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bad customer server chronical!

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Lawrence Exp Way and Kifer cross section
Santa Clara, California
United States
Chronical Bad Customer Service
by loyal customer of Costco
(10 consecutive years executive member )

2007 Summer:

Purchased a watch from the Jewelry department in costco. For my 80 years old gramma who went shopping with me. This item is regarded as a valuable one that they keep in those cabinet so you gotta go to the customer service counter after you check out. They got me the watch and said "This is the display watch from the counter since this is the only one you can either want it or get a raincheck." Obviously I wanted the watch BECAUSE I'M BUYING IT; for my gramma too. They took the watch and disappeared. 15 minutes later I asked the current employee attending the counter where is the lady with the watch I purchased. He sort of ran off and ignored me and ran off. 30 minutes later, I asked another manager looking employee with good manner explaining my situation. He told me she's getting a box for that watch and will be with me in 5 min. 30 minute passed I tried to ask other Costco employees they ignored me totally. My gramma stood there for a hour I also asked if they can get a chair for the elder. They coldly answer "No, we don't have chairs." It isn't until a full 1 and half hours later where that lady employee approached me while on her cellphone chatting with a broken dirty box for my watch. Couple points here, disrespectful toward elder, disrespectful to customer, shuns customer, bad working attitude, I feel I can summarize more but I'll stop here.

2008 May
During checkout the cashier errored so that one of the items we baught wasn't registered to the receipt. The gatekeeper caught it and made a huge fuss out of it by calling the security and pulling the alarm. She told the security that we are "stealing [stuff] from costco." Even the dummest store clerk on this planet wouldn't trying to embarrass to the point of pissing off a customer like this. I mean it would be very cool and simple by saying "oh one of your item is not on the receipt wanna wait here while I get someone to help you?" It took me about 10 minutes repeating the same sentence "We didn't STEAL! from costco! Everything here has cashier's finger print on it! AND STEAL MEAN YOU TAKE THE ITEM BYPASSING CASHIER'S HANDS!" Wasted about an extra 2 hours at Costco that day. I guess people are not so intelligent after all. The gatekeeper could simply set us aside and call another store employee to give us a quick check out on that fail scanned item at the customer help counter. Later I requested her to apologize to me for false accusation of theft. She refused with silence.

2009 Oct. Holloween
I am fed up with the same gatekeeper lady asking for my member card. She sort of knows me from the previous "she called me stealing from costco" accident. But I noticed she most of the time never even bother for people to show their member id when entering the warehouse. Am I special? Today I was in a hurry to get something and sort of ignored her by flicking her off instead of showing my member ID just cause the angst has built up too much. Later on someone approached me saying he's the manager and ask me if I flicked off the gatekeeper or not. I complied and he orders me to leave the store on behalf of caling the security. Does Executive Members of Costco deserve to get kicked out of the store just because he or she flicked off some random ignorant jerk ### gatekeeper costco employee? Is Costco a US company that waived all bill of rights (including freedom of speech) for all of its customers? So that they can treat their customer like ###?

After thoughts
I find all other places have better customer support than costco so far. I haven't met any discomfort dealing with returns and miscellaneous interactions with employees of costco equivalent Wal-Mart, Target, Lucky's, R.I.P. K-Mart, you name it. Except maybe Fry's, but you know Indian people are pretty hard to deal with. But still not as horrid as Costco. My two cents after all these incident is: don't treat Costco employees as humans. They don't respect customers reflects that they don't repect their job. So why should us be throwing our respect toward them? Obviously this would make a logical connection with that they don't even have respect for themselves. Remember we learned in 5th grade that self esteem is the root of social ethics? I think Costco may seem to strive in business now but their ultimate fate leads to self destruction by a simple fact of lacking manners.
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N  10th of Nov, 2009 by    -1 Votes
I actually work for Costco and I think Costco is a great place to work at. First off, I want to apologize on Costco's behave. I was a little shock reading your story. Costco employees get pay well and treated well. I do not believe that the door person's action is justify. I am actually a little upset and would like to know that person's name and and location of that Costco. You do, however, need to present your Costco Card in order to enter the building. It is one of the rules and we all need to follow. If that employee doesn't check people's Costco Card, the managment needs to know about it. As far as you flicking him off. We all know that you shouldn't do that, and have your Costco Card ready when entering the building. So the manager has the right to kick you out. I highly recommend that you send a complaint letter to the corporate office about what happened because this kind of behavior is not allow at Costco.

Send your complaint to:
Costco complaint Dept.
999 Lake Drive
Issaquah, WA 98027

Thank you - Jesse
N  4th of Aug, 2010 by    -1 Votes
you flipped off the "Gatekeeper"? who do you think you are? idc how much you pay to shop at a store, how much angst you have, thats messed up and i hoped they banned you!
D  2nd of Nov, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Ever stop to think that maybe the reason the employees at Costco treat you without respect is because you are disrespectful to them.

