Costco Wholesale Corporation / customer service

Markham, ON, Canada

I am the resident coustomer shopping at 14th ave markham Costco. Yesterday, during the shopping one years old son sat at the shopping car and my mother hold the car. All the sudden, the old lady"s shopping car hit my son's arm. My son cry for long time and being terrified. The lady yelling at me and complain me not take care my son good. I ask the supervisor come over. And they start to ask the lady to leave without an proper apology. And they don"t care how bad injury my son"s arm . I wanna check camera on the store to provide more information later if I call the caps. The supervisor told me there are no camera at store and the policeman can"t help me. I was so angry about how the supervisor behave. It is totally not acceptable.

Sep 26, 2017

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