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Comcast / my bad experience

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I recently switched my cable service from WOW to Comcast, and boy was I pissed when I tried to get some help by phone. On 09/30/08 I was surprised to find that the help button on my remote did nothing. My first phone call was a useless person who kept repeating the same thing over and over, but could not answer specific questions like "Which button do you press to do that?" When I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone who knew a little more than how to read from the prompter, I was put into a holding pattern on the phone. So I recalled, this time Kelly was a little more help. She told me she didn't know how to do it, but she'd call back. Never did. How do you spell $225 a month? Oh, and I also paid $120 to get the service installed and got no manuals, and one of the remotes wasn't even set to one of the TV's. I'm pretty sure I've made a big mistake. WOW keeps calling me, so I'll probably call them back.

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  • Va
      5th of Jun, 2008
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    I have been with Comcast for the past 4 years and their customer service *** or lack thereof. I am in the process of finding another cable/internet company in Knoxville, TN but they seem to have a monopoly on the market. During the month of April, I had several problems with my internet service and a tech had to come out several times. The company gave me a 20 credit. When I called in to pay my bill, I was told that I had a negative balance because there was also a 124 credit. I naturally assumed that they gave me a month off for all the hassle. NO WAY!!! I received my bill this month and it has 2 months on it. I have talked to several customer service reps and a manager...nothing. I was told it was a mistake and that they couldn't let me have a month free because it was warranted. BS!!!

  • Va
      9th of Jun, 2008
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    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. I see that I have a support group here who may share my concerns and maybe we should all file a class act lawsuit in which I am willing to fund if necessary. I called Comcast Last year to get hooked up and they said it would be $600.00 to run 300ft of cable. I then proceeded to show them another route and they said " OH YEAH" like idiots. After getting it hooked up for nothing they left an exposed terminal on the side of a pole for the world to see and hook up to. Indeed one of my neighbours hooked right up to it stealing my business class. I called and made a complaint and they finally came out and cut the line 45days or so later. They left an exposed line laying there on the ground. The neighbour then reconnected what seemed to be an exact match from Comcast leading me to suspect he had a friend who worked for them. I just cut it last night and I’m removing it from the terminal tomorrow and going to put the terminal on a pole with 50, 000volts running to it and a camera lol.

    Ladies and gentlemen that is just the beginning. They still have yet to bury my lines as they run from my shop to my office. 4 months ago my IP gateway crashed and I called them. They sent a Guy out who said hey I’m sorry I’m not a tech I’m a Maintenance man. I had to show him the issues and diagnose the issues myself and request that he go back to the office and get a new Modem. He did so and my problem was solved and THEY GAVE ME THE WRONG GATEWAY IN THE FIRST PLACE. Online support team said they did not support the Gateway and I said «Well your tech brought it to me so explain that». They apologized and did nothing to my bill to make up for the incompetence of their techs.

    In conclusion (PLEASE READ)

    3 Days ago my New IPGateway made by Netgear started crashing for no reason. My PS3 said contact the manufacturer so I did and they said they could not support the product because they had a contract with Comcast stating not to. I couldn't believe it. So I then called Comcast and even they said they also could not support the product and would send a replacement in 4-5 days. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE? I proceeded to tell them how I seem to know more about their products and services than the actual people they have working for them in person and by phone. I went straight out and bought a new Modem for myself and when I got back I sat on hold for 1 hour and finally got someone on the line. After a very long hour of conversation and 3 transfers I was notified that «I’m sorry Sir, We do not support any modems from the local sores in your market area". OH YES!!! I was outraged. How can a Modem at Wal-Mart or any other store say right there on the Package. "Easy Installation-one phone call to your Internet Service Provider completes the setup". NO IT DOES NOT! Because Comcast does not support Modems that you yourself can purchase. Only what they can give you. THEN WHY WASN'T I NOTIFIED OF THIS? And how can a company false advertise this on their label in stores without knowing they would get a Lawsuit. I asked for a phone number to speak to a high end representative of the company and she informed me that there was no such number available.

    Ladies and Gentlemen this is a major monopoly indeed and we should file suit.

    Thank You for your time and Oh yes if I could get any other type of high-speed for my business then trust me I would have already. So basically they have this area on Lockdown and it's illegal.

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