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To Whom This may concern: I have had many issues with the store in Winchester VA 22602, 251 Front Royal Pike, store #239. This is why I am taking this route to see if things will improve. Today 12/04/2016, I encountered another bad experience concerning customer service. The cashier OP#: 30 Name: Ellen, was very rude today, this is not the first time I have complained to the management about the attitude of their cashier's. Also, the person helping her, a man didn't get his name he didn't even ask if we needed boxes or didn't even offer any help to box our items, because of this I injured myself, I have been a member since July of 2012., customer service has really gone down hill, no friendliness, (just get the hell out of my line attitude). I have had bad experiences even in the pharmacy area and complained and it has gotten better, but the cashier's in the front are really are hard to deal with, because of their crude and rude attitudes. The motivation to please the customer is non-existent at this store. If one wants their day ruined like today, my birthday just go to this Costco's and they surely will accommodate you. There was one person named Shag, that died in a car accident, he was a wonderful person, and always had kind words, I sure miss him, because at least he would add the balm to the inflicted wounds that other employee's would inflict. This is the most wonderful time of the year (Christmas and my Birthday), so the song go's but not at this Costco store.

Dec 04, 2016

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