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Comcast Cable Tv / never met such an incompetent bunch of people as comcast cable tv!

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I have never met such an incompetent bunch of people as Comcast Cable TV. I am forever having to call them to fix their poor service in my North Dallas area. Each time I call it take at least an hour, sometimes two or three before they answer the phone. Try and order a new service and they pick the call immediately!

They can never fix the problem without an in-home visit. That just confirms to the technician that I wasn't lying and that the reception is really bad. They then go somewhere to their systems to fix the problems. Why do I have to take a day off work just so they can fix their lousy service. They never compensate me for the loss of service, even though I may be inconvenienced for up to a week.

Comcast has a monopoly in Dallas, and I am sick of it. Give them some competition and they would probably shape up.

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  • St
      20th of Jan, 2011
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    Comcast cable TV services are a criminal organization. I called Comcast to inquire about prices. I needed to reduce my expenses. I spoke with their "Customer Account Executive" for around 2 hours. She was quite pleasant and we hit it off well. She informed me that she had been doing what she does with Comcast for two years so she wasn't a rookie. So, I enquired about the pricing for the various services and number of television sets I had. I knew they were having a promotional deal so I expected good prices, and boy did I get them. She gave me special pricing on everything. Some of the special prices were within her authority to offer. She had to get an OK from her supervisor for others. She told me that her supervisor instructed her to give me whatever pricing I wanted to get me on board. Man, I was really happy! I was going to save a ton of money! Now I didn't fall off the turnip truck last night so I asked her multiple times to verify the pricing and I kept copious notes including her name and the time of day. She informed me that if anyone gave me any trouble about the pricing I would simply need to ask them to review the recording of our conversation and it would be honored. So, guess what happened.
    The pricing wasn't honored at all on my first invoice. In fact, I was paying more, not less than the previous service. So I called Comcast and explained the situation. The Comcast supervisor listened to the recording and agreed that what I was saying was correct. She then said someone from W. VA would be calling me. That never happened. I called again. Someone else listened to the recording. This one started beating around the bush and mumbling but was of no help. After that I was unable to bring the recording into the conversation. I just kept getting the old company line. "UH this is the price sir."
    The way I see it they are in breach of contract. I don't plan to pay them a nickel. I will just notify them to come and pick up their stuff. What a rip. Where are the bureaucrats that are supposed to watchdog these guys?

  • Yo
      13th of Apr, 2008
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    Hey come on now I am so tired of hearing you guys say this and that about all of these tv companies whether it be satelite, dish or cable tv. Last time I checked tv was a privilged not a right. What you guys need to do is get a life and stop watching so many tv channels. You guys chose to go with these companies and now your complaining whose fault is that really, YOUR FAULT!!! And also since you went from comcast to dtv do you really think that you upgraded the companies that you deal buisness with YOU ###. Look up DTV and see how many people are really satisfied. At least with comcast they try to work with you not say "F U" because we have you in a contract lik DTV. Wake up and smell the coffee you idiots and if you dont like this get "BUNNY EARS"!!

    Thank You,
    Your friendly comcast person

  • Be
      11th of Jan, 2008
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    I stumbled across this website along with a dozen others when I entered " I hate Comcast" into google. I'm sure my comcast saga rates right up there. The whole story is on my myspace page (bellachica) but to make a long story short- The tech was supposed to come out on a Thursday at 8am. 11am comes around still no tech. He calls at 11:30 apologizing cuz he is late and says he'll be there at 12. I said ok, no problem but I have to leave for work at 1:20. 12 rolls around, no tech. 12:30 rolls around STILL no tech. So I call and reschedule for saturday. No big deal, whatever. Well 1pm rolls around and who should roll into my driveway? the wayward comcast tech. I told him sorry that he made the trip all the way out here, but I had already called to reschedule because he was 5 hours late and I had to go to work. He was actually decent, and couldn't stop apologising. He said he could have my dsl cable hooked up in 10 minutes if I wanted and the other tech could come back on saturday to hook the cable up. I was like sure go for it. So he hooks it up and I pay the $110.90 in full for my internet, digi cable and the one time installation fee. I get my work order and reciept showing that i paid in full as well.

