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Comcast / customer treat

1 Albuquerque, NM, United States Review updated:

I made a phone call to a Comcast Customer Service Representative named Patricia at extension 2521, at around 1:00 pm on 4 April 2008. This call was recorded, and it is very important that you listen to this phone call because during this call, Patricia made me an offer for a specific service for a specific price. Later, Comcast tried to make me pay for additional charges that were not included in the original price quote and terms given to me by Patricia, which I agreed to, on 4 April 2008. I have tried multiple times to resolve this dispute with various supervisors of the local Comcast office, but they refuse to honor the original price quote.

During the phone call I made to Comcast on 4 April 2008, Patricia at extension 2521, offered me a combination of cable TV, internet and phone service, something Comcast calls �Triple Play�, for $99.00 per month for one year. I asked Patricia specifically how much the price would be after the first twelve months, and she said the price would go up to $127.00 per month, after those first 12 months. I asked her specifically if there were any other fees or charges, and she said no. Patricia offered to waive the installation fee or start-up fee or activation fee (whatever Comcast calls it now) of $29.99 if I agreed to the terms and price Patricia quoted right then and there. I agreed to those terms and the price she quoted of $99.00 per month for the first twelve months. All these details are on the recorded phone call I made to Comcast on 4 April 2008.

Comcast sent an installer named Alex to my home on 11 April 2008. Alex mentioned that there would be a $3.00 monthly rental fee for the modem, which was required. Because this information contradicted what Patricia had told me, I called Comcast while Alex was doing the installation. I spoke with Mary at extension 2853, and she directed me to the Comcast website, where I read that the Triple Play offer is for new customers only, and I had already had the cable TV and internet service. I asked Mary about this and she told me that Comcast considered me a new customer because I was going to get the phone service for the first time from Comcast. I was very happy to learn that Comcast was offering phone service now because we were dissatisfied with Qwest. I asked Mary about where the term and conditions on the Comcast website Triple Play say that the Triple Play offer ended on February 3, 2008, and Mary told me that the website had old information since the radio ads were in April. I asked her about the $3.00 modem rental, and she told me that I simply had to pay it. I asked for her supervisor, and Mary put my call on hold and never returned to the line.

I called Comcast again and asked to speak to a supervisor. This time I spoke to a supervisor named Jamie at extension 6073. Jamie put me on hold and listened to my original call to Patricia, and when she came back to the line, Jamie offered me one month�s credit of the $3.00 modem fee. I asked Jamie how much the price would be after the first twelve months of Triple Play at $99.00 and after doing some math, Jamie gave me three conflicting answers: $129.71, around $135.00 and finally, $136.00. I asked Jamie to do the right thing and she said she would ask her supervisor if Comcast could give me the prices and terms Patricia had originally quoted me. Later the same day, I spoke with Jamie again, when she increased the offer to three month�s credit for the $3.00 modem rental charge, per her supervisor Angela at extension 6576, and whom Jamie said had also listened to the call I made to Patricia on 4 April 08.

At that time, I also told Jamie that Alex the Comcast technician had left my home without telling me and he also failed to complete the installation. I had walked into my garage, and saw that Alex had simply left without notifying me or giving me any explanation, the Comcast van was gone, and my garage door had been open and unguarded for an unknown period of time. Alex was unbelievably irresponsible for not telling me that he was walking off the job and leaving my garage door open.

The installation date had to be changed first to 15 April, then to 16 April 2008.

I called Comcast on 14 April, and spoke to Jamie again. This time she told me that her supervisor Angela had changed the offer to a twelve-month credit for the $3.00 modem charge in the form of a $36.00 one-time credit on my first bill. I asked Jamie to ask her supervisor Angela at extension 6576 to call me back, or Angela�s supervisor. Jamie told me that one of the supervisors would call me at home at 6:00 pm that same day. I asked Jamie to make sure that the original conversation with Patricia on 4 April 2008 not be erased because that has all the details of our agreement on it. I asked to listen to that call, but Jamie refused my request. I told Jamie that Comcast should not charge me for the modem rental ever, not just for one month or three month or twelve months, but never, because I never agreed to pay a modem fee during the original phone call and that Patricia never mentioned a modem rental fee during that call. Jamie said that that was the best Comcast could offer me.

