Coricraft Groupdamages, poor quality, unacceptable product quality no service, no response

Bought leather corner unit Oct 2017, first delivery damages, hardly any foam in cushions, stitching pulling apart, skew stitching, stretched out leather at stitching, folds at back.
Replaced with new unit November 2018, colour dye spots on cushion, cushions bulging with to much foam.
No apologies, no communication, make appointments to view new couch at the warehouse - didn't pull the couch for inspection. Complain, no one interested to call you back or read complaint mails. No management get involved leave it to the receptionist to handle.
Replaced with new unit May 2018, very bad quality leather, damaged leather on the back, glue residue on back of couch. No response back from Coricraft till today.
Went to Brooklyn PRetoria Store to complain, staff promised that they will call and sort it out, Not a call not a response. Easy for Coricraft to take your money and provide you with the poorest quality + damaged goods at a high price.
Seeing all the complaints about Coricraft no wonder.

Jun 06, 2018

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