I don't care how many times you shop at Costco, it's a Wholesale CLUB. You have to show your card to get in, and your receipt to get out. Go work retail for a couple of years and then be a [censor] about.
A  13th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
@ J Kwok
Costco is most DEFINITELY not a good place to work. I went to an interview there and was told all sorts of glamorous things about how I'd get really good pay with good benefits and good coworkers. I can honestly say I found 1 person there I liked.

Day 1. At least 6 people came up to me and were like, "Oh they got you through the door? Oh I'm sorry... yeah this place sucks to work at."

At first I thought they were just disgruntled... but... they were right. I got awesome recommendations at my other sales jobs and was hoping to go there and make more money doing the same thing. So I get through the door... and they make me a bagger. I'm in college working as a bagger. Ok whatever, I was makeing $10/hour so I didn't complain.

I thought it was understood when I came through the door that I did not want a full time job that I had all sorts of plans and just wanted a part time schedule. I was told that wouldn't be a problem. Then I see the first three weeks on the board... "40 HOURS/week 7a-4p!!!" I walked over to the manager and spoke to him. He gave me an annoyed look and explained that I can either take the 40 hours or find another job... being the middle of June, fat chance I was going to find another temporary job. So I cancelled most of my plans including a nice vacation.

One day I got pulled aside because I was putting too many items in bags... well no one had explained to me that you were only supposed to use those bags for meat. I apologized and said I'd do that from now on. Things went from bad to worse. My two week probation was up and I started seeing job postings for other depts. up. So I applied for other positions. FINALLY they took me in for a sales position interview. The manager basically told me that usually they like to have someone up front for a few months first (Like bagging people's things is ANYTHING like sales). He then said they like to train them as a cashier as well. I politely told him that I had no interest in becoming a cashier, that's not what I applied for. So over the next few weeks I start seeing people brought in after me promoted ahead of me making more money. All my requests to move to one of the open positions were ignored.
One night at the early part of August I was sorting things into a carriage for a customer. The old hag looked at me and in a thick russian accent said, "What are you doing!? BAG EVERYTHING!" These bags are big enough to carry 1, maybe 2 items tops and she had a cart full of about $400 in stuff. I kindly tried to explain that the bags were only meant for meat and she got mad. The manager came over to see what was going on, gave me a mean look and then told me to bag everything. It took us 20 minutes to get everything into bags. At that point, I needed to go on break. I walked over, got a replacement, and then walked passed the manager going on break and said, "By the way, thanks for backing me up on your own rules!"
I went and sat down. Later that night when I was on my way out the door, the manager came up to me, grabbed my arm and was like, "You're behavior today has been completely unacceptable!"
I jolted my arm free, "Unacceptable? I have been slaving away here, watching one of my last summer vacations get sucked away. When I came through the doors, I was told that I was getting a good job with good pay, good people to work with and plenty of room to move around. Each one of those things I have crossed off my list as being false, and quite frankly, lying about the quality of work, to me, is what's unacceptable. Don't ever touch me again! My two weeks notice will be on your table tomorrow."
On my way to my car, a lady drove up next to me, "Excuse me, what time do you close?"
I politely told her 7pm. At this point, the witch started giving me a hard time, "Oh why do you guys close so early? BJs stays open late, that's not good customer service!"
At this point, I've had my total fill of rude customers and jackass managers (which is what you can expect when applying for a job here.) So I turned to the lady, "Because we're not BJs! This is Costo, if because is that much better, why don't you f***ing go there?"
She drove off. I looked at the Costco building before I got in my car and decided I wasn't coming back. Since that day I have never and will never set foot in that or any other Costco. They will never get a penny of buisness from me.
A  10th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Here's an awesome experience that happened last night. I went to Costco and got some stuff, realized I forgot something went back. Finally, I filled up with gas there, so I spent a little money with them...I had a call and answered it and they were closed officially 5 minutes, to give you a time reference. What happened next, brace yourself, and I have reported this:
I had an Employee approach my vehicle and SCREAM at me that I had to leave right then, I said okay sorry just got done shopping and had a call. I apologized repeatedly and was trying to comply. She decided to keep circling my car, so I couldn't leave and verbally accosting me. I was really scared she was going to hurt me physically. Hind sight I wish I had gone ahead and dialed 9-1-1, but I was honestly scared of the woman and couldn't think of anything at the time but getting away from her before she could hurt me. She yelled at me for quite some time and kept me hostage in the Costco parking lot. Apparently this isn't a big deal to corporate. No one has called me back or acknowledged this even happened.
As an added tidbit: This is the same customer service person who screamed at my elderly mom who has a heart condition. My mom was trying to get her card made and was going the right way(following their procedure) to the membership desk. I was with her and walked her in with my card. I had to attend my mom until I knew she was okay. Even after reporting it to the manager, no one ever asked her if she was even alright.
One more Costco Story: A friend of the family, who is now a US Citizen from Germany was mistaken on their video camera in the store, same store, for a person who pulled off a robbery. They had him followed home and tried to arrest him.
**This is the Cool Springs location at 98 Sea Board Lane, Brentwood, TN 37024**
**Store # 386**

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