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Comcast / bad and rude customer service!

1 United States

I have had Comcast for a little over a year. They came door to door through the neighborhood late summer 2005. After 4 visits to my home I finally signed up for cable, phone and internet with them. They seemed kind and promised a lot. The minute the service was hooked up, the kindness ended. We were hooked up November 2005. From the start our service was very bad. If we had a connection at all it was very poor. They were at our house dozens of times, always different people who did not know what the last had done! By March 2006 most of the issues had been solved but we still had had issues with the internet. We fought and fought, and around early spring it was finally working better. I was promised a credit for all the time we could not use it, and to this day I can not get anyone to help we find out when I might get it. Then on top of that 4 times in the last month we have lost all service. This has left us with no phone, no tv and no pc service. They can never give us a reason and they are not very nice. Even when the tv works, the pay per view is acting up. It won't order when we want, and then orders when we don't want!! We have never been able to receive long distance phone calls. All of these issues are supposed to have open trouble tickets, but we never hear back. The final reason I'm writing is because yesterday a Comcast truck was at my vacant neighbor's house, and after they left our service was completely off. I called comcast within 5 minutes of him leaving. The operator told me they would turn the truck around and have him come back. that was ot 4:00pm by 7:00pm we had not heard a word. My wife called back, and after getting "disconnected" twice, she got through to a girl named Jesscica and put on hold for over 30 minutes on a borrowed cell phone. My wife explained that we had young children in the house and had no communication to the outside world in case of an emergency, but Jessica said it would take 24 to 48 hours to get someone back out. We had been more that patient at this point, so my wife asked to talk to a manager. Jessica put the night manager, Robert on the phone. Let me just say he was so rude he brought my wife to tears. He told her things like, "what makes you think we can turn a truck around for you?" and "we do not consider one person an emergency." My wife asked him not to be rude, and he told her he was ending the call. She asked to please tell her when someone would be out, and he didn't answer for about 20 seconds, they spoke slowly to her like she was a child and said, "mam you had been told several times, we will handle this in 24 to 48 hours, goodbye." I have never dealt with a company like this. I would also like to mention, there are a lot of neighbors having issues as well. Thank you for reading this, Bob Flucker

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