholesale Corporation / refund from costco

Niles, Il, United States

I tried to cancelled my executive membership today because I just moved and it would be a far drive for me to shop at Costco. The incompetent worker is named Eileen. She is at the Niles, IL location and did not want to give me a refund at all even though I said I was dissatisfied. I even pointed out the policy board behind her. She said that I already received a $18 cash back check. She was talking to me very condescendingly. However, that is only 2 percent incentive rewards, which has nothing to do with my membership fee. She stated that she cancelled my membership and didn't even give me my refund. She also said that my membership expired this month, which was not true it was expiring next month, so I asked her what is the exact date its expiring and she ignored me. I said if you are not going to give me a refund, I dont want to cancelled it then. She said 'too late I already cancelled'. She is trying to rip me off. After I had asked her when the EXACT date it was expiring, that is when she called another worker. He just came up, did something on the computer and gave me my refund through debit without even saying a word. I am so dissatisfied with their service and would not recommend joining costco again.

Sep 27, 2017

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