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Today January 14, 2017 at 10:45am, my parents went to Markham East#545 65 Kirkham Drive at cashier Sara K reg#13, where they were rushed to pay and place their product on the converor belt. She was yelling at them, because she said they were slow, where there was no wait in the line. She was racist and rude to two senior couples. I didn't know going to a store paying for their products you can get such bad customer service. I've been to costco many times over years. This was the first time when my parents felt the cashier Sara K was discriminating them because of their age and because of their race.

Jan 14, 2017
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  • Yo
      Sep 08, 2017

    very unlikely sara would behave like that from the years i have seen her and other staff at checkout at this costco. one of you guys were having a bad day we might not know. race or age card = no.
    if true, she wouldve been gone long ago in a such multiculturally diverse costco/city. what most likely happened was you were staring at her pervertedly like most guys do at costco when they see her body art and piercings. look but dont stare, drool and undress while at the checkout.

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