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We purchased 3 note 7's from your cell phone kiosk prior to the first recall, we returned those for an exchange of a samsung galaxy s7 edge spending 4 hours there until our new samsung note 7's arrived, I went back about 2 weeks later to exchange the temporary phones, spent another 4 hours trying to get them exchanged, we received our new note 7's, then another recall was issued and they did a mandatory update to where the phones only charged to 60% forcing us to have to again exchange the phones, I once again went back to costco to exchange the note 7 and was only given the option of the samsung s7, no other phones were available and wouldn't be available. I spent a total of 14 1/2 hours in this store exchanging phone after phone. Now we have 3 samsung s7 that get hotter than the note 7 ever did and just randomly shut off on their own, you can't use half the apps on the phone or it will shut off, the screen is way to small and my husband sometimes uses his for work so he needs his phone. I have tried to get them to get us another phone, but for our carrier they have nothing comparable to the note 7 that we had. I was told by the recall that I had to go back to where the phone was purchased and yet they had nothing comparable to the note 7 and can not even get anything comparable. Had I know all this was going to happen I would never have exchanged our note 5. This whole thing has been a complete nightmare and now we have phones that we pay for and we can't even use them half the time or their so hot you can't even touch them even when their not being used. I'm very disappointed in everything that has happened with costco and the phone situation. And yet nobody will help us to solve this problem. So we are just stuck with phones that are of no use to us what so ever simply because they don't work more than half the time.

Nov 10, 2016

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