Costco / auto

Went to tire center to get my tires rotated and have tpms serviced
Was told it was 15 per tire plus 45 for each new tpm.
Ithey checked the pressure and with an instrument found three tpm batteries were week
I said i would replace all 4
They quoted 1.5 hrs it was 6 pm
I shopped and then waited and 1.5 hrs later i asked what was happeningthey said it would be 15 more minutes i asked if they had the parts i need they said yes so i waited

30 minutes passed and they said another 30

I asked for a managee
He said they were busy so thats whats happens

I said i had to leave they would be closing soon anyway
The nexted day i could go
I returned the next day anf at 1 pm they were full for the day
Good better than waiting and nothing happening

So Sunday morning i got there before 10 and still had to wait 45 minutes to give them my car

Again i asked if they could rotate my tires and put in all four sensors
They said it would be 2-3 hours

i said fine but you have the parts they said yes
i called my wife and did work at home
at 2 pm i got a call they said they were done and i could pick it up

I asked if they put all four sensors in
They said no they didnt have any

The mt prospect store had 60 so i should go there

A waste of 3 days and my warninglights are still on
I talked to the manager

They wre not helpful
Thanks for listening
I still am a strong costco supporter but very disappointed

Dec 04, 2016

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