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Boston heights, United States
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We have been members of Costco since the Boston heights store opened and have been met at the door with unprofessional "greeters". We have been confronted in a negative manner many times due to the door entrances. Sunday we were chased down by a "greeter" as we went to the return desk making me feel like we did something wrong. The harshness and rigidness of the man made us feel like we were being attacked rather than welcomed. Maybe painted traffic lines would help customers know which way to go when entering the club. There is 2 20 foot doors with a tiny separator in between. We have been berated by not selecting the correct door when entering. Does that tiny separator really mean that much? I understand they need to check our membership but could do it in a much more pleasant manner. My husband and I considered canceling our membership due to the unwelcome way we have been treated. Please review and let us know if you can help.

Jan 9, 2017

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