Comcast / after paying my bill, my cable was shut off

United States

I paid my cable bill on 04/01/2010 just prior to travel for a week. When I returned on 04/11/2010, my cable was still off. I called Comcast and was told that they had permanently disconnected my cable on 04/02/2010 even though the check was in the system. They did not cash/process the check until 04/05/2010. Even after the payment was processed no attempt was made by Comcast to reconnect the service. I phoned their CSR department and was told that the account was active and I "should have everything working", to which I replied that I did not. After several phone calls as well as their insipid "on-line chat help" there has been no resolution to the problem. What I was told was to basically take a day off from work so I could go to the local office and try to straighten this out there. When asked about a credit for the 2 weeks of no service, I got no response, only that my new bill was in and needed t be paid before the end of the month. Unbelievable how they can be so callous and get away with it.


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