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My cable service has not worked properly for over a month. Over the past month I have made at least 8 calls to Comcast (CC) lasting 30 to 60 minutes per call and am put through a series of steps that fit their agenda.

A tech came out 12/24, replaced my cable box with a used box and left. He said to wait 45 minutes for it to work. After 70 minutes I called CC again and was put through another series of steps. "Matthew" said he would call in 35 min to be sure it was working. I am still waiting for that call. When I called back the rep said Matthew had been at lunch for 45 min and refused to deal with my issue but said he would leave a mssg for Matthew.

I called again 12/26 and a tech was sent out 12/27. This tech actually found a bad signal and attempted to fix it. However, he attached three different used cable boxes out of his truck that were broken also. The fourth box he attached appeared to be working. Several minutes after he left the service went out again. I called back and was told a supervisor would call me in 30 minutes. Nobody has called me back, nor is a tech scheduled to come fix my cable. CC refuses my request to speak to tech supervisor in my area and give me a new box.

I discovered that the 45 minutes call-back/wait for service is a ploy techs and reps use to get rid of you. Also, there are no new boxes on the truck. They are all used and, from my experience, broken. They pawn these broken boxes off on customers paying good money for services not rendered.

Dec 28, 2014
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  • Ja
      Dec 28, 2014

    I buy internet services from Comcast (CC). Recently my service went out and I had to make multiple calls to CC. Each call lasted 30 to 60 minutes. I was repeatedly put through a series of time consuming steps that fit their agenda.

    After multiple calls, a tech rep finally admitted to me that my internet box was obsolete and needed to be replaced. When I asked why I had not been notified about this problem I was told that CC had to inform the citizens of California before they informed the citizens of New Mexico. It is also curious as to why it took multiple time consuming calls to finally arrive at the truth with this company. It appears as though Hollywood is more important to CC than Albuquerque.

    That tech rep stated that he would be mailing a new box out that day. After one week I had not received the new box and called yet again. I discovered that the box had never been mailed. The box arrived over one month after my original call to CC. I then had to call CC yet again and spend another hour plus on the phone with them to get the product working.

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