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I patron the Twin Falls Costco regularly. There are third party salesmen in the warehouse who hock their wares. The wireless salesmen are respectful and only speak to you when you approach them. However, there is now a DirectTV salesman. Every single time I come into the warehouse he stand near the TVs and asks if I want to hear about their services. If I wanted to I would approach him. I find it obnoxious every time I enter the store to be confronted by this individual and have to say not interested every single time. If I have to get something simple I would rather go to another store than to be bothered by the salesman every time I go in. Please change your policy on allowing these salesmen to approach every customer that enters your warehouse. It makes me reconsider renewing my membership. Thank you for your consideration.

Mike Wendler - Executive Member

Mar 26, 2017

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