Jamie tried to say that the conversation I had with Patricia was not legally binding because Comcast does not have contracts. My response was that Patricia made me a verbal offer for services, Triple Play, for a specific price of $99.00 per month for the first twelve months, then $127.00 afterward, she said that there were no other charges or fees and she agreed to waive the activation fee and that I agreed to those terms. This verbal agreement is legally binding and enforceable. The phone conversation was recorded and both supervisors Jamie and Angela told me that they heard the call and that Patricia did not give me complete information.

Between 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm that night, while we were asleep, someone from Comcast named Chris called our house. He was interested in talking about my dispute, but I was angry that he would be so rude as to call us at such a late hour. Chris said he would call me again the next afternoon, (15 April) but he never did.

The morning of 15 April 2008, I called Comcast and left a voicemail message for Scott Westerman, the Vice President of the Albuquerque Comcast. He never returned my call.

On 16 April 2008, Comcast technicians John and Alan completed the installation.

On 18 April 2008 I called Scott Westerman�s office again, and reached Lynn Sabo, his executive assistant. She said that she would investigate my complaint and call me back. Lynn Sabo called me back and told me that the $36.00 credit was all I was going to get from Comcast, no matter what Patricia had quoted me. She refused my request to speak with Scott Westerman.

On 21 April, I spoke with the supervisor Angela, at extension 6576. She claimed that she had never received any of the multiple requests I had made for her to return my calls. She would only give me a credit for one year of modem rental, no matter what Patricia and I had agreed upon. Angela outlined the extra per month charges as such: Taxes of $7.30, Peg fee $0.44, franchise fee $1.93, User fee $0.06, gross receipts tax $4.87. These are all over and above the $99.00 monthly fee quoted me by Patricia on 4 April 2008, but I don�t know if those fees and taxes are based on $99.00 or $102.00, which is what the total would be if the $3.00 monthly modem fee was included. I am not going to pay taxes and fees on a monthly modem charge that I did not agree to pay in the first place. Although she admitted that Patricia did not give me correct information, that Patricia and I made an agreement for service at a specific price, and that she understood how I felt, she would not do any more to correct the problem.

I have three unresolved points of dispute with Comcast, for which I am requesting your assistance.

1. During the original phone call of 4 April 2008 with Patricia, I agreed to pay $99.00 per month for the first twelve months of Triple Play service. Comcast insists that I pay the extra fees and taxes outlined above, regardless if they are based on the inclusion of the $3.00 modem rental fee that I never agreed to pay. I am asking Comcast to be honest with its customers.

2. During the original call, Patricia stated that after the first twelve months, the price for Triple Play would be $127.00 per month. Neither the supervisor Jamie, at extension 6073, nor supervisor Angela, at extension 6576, could give me a definite price for the Triple Play service after the twelve-month promotion period, but both of them were certain that it was higher than the price Patricia quoted me. I am willing to pay only the price I agreed to on 4 April 2008. I would like Comcast to honor its promises.

3. I will not pay any modem rental fee that I did not agree to pay during our original conversation on 4 April 2008. Comcast can not change the terms of the agreement after the fact, even if the Comcast representative made a mistake. Comcast has credited my account $36.00, which equals the $3.00 fee for twelve months. I am not willing to pay a modem rental fee, period, even after the twelve months. I didn�t even know that a modem was required until Alex the technician showed up at my house with it. Patricia never mentioned a modem fee during the initial conversation, so I will not pay for it. I am asking Comcast to be fair.

I have made several good faith attempts to resolve my disputes with Comcast supervisors and even the Vice President of the local Comcast, who ignored my call. I now am trying to let everyone in your broadcast area know how Comcast treats their customers.

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  • Jo
      4th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Then why still with COMCAST? you do have an option to change provider..

