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On may 29, around 5:40pm, my brother who is a member and I walked into the simi valley costco (2665 park center dr) to buy the $13 puma sandals. When my brother was looking at the sandals he realized he forgot his wallet and didn't have any cash on him so, I was like i'll pay with my debit card since we didn't want to waste any time going back home and coming back to costco later since we have a busy schedule. We get in line and the blonde cashier is like you cant pay with your card since he is the member not you. And I responded but he forgot his wallet and they are $13 sandals. And she is being rude and giving attitude and is like well I am going to call my super. So the super comes over and is like you can't pay with your card you have to use cash. And im like I only have my debit and credit card I don't have cash, but my debit card is basically cash because it's my money, plus it's just $13. Can't I just pay with my card. And he is was like well if you want we can hold these sandals for you when you come back later at night with his card. Something I have always loved about costco is their customer service and today I didn't not receive it. I understand if I was buying the product for my use or I was buying hundreds of dollars of groceries for myself then okay I shouldn't be able to use costco service since I am not a member but the sandals were my brothers and he is a member who just happened to forget his wallet. Like why couldn't I just pay using my card. It's not like we were stealing the item. And what irritated me more was just the attitude and rudeness from the blonde cashier and then the super. Seriously, individuals from thie location need to b retrained on how to deal with customers. Had they both been nice about it then we had moved on, but I can't deal with the rudeness.

May 29, 2018

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