    Saturday rolls around, 8am no tech. 12pm no tech. 1pm no tech. FINALLY around 1:30 the tech rolls in, and as soon as he stepped foot out of his truck i knew it was going to be a big mistake. He started swearing right off the bat, every other word either beginning with an S, F, or GD. When he finds out that absolutly nothing has been done and he has to drill the holes, that sets him off even more because he wasnt prepared nor did he feel like drilling holes today(HIS OWN WORDS) I showed him my work order from Thursday where I had paid in FULL. So he starts swearing again, and tries to charge me an extra $85 to come in and drill holes! I was like you have got to be joking. My husband is a plumber/ construction worker. I have a freakin drill in the house. I'll drill my own holes... But I told him I refused to pay the extra money, because comcast had stated to me upfront (after I had told them that the house was NOT wired already) that it would only be the 110.90, and i showed him where I had paid in full. So he gets on the phone with his supervisor and tells him nothings wired and that i refuse to pay anymore money. I tell him thats fine. If you don't want to work and install my cable, then leave. But before you do, I want a full refund and all my money back right then and there. He proceeds to put his hand in my FACE (The talk to the hand pose) and tells me to be quiet. I was about to go off. But I composed myself and after listening to him cuss for another 5 minutes to his boss, I ask him again if he was going to instal my cable today. He tells me "If it will shut you up, then Yes, I'll do it. It's not worth the hassle." I wanted to knock his front teeth in. But I also wanted cable more.. So I let him in. While he's inside he programs the tvs room by room- but doesnt bother to tell me how to work the new remote or the cable box. So I go into one room and try to turn the tv on and off to see if the channels work. Nothing comes on. So I go and let him know (he's outside taking a personal phone call for the umpteenth time) and he storms back in the house proceeds to tell me that I broke the box. he yanks it off the table and comes back n replaces it with a new one. He then tells me to never ever ever touch the box. That I would break it. To always leave it on and to never ever ever turn it off because it would have to be reprogrammed and I wouldnt know how to do it. like I was freaking 2 years old. Which is bull cuz my parents have the same cable and they use the all on button all the time. but whatever.. there is a clock on the box.. i guess i can use that.anyways. So he's all done. I go and very politly inform him, that since I am not "allowed" to touch the cable boxes that he would have to come back to each room, because he ignored ALL the expensive power surge protectors I have to protect my tv's and ps2's and cable boxes and whatnot. And that I would like for him to plug everything back in the protectors like I had it, cuz thats what its there for. He slams the work order on the table and says " I dont have time for this SH*%. I have other houses I have to go to. Then he just LEAVES. He doesnt leave me instructions for the remotes incase I get a new tv, he doesnt leave me my welcome kit or anything. But he did leave me all his trash and little bits of sharp exposed wire poking out from plastic cable, in every single room.. which my 1 year old niece got a hold of and could have very well gotten hurt when she put it in her mouth....

    The fall out.. I went to the comcast office first thing monday morning to file an official complaint (along with that issue, we had ordered the second tier of digi cable so my husband could have the Outdoor channel specifically, and everytime we would go to it, it would show up as not authorized and that we would have to call comcast to order it! BS!)but anyways, the lady at comcast told me that there were no supervisors there that could handle my complaint and to call the 1-888 number. Which I did. When the lady answered the call, I informed her that I wanted to speak with a tech. supervisor. She told me that tech supervisors do not speak to the general consumer and esp. not for complaints. But that she would file that I had a complaint against a tech and never wanted him to come to my house again. i tried several times to go into detail on why i was filing a formal complaint. She kept cutting me off and wouldnt let me. So finally I asked for the techs work id number and his name. She proceeds to tell me that they dont give out that information when you have something negative to say about them. Only when its something positive. So I said thank you and hung up.

    So I went strait to the Virginia State Corporation Commission and filed a formal complaint with them. I knew comcast wasn't going to do a darn thing about it, but that they would. Within 6 hours of filing the complaint I recieved an email telling me that it had been escelated to the manager in charge of the vscc and that she would call me and let me know what action they were going to take in my case. Within 2 hours of that email, I recieved another email letting me know that it had now been handed over to the FCC. THose boys don't play around. The next morning at 10am I recieved a phone call from the fcc AND comcast apologising their butts off for what had happened, AND along with giving me that techs full name, they also informed me that as of the previous day that gentleman (and i use that term loosley) was no longer employed by Comcast. They were also refunding me ALL of my installation charges AND giving me more $$ for my troubles. (Within 3 hours, my online bill was showing those promises.) Needless to say I dont have to worry about my cable bill anytime soon. But I didnt do it for the money. I told them, I didnt want any money back AND I wanted to keep my service. I just wanted to make sure that that tech never treated anybody the way he treated me.

    It's a shame that I had to go the route I did, but I wouldnt have had to do all that if the customer service at comcast was better, and they would have helped me when i FIRST went to them.I only contacted the VSCC when all else failed...

  • Ev
      22nd of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Comcast is absolutely evil! I went to switch to DirecTV but then found that they were even more incompetent than Comcast!! NOW where do I turn? I just looked at my bill and every so quietly they added at least 3 dollars to every part of my cable service!! It is a crime to be charging over $80 a month for standard digital cable and not even have premium channels included!!! When will the FCC step in and regulate this $$ hungry soul-less company?!!

