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Hi I've been purchasing the Wilcox brand of organic hard-boiled eggs for quite some time and I have sold them to so many people that I know who were also using them. A few of them told me lately that you guys replaced it with your own brand and they were horrible and threw them out or had to return them. Including my 90-year-old parents Who loved the Wilcox brand like me. I tried him for the first time today and they are absolutely disgusting. They smell weird the texture is weird the taste is horrible they are just not even edible. Please bring back the Wilcox brand. As I was standing there today another gentleman came up behind me because he was hoping that the Wilcox were going to be back. He said he tried the Kirkland brand twice just to make sure and both times he brought them back. The date code on the ones I purchased today was November so they're not old and I think you should just go back to the Wilcox! Thx


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    C Francini Sep 21, 2017

    I 1000% agree! We loved the other hard-boiled eggs and bought them for years! My 10 year old ate one of the new Kirkland eggs the other day and instantly grossed out. I never told them the brand switched...he instantly knew and couldn't even finish it! This morning I didn't have time for a proper breakfast so I grabbed a package of the new Kirkland hard-boiled eggs. I took one bite and gagged! I had to go throw it away. Strange consistency...horrible taste. I thought they must be old (even though I just bought them 4 days ago), but the date is November will be returning these gross things and praying for better taste! PLEASE bring back the other eggs, Costco!!!

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  • Ty
    Tyler Stewart Oct 04, 2017

    I was searching for this online for the exact same reason the Kirkland hard boiled eggs are very disappointing and I will not buy them again. They seem overcooked and just not good flavor at all. The Wilcox brand was the first I had ever seen with a packaged hard boiled egg so I was excited and since they were so tasty I kept buying them. I usually I think the Kirkland stuff is pretty good but in this case it feels like a major drop in quality. Not again for me.

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    Adam P Cole Nov 09, 2017

    Amen. I've sent feedback to Costco about the horrible taste of these new Kirkland eggs, which come from Georgia rather than OR-based Wilcox. They taste sour and watery; I suffered thru 3 boxes of them to verify it wasn't an isolated case of a bad egg or two. These were a staple for me but now I'm done buying them. Very disappointing, I hope they change course soon.

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  • Ke
    Kev from cali Nov 13, 2017

    We bought the Wilcox once a week and tasted great. The Kirkland brand is just gross. The entire family has emailed and wrote comment cards at our store in California with no response. Hopefully they switch back

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  • Mc
    Mcbobus May 03, 2018

    What preservatives are used in the Kirkland hard boiled eggs?

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  • Sh
    Shevdo Aug 31, 2018

    I agree. Recently, the hard boiled eggs at Costco have dramatically changed for the worse. They taste sour, "off". I also tried a second box of them and the same weird sour taste prevails. I hope the return line is short today.

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  • 10
    10Zen Sep 14, 2018

    OMG, I thought it was me!!! The first time buying the Kirkland brand (after buying Wilcox for several years) every time I would bite into these, my involuntary gag reflex would kick in and I'd throw the remainder in the garbage including the unopened ones (thought I got a bad batch). Tried them a second time same thing happened. So stopped buying them altogether. Then, about a month ago, they had them as samples. Tried the sample and it was fine. So I bought some. Those were fine. Bought them again and the severely, gag-inducing, nauseating taste has recurred. How on Earth does someone mess up hard boiling an egg????

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  • Le
    lesphil Oct 04, 2018

    I am so glad I found this post!! I have been buying the hard boiled eggs since they were packaged 6 in one package! Lately, though, I have to agree with the comments here. I recently bought the Kirkland hard boiled eggs and each package I opened had a funny smell. I, too, thought it was because the best buy date had passed, but no, I still had 3 weeks to go. This current batch with a best buy date of October 18, 2018, looks like the eggs are disintegrating. When I tried to dry them on a paper towel after rinsing them, the whites were soft and came off on the paper towel. I have been rinsing and drying the hard boiled eggs for years and this is the first time I have ever seen anything like this!

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  • Mk
    mkoe Oct 14, 2018

    I totally agree! The Kirkland brand is horrible! I have purchased the hard boiled eggs for quite awhile, and similar to other comments, in the past my family totally enjoyed them. However, the new brand smells horrible and is nothing close to being edible. The white part of the eggs are mushy and melt in your's disgusting! We've tried buying the Kirkland brand several times thinking we just got a "bad batch." Not so. Please Costco, go back to the other brand and you will make your customers happy again!

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  • Je
    Jerry Jones Nov 03, 2019

    Thank God, I thought it was me. How in the world can you get a hard boiled egg so wrong?

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  • Mi
    MissyBlue Nov 24, 2019

    The Kirkland brand of hard boiled eggs has a bad chemical taste to them. I'm really disappointed in the quality.

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