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I like to give my comment to a member of customer service of store #340 Fredericksburg:
Below is my case:
About 10:10am today (December 04 2016), I returned Zyrtec Allergy package (expiration date August 2018) with no receipt. Amy, Costco customer service, processed this return and found that I had $6.00 coupon for this package. For this discount that I forgot it, so I changed my mind and asked Amy to get back this package because I thought it would NOT have had a coupon.
Then I went shopping in Costco. My sister asked me to buy a Zyrtec Allergy package for her. And I bought another one for her on this shopping (with new receipt). So I have 2 packages on my hand.
And I decided return one package and give my sister other package with 6.00 discount.
When I returned to Costco, I picked randomly either packages
About 12:13pm I met Amy again. She looked at Zyrtec Allergy package and told me that this is old package that I had returned early morning and she did not accept it. I told her that I had receipt so it does not matter what it is as long as it was within expiration date (08/18). Then she talked with her Lead and her Lead told me not to accept returning.
Now I started upset. I told him that I picked randomly and I wanted to return it. I could go back my car to give other package but he was not right because I had the right to return any package!
I get angry because I believe his decision are wrong and along with Amy. I told him that how come I could not return while I had receipt and the package not expired.
Lastly, he let Amy return for me. This incident made a long line behind me.
I believe I am right because the reasons as follow:
- I have an official receipt
- I bring a product (no open, no expiration)
So I have right to return. Also, I remembered a Costco customer service member once told that I also could return even product opened.
For a long time with Costco, the product return would be very easy. I would return any what I do not like any time and any product; all would be accepted as long it is not expired.
I recommend Costco #340 leadership should train Amy and her Lead again to have good behavior and no being picky with customer as Amy did and follow exactly Costco return policy to satisfy customer instead of treating a discriminate against a customer.
Thank you for your reading and listening my comment so that Costco had employee deserve to salary it paid for.
Best Regards,

  • Updated by Timothy Nguyen, Dec 05, 2016

    I am actually surprised when you jump the conclusion this would be a scam
    If it had been scam, I could have wait to return for the week following Other thing the package are identical
    I did not argue with Amy if the package is one with coupon or not
    I only mentioned her that in Costco return policy, if I have official reciept with package I have right to return
    Remember I had met her couple hours before
    I still came to return because I know this is my right to return within Costco return policy
    Absolutely This is not a scam!!!

  • Updated by Timothy Nguyen, Dec 05, 2016

    Dear sir,
    This is NOT a scam!
    I do not want to make it big just only give you a comment to make Costco better service to Customer.
    This is my story in time order
    I brought Zyrtec Allergy package and met Amy to return it. After I found that the package with coupon, I changed my mind and told Amy I did not return it and keep it
    On the way shopping Costco at moment, my sister asked me to buy for her a Zyrtec Allergy package. After I had bought it, my sister knew I had had another package. She asked me to get the package with coupon and return the package I had just bought to Costco. Then I picked randomly to return it
    When I met Amy again, Amy said this was the package with coupon. I did NOT argue with her how she proved this was the package with coupon when their expiration dates are identical and Costco system has the exact scan!!!
    But I JUST MENTIONED her that in Costco return policy, if I have official receipt and the product no open and within expiration date, I have right to return
    This is not a scam! absolutely
    I would like to make Costco to serve Customer better rather than receiving re-action from you
    This is small thing. If you accept my comment to improve Customer service performance, it is your company benefit. If you do not accept it, it is up to you!!

    Thank you for your response.

  • Updated by Timothy Nguyen, Dec 07, 2016

    I have received the call from Costco Fredericksburg for apology
    I am satisfied with Costco's response.

    Thank you so much

Dec 04, 2016
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      Dec 04, 2016

    The packages were not the same. One had a six dollar coupon. You tried to pull a scam and you were caught!

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