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Comcast / Broadband National / big rebate scam!

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Broadband national is a big rebate scam company. I have been trying to get back my rebate for the cable and internet service with comcast. Broadband national has been giving one or the other reason for the delay in processing my rebate form and finally after 8 months they say that I submitted the wrong rebate form. I don't understand how this can happen? All the conditions on the rebate forms were met and don't know why it took them more than 6 months to update with a rejection status.


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A  17th of May, 2007 by 
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Broadband national rebates is a big scam. Please dont put hopes on Broadband national rebates. They give you all stupid reason for not to pay your rebates.
N  21st of May, 2007 by 
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Well there has been some positive response from Broadband National since I registered a complaint. One of the company manager tried to address the problem and made sure that I got my rebate back. It took them about 10 days to find out where the problem was in their system and send a special request to their finance department to reconsider my rebate application.
A  27th of Jun, 2007 by 
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That is very much true. even same happened to me and one of my friend.. Getting comcast connection through broadband national is fraud. They never ever give your rebate back.
A  3rd of Jul, 2007 by 
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Yes, they are in the processing of scamming me now. I was told when ordering that the rebates would be processed in a month. It took them weeks to even enter my rebate into the system and now they are saying 10-16 weeks processing time! Who did you call at BroadBand National to resolve this?
A  3rd of Oct, 2007 by 
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I submitted my rebate back on June 15th and it is October 3rd---coming up on 4 months! The status on the website said it was mailed on August 27th, and to allow 31 days for delivery. 31 days to mail something out. I don't even live at the address I put on the rebate anymore, I am hoping the post office forwards the mail to me, god forbid I attempt to change anything in the fragile rebate receiving process.

I finally called since it has been more than 31 days since they "mailed" the rebate, and was told to wait another 10-12 weeks to get the check. WTF!!!!! I would love a job at the processing department, the only stress is probably fear of getting fired for actually doing work.
A  11th of Nov, 2007 by 
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Promotion Comcast $25 - $250 MIR
Rebate Number 094788
Promotion Type Rebate
Submission ID 94456431
Status We are currently unable to approve your rebate for the reason listed below.

You did not submit the correct rebate form for this promotion.

You will receive a letter or postcard describing this problem. The letter or postcard may have instructions on how to correct this error.
A  12th of Nov, 2007 by 
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The following is what I just got.

Comcast Single Service $50 - $125 MIR
Rebate Number 095304
Promotion Type Rebate
Submission ID 95052810
Status We are currently unable to approve your rebate for the reason listed below.

The proof-of-purchase you submitted did not demonstrate purchase of a qualifying service.

You will receive a letter or postcard describing this problem. The letter or postcard may have instructions on how to correct this error.
A  17th of Dec, 2007 by 
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My wife just got a rejection letter (from a rebate submitted in September) claiming that we didn't submit proof of a qualifying service, even though we kept copies of all paperwork and it is CLEARLY, and PRECISELY what they asked for. I have it here in my hand, and I went over every single detail!

We are going to see if we can fix it, and if we can't then I will write my opinion on every review/opinion web site that I can find.
N  5th of Jan, 2008 by 
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While last year I did reecive a rebate from them, this year I cannot even find where the form for the rebate is located.

They have promised a $125 rebate I have been looking all over and cannot find the form nor the details.
I am in a position to claim my rebate but with no means to do so!

The forms are not to be found anywhere
D  22nd of Jan, 2008 by 
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I lucked out. I got three checks for $275 this week. Not everyone can win.
A  3rd of Feb, 2008 by 
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I filledout all the forms and triple checked everything for the rebates.I did receive a seventy nine dollar rebate for my cable modem but none for 125 dollar rebate for comcast internet service.on further investigation i just found out that my rebate was denied because the form i filled out went to broadband in niagara falls ny which will only approve the rebate if the service was purchased from broadband.The cable modem rebate forms were sent to broadband in bridgeport nj which supposedly does not require you to purchase the service from broadband . Each of these locations have different phone numbers and few know about their own or the other locations policies. It appears that you have to read the forms verywell,put in a lot of time,and be very lucky to get these rebates. One should not have to do this to get a rebate. A class action suit should be instituted against broadband .It is definitely a scam!
A  12th of Feb, 2008 by 
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Comcast is a joke....ALL FALSE advertising!!! I was supposed to get three separate rebates back from Comcast; it has been five months and nothing. After proceeding to look up my rebate status myself each of my rebates said "contact them", "I didn’t send the right rebate form in", and excuse after excuse!!!! I have had it with all of this false promises BS, they had no intentions on sending me my rebates or anyone else for that matter. I can assure you I sent in ALL of the correct information, forms, my initial rebate e-mail, etc. they had MORE than enough information on all of the CORRECT forms and then some.......I had a feeling this would happen so I sent in every piece of documentation and all my receipts….you name it I sent it & sure enough they bailed out like I knew they would!!!!!!!! We are getting ready to move in 5 days and of course we need new cable, guess what COMCAST can go and $%&$ themselves, they will NEVER get my business again.
A  4th of Mar, 2008 by 
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Broadband National is now Bridgevine, and I am in the process of having Comcast try to help me with my rebate. When ordering comcast, I saved several websites, and placed an order with the wrong one by accident, since they all started looking the same to me, but I cancelled that order before one day had even passed, and placed the order with ComcastSpecial.com (Broadband National) and filled out every piece of paperwork and copied everything... perfectly. I took notes of dates sent, etc... Eventually Bridgevine (Broadband National) sent me a card stating that my "service provider is showing a different company as Affiliate of Record for your service order, therefore the order placed through Broadband National is not a valid service order." Then the card proceeded to tell me to resubmit the offer etc... So, I called Comcast and they didn't know how they could help, then I called Bridgevine and spoke to a couple of ladies with extremely heavy middle-eastern accents (in Florida - according to Sharleen) that I had a very hard time understanding, and THEY were getting very huffy with me and seemed insulted that I could not understand them. I did understand them after I repeatedly asked them to SLOW DOWN. I got nowhere with them. They claimed that only new customers are eligible for the rebate. A new customer is one that has not had comcast in the past 120 days. I, of course, did NOT have any comcast service in the past 120 days. I placed an order with the wrong authorized comcast provider, and cancelled it within one day. Of course Bridgevine wants to use that as a reason to say that I am not a "new" customer. During the weeks leading up to my actually becoming a real comcast customer, I had WOW cable/phone/web, and had no activity or visits by or with anyone from comcast. I called our local Comcast numbers, and the first couple of people that attempted to help me completely understood the problem (I'm glad they speak clear English), and had be thinking that this would be cleared up. They were both very polite. So, my issue was elevated to someone named Sharon with Comcast (what city or state she is in is unknown to me), and she has not replied to my calls. She had called and left me an intial message needing more information from me. She said that she needed to know the city, and market that I am in. HOW can she know that I have a problem and not know who I am and where I live?! Anyway, she left me a message that sounded more like someone that was NOT involved with customer service. She sounded as if I was making her life difficult. She had a very condescending tone in her message. I will keep trying to get in touch with her, and I will remind her that if customers like me didn't have problems that needed to be solved, she wouldn't have her job!

