Comcast / lier's all the way

United States

I used to have Comcast Dvr when I stopped watching tv as much I decided to switch my plan. The Coustmer Rep I spoke with offerd me a great plan He said oh It will be 26 dollars with cable and internet. I was so excited I was paying $190 the next month came and I was charged $68 dollars I called and found out that the cable tv was 26 dollars but with the internet it came to $68 I felt like I had been lied too I requested a ten dollar credit I felt that was the least they could do for leading me on they said ok but only this time because your a good coustmer. Since I switched my internet goes offline and has been slow I had a tech come out and he gave me a super rude attidude snapped at me about me having a bad ether net cord demanded to know if I had spilt anything on the modem again and talked down to me he even went on to say he was lucky i was not going to get charged for him coming. Here it is 4 days later and the net failed on me again again the rep confirmed my modem was fine he didn't know what was going on and credited me anthor $10 somehow $10 does not seem like fair justice compared to dealing with lieing reps faulty equpiment and service and rude techs.

Apr 07, 2013

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