Comcast Cable And Internetireesposible technician and terrible customer service

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I am comcast customer for a while for cable as well as internet. 2 weeks before while their technician was working on my neighbor they cut the cable to my house and it took a week for them to come back and fix it even after numerous calls to customer service and 2 supervisors. They don't care if I have service or not. After fixing it the next technician who came to bury my neighbors cable broke my cable again and I was left with no service for another week.
What I don't understand is why does it take 1 week to correct some mistake they originally made and then do the same mistake again? Are these technicians robots or humans. I cannot live without internet due to the reason that I have to connect to my work and take care of things.
For comcast if you need to contact me my account# is [protected] and you can contact me at [protected]


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      Sep 06, 2009

    We have been dealing with comcast for the last 2 weeks as a new customer. They have seriously experienced, with complete honesty, the worst customer service I have dealt with. To make it worse, the technicians they sent out were as incompetent as it comes. We are cancelling our service. They managed to run us off before we even became paying customers. They have been a joke.

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      Sep 11, 2009

    Comcast sucks...We are comcast Internet customers for more than 4 years. After they increased the internet speed (they saying)connection is gone in every 2 -3 hrs. We both are working from home and our works totally relayed on Internet. Once connection going our VPN disconnect and cannot work. We called comcast servel times and they asking to restart modem. Still no change. Once one Technician came and said now number of customers are increased in our area .That's why disconnection frequently. I can't agree with that logic. We are paying $55/month only for Internet.This is too much to accept..Their Advertisements are not real...It's ridicules as what they say..

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      Aug 15, 2012
    Comcast cable and internet - Repair Waiting Times
    United States

    One of my neighbors has apparently decided to steal Comcast services by putting an illegal connection from our neighborhood hub to their house. Problem is, they have now twice removed MY connection to do so. In each case, Comcast has given a me repair window of 4-5 days! Needless to say, this is a problem, especially as I use my internet connection, in part, for work.

    I find it UNBELIEVABLE and UNACCEPTABLE that I have to wait that long for a simple repair from a company this large! This involves nothing more than putting up a ladder and and switching the connection. I am fuming! I've contacted their executive complaint office, and am waiting for a call back as I type this.

    What I don't understand, is why these neighbors (newcomers to the area) were not reported the first time this happened. The Comcast rep who came to fix the issue told me point blank that the ladder was still against the pole, and that this crime is a felony. The ladder is up against the pole this time too, by the way.

    So why are these ‘neighbors’ doing it again? Apparently, the rep did not report them as he said he was supposed to, or no one at Comcast took the time to follow through.

    I hope I will not be forced to take matters into my own hands, this should be the company's responsibility. They should not be forcing a customer to put themselves into a legal dispute over Comcast's services, possibly even putting their customer in danger of retaliation.

    After huge amounts of angry screaming over the phone, they finally told me they would send someone this morning (the day after the complaint). I cancelled a doctors appointment to be home, only to be called and told that they were able to move the appointment up from Saturday to Friday! Really? They can't send someone over to do a 10 minute repair until Friday?

    Even if this is all resolved today as promised, I am left wondering if a 4-5 day wait for a repair is in my permanent future. PATHETIC Comcast! REALLY PATHETIC!

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