  • Co
      30th of Oct, 2008
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  • Co
      30th of Oct, 2008
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  • Fi
      1st of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Yes I agree that comcast has BAD UNTRAINED and UNPROFESSIONAL REPS across the board. I just can't imagine someone { YOU } having that much time on your hands to dispute a lousy what $50. You can't tell me you had no idea about all the different taxes that will obiously get added to a total. You have previously had all of the servies before with other company's and were charged. It really sounded to me like you planned all this to get a speacial price. What makes you think you are more special than me having to pay ffull price for the same ### services. What is even more messed up is when thier ### breaks you have to pay for the service call for them to come out and replace it. Not to mention I have already paid $108.00 plus taxes---- for a modem that didn't cost $50.00...

  • At
      13th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Sorry, but the original poster is lying about half of the crap she posted about. One, they're not going to go and "listen" to the call for you, no company is going to do that.

    Secondly, the 3 price quotes she probably gave the customer was $129.71 before taxes and the other two, $135 and $136 was probably what it would be after taxes... Another perfect example of customers not using active listening skills...

    Thirdly, did you really think you'd get the modem for free?? Only if you're signing a 2 year commitment which Comcast doesn't do. If you don't want to pay the $3 per month, I would advise BUYING THE MODEM!!

    Good faith attempts?? I can tell just by the way you write that your a pampered and arrogant individual who expects the world to be handed to them on a silver platter... Am I right??... I'll bet I am...

  • Du
      8th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    AT&T apologist, I like what you have to say! The instigator of the above complaint is obviously just trying to be overly difficult--no sane person would argue over $3.00/month; and if she didn't want to rent the modem, than they should have just left her without one! Let her fend for herself! Apparently they said that they wouldn't charge you for installation, but they have absolutely no responsibility to provide you with equipment--especially for FREE! I mean seriously, I've rented the same ### cable box from Comcast for five years--It has easily paid for itself ten-fold by now.

    Having said that, I will stay that I do have a problem with some of the senior staff with Comcast--namely Lynn Sabo and Steven White. These individuals have been customers of my establishment, and have been ruder, and more inconsiderate than any clients I have ever worked with. The funny thing is, Steven White (President of Comcast Cable - West Division) threatened to take his business elsewhere over a petty dispute (we're talking even pettier than the above dispute) while my company sends Comcast Cable a check for almost $5k/month for their services. A dispute that could have been easily resolved (he couldn't find the remote in his hotel room) had he the patience of someone who wasn't acting like a 200 lb. baby, now has me contemplating switching to another provider for my businesses telephony needs. I suppose he doesn't realize that not only am I acting as an agent on behalf of my company, he is also a representative of his company. So somehow he feels empowered to berate me, and still receive thousands of dollars from me a month...about $180 is personal--the rest business...but still, its pretty demeaning to pay someone that sum of money just to have them give you such a piss poor attitude.

    And Lynn Sabo--she's an arrogant, rude, ###. Lady--for Christ’s sake, your a damn secretary...get off your high horse and try communicating with people in a respectful manner.

  • Ca
      29th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    It's really sad b/c EVERY company is like this now.. Sprint, Comcast, Dish, GA Power, GAS SOUTH.. None of them really care as long as they get the amount it says you owe in their system! They DO NOT care about us, their customers. They are customers too though.. I don't get it! They say they're sorry but, do nothing to really help you.

  • Ze
      14th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    What is wrong with you guys...what she says is true...I had the same exact thing happen to me. They say whatever they want to suck you in and then raise their prices and screw you right and left. I have dealt with big wig corporate giants like this before. I wrote everything down word for word that they promised from day one! The name of the person I spoke with the date, time, everything and I'm still dealing with all this crap 2yrs later. Non working channels, non working cable, intermittent Internet signals and slow as molasses speeds. Supposedly free modem that their corporate office took off bill and someone else put back on and I'm being charged for again! Price that was a price match to take me away from another company and now supposedly was only a 6 month promo...yes, like I'm stupid enough to leave my monthly rate for a 6 mo promo price! Makes no sense but they are going with that one! Crooks...and they continue to get away with it. Well I am giving them one last chance today by going to the Corp Company President after this I go to the PUC and then they can deal with it! I may not have power but the PUC sure does!!! Watch out Comcast...

  • Th
      3rd of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    I will never understand why people like the original poster exist. You cant just keep demanding the next persons supervisor and throw a tantrum just to get your way - that only works when you are 12 years old. Grow up and get over it.

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