  • Je
      15th of Dec, 2007
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    I paid for comcast and had it shut of because it cost me to much money and the kids were mad but i was up to date on my bill and they said i owd them 106dallarsand i did not they sent it to the collection and i phoned them with my bank statmemt and they still send me bills there so dumb!

  • Bi
      28th of Nov, 2007
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    Old thread, I know, but I found this thread by googling "incompetent people at Comcast". Aside from their prices being higher than balls on a giraffe, I think the main flaw in Comcast's service is the lack of internal company communication. It takes them forever to get a field problem fixed because no one knows what the problem is. When a problem is found, the case is usually pawned off to someone else who isn't given adequate notes if any notes at all. This often causes a vicious circle, which I have witnessed first hand multiple times.

    Cable companies in general are a racket. I can't wait until I can choose between multiple media providers in my area when the fibre gets laid. Verizon/AT&T or Comcast will be my choices.

  • Tm
      10th of Nov, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I think everyone should join Florida's lawsuit against Comcast about their sorry On Demand service. New Movies are often not there as advertised or will come out for one day and then get yanked. In addition, they go for weeks without updating the anime channel although they supposedly made a deal with the anime network to offer more and better service.

    In addition, Comcast uses the old bait and switch when it comes to advertisement for services that include hidden fees like a $99 installation fee for phone service for their 33+33+33 for internet/phone/cable service.

  • To
      9th of Sep, 2007
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    I hate, HATE Comcast. I've called repeatedly to complain about commercials and programming being cut-off, audio and video dropping out, and various technical incompetencies. I always get the run-around, promises of follow-up, etcetera, and nothing, NOTHING ever comes of ANY of my complaints. They don't even bother to respond. Comcast is just incompetent, and doesn't give a ### about anything.

    As soon as I can replace Comcast, I will. I hate Comcast.

  • Ke
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    Where do I begin. My DVR box has never worked. I rent this box for $3. and change a day and the show I record daily doesnt record or it records and goes blank or it will freeze until you unplug it. Service techs I know some by name now they keep coming and bringing used DVR that have other peoples recordings on them ie porn. with out even checking or erasing the shows. Now I am on my sixth box to be returned today to get another one and this time it better be a new box in a new box.

    Now the telephone I dont use the phone often at nite so when I do its usually important. Well they say that all lines are business and please try again. I pay for that!!! The phone is not a luxury it is a necessity. Not that they care but I do have family emergences and would like to make and receive call that I am paying for.

    Contract: Yup suckered into there triple play cant get out till 4/09. I am being raped and hate the system. Last words COMCAST SUCKS

  • Th
      12th of Jun, 2007
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    Comcast charges New Customers 19.95 for Cable Internet and Charges Good Standing Customers 42.95 For the Same Service.If Comcast had any Business Education it would not take long to figure out if you charged all customers not only New Customers 19.95 a month for Cable Internet you would make more money in the long run. Get a life Comcast and Wake up.More People would signup for Comcast Internet. (A old saying 1 plus 1 is 2) Thank You Thomas Lisson

  • De
      22nd of May, 2007
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    Comcast is getting me very angry.

    I have Cable...unfortunately Comcast...covered with my HOA. I've been enjoying some stations over the past year... Hallmark being one. Another in my family loved the Game Channel.

    Of course, early last year, they removed the Game Channel, and today, they removed Hallmark.

    I'm paying the same amount of money to the HOA for Cable...and I'm certain they're paying Comcast the same amount of money... so why aren't we receiving the same amount of service? To remove services without offering compensation or a discount is unethical.

    Needless to say, I am very unimpressed with Comcast, and will be making sure that when I move in the next half will be to a place where Comcast is not the standard.

    I wouldn't pay them two pennies for the lack of service they provide. What's more is it's very difficult to lodge a complaint directly with them.

  • Ca
      14th of Mar, 2007
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    I hope someone else out there is paying attention to comcast's business tactics. After they forced customers to upgrade to digital service, they began shuffling stations and raising prices, twice. Today is the final straw. HBO was removed from the regular lineup. It can only be seen on the TV with a digital box. You may pay whole house premium rates and big money for the movie packages, but you're not getting anything for your hard-earned money. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before Showtime and the Movie Channel follow. Interesting that Comcast chose to make this change just in time to air the final season of the Soprano"s. All the hold-out's will have to ante up if they want to watch. The word that comes to my mind is extortion!

  • Ro
      14th of Mar, 2007
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    They charge for service i do not agree with... i am paying too much for the service i receive... How many other people feel they are being overcharged? I would like to know. I am in Williamsport, PA.

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