in the Detroit, Michigan area
N  4th of Mar, 2008 by 
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Broadband National also allows all your personal information to be accessed by anyone. For example the original poster's phone number is xxx-334-9914 and lives in the zip code 75098. I could post his exact address, but that wouldn't be nice.

Here's how I found out...

Go to www.broadbandnational.com/salesteam
Select a login, no password is required
Click on Order Search
Put in a last name in the Contact Name field
Hit enter

Bam! Lots of personal info here! And all you need to know is their last name or phone number.
A  18th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I am now in the process of getting the runaround on a modem and internet service I ordered in January, 2008. I was supposed to receive $90 on the model and $125 on the initiation of internet service. Has anyone tried notifying the attorney general of Florida? The BBB? The newspaper (Sun Sentinel or P.B. Post). I would like to know if ANYONE HAS EVER RECEIVED WHAT THEY WERE PROMISED. Thanks. Sandy.
A  21st of Mar, 2008 by 
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I have been going through exactly what is being discussed here, including being rejected for supposedly submitting the wrong paperwork. However, after over 6 months of frequent calling, complaining, emailing, and even resubmitting original paperwork, I have finally received the first of 2 checks owed. They say the next one will be mailed shortly. Who knows? After all the lies and garbage I have been told from these imbeciles, I never really expected anything. You should never have to contact this company for what you are owed, and they damn well know it. This is a huge scam, as I am sure most people never get a cent and eventually quit complaining. That is exactly what they want, as they know a company like Comcast will do absolutely nothing about it. After all, they already have your business. Don't they? If you give up, they make more money. I suggest you never quit complaining. If I don't get my next check soon, I will continue to bother them until the end of time. I don't suggest being overly obnoxious, but rather being persistent about, "WHERE IS MY MONEY?" They are now calling themselves Bridgevine. I am certain that they have had numerous past problems that have caused this and I would be surprised if filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission would elicit a positive result. But, you never know if you don't try. Good luck!!
A  26th of Mar, 2008 by 
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I wish i have seen this website before ordering the internet service through broadband national. I agree the post here!!! I suppose to get a $40 mail in rebate for my wireless router and a $25 cash back by ordering the new time warner road runner internet service through them. After i received my wireless router and ready to fill in the rebate form, i realized that i am missing one of the two confirmation numbers. I dig into my email and found the confirmation number from roadrunner but nothing from broadband national. I phoned them and asked about it and the guy kept telling that I didn't order the service through them because no information was found in their system! This is ridiculous! How could i receive my wireless router in the mail if they don't have my address or information?? They also saying i might phone to the roadrunner company when ordering the service rather than through them. I even went through my cell phone record and prove to myself that I did ring to BROADBAND NATIONAL. They are such a lier! DON'T ever do business with them.

OK, bad luck. Forget about that $25 cash back. I submitted the $40 rebate last year June which I believe I qualified for since I did give them a copy of the receipt. Guess what? The rebate status still saying it is still being processed. And now is March 2008! I hope a lawyer or fraud business investigation agent would give the justice back for us.
A  8th of Apr, 2008 by 
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I also bought a DSL connection thru BROADBAND NATIONAL. Was promissed a rebate of $125.00. After 6 months they said I did not qualify even tho their web site said They got my info and they will notify me when my rebate check is sent.
It took months just to get an answer from them. I also have copies of everything I sent in so I did indeed send them everything I was supposed to.
It seems to be a rip off.
A  11th of Apr, 2008 by 
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Just for the record, I have now received and cashed my 2nd rebate. On top of that, they sent me more than I had coming. It took nearly 7 months of frequent complaining, but maybe that is what it takes. The checks were from Bridgevine (no longer Broadband National). Persistence pays off. That is all.
A  17th of Apr, 2008 by 
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What a bunch of cr*p! I have be strung along since February 13. I spent time on the phone with ComCast customer service with Broad BandNational at the same time. They PROMISED a check in 2 weeks. I sent an email to ron.clere@broadbandnational.com some hot shot at ComCast. No response. I think I will bring it to the attention of that TV show that shoves microphones in execs faces to have them explain. I know where I would love to shove this rebate form. I am sure the District Attorney of the State of Illinois would be glad to know about this as well. What a scam!

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