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I live near the Kirkland, We Costco and enjoy shopping at various Costco stores when I travel for two reasons, great value and great customer service. In fact I enjoy Costco so much I even use the Kirkland Signature brand to describe where I live to people when I travel. Unfortunately I had a bad experience at the Costco in Wenatchee, Wa recently. I needed to buy coffee. All of the coffee is whole been. This is no problem as Costco...along with every grocer on the planet who sells whole been coffee... provides a grinder. After purchasing the coffee I looked for the grinder. I was told there isn't one. I could not believe this so I asked a second Costco employee. Again I was brushed off and grinder. Honestly this was a bit shocking. How could a store which sells all whole bean coffee not offer a grinder? Especially a store as large and customer service oriented as Costco????? Finally I asked a third employee and was told that each store has the option of grinder or no grinder because grinders are messy to clean up. What???? I can't grind my coffee because some manager doesn't want to bother cleaning it? Why on earth sell whole beans then? The employee then told me he had a hammer in his car I could use to crack the beans. Gee...thanks buddy. The return line was too long so I kept the coffee and hope to grind it at my friendlier and more convenient home Costco store. But wow...when 99% of the coffee sold is whole bean and every other grocery store offers a grinder as well as ground coffee this is not acceptable. Please put coffee grinders on all stores or offer coffee already ground on a larger level. Not cool Wenatchee Costco. Not cool.

Jan 09, 2017
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  •   Jan 09, 2017

    Sure you an grind your coffee. BUY a grinder. No one wants to clean up that mess. That is why they took the grinder out of our store. People are disgusting and messy as hell.

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