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Clarks Shoes / failure

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I have had three pairs of pricey Clarks shoes which, although carefully looked after and otherwise in excellent condtion, simply came apart at the junction between the leather upper and the synthetic sole.The failure is not of the thread used for stitching, it is a design-cum-material fault ; the part of the sole stitched to the upper ( i.e with holes through it) is simply not strong enough. Clarks must know this very well by now. One can only conclude that Clarks are content to sell shoes with a built-in fault, perhaps because it guarantees a relatively shorter life!!

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  • Ev
      24th of Aug, 2013
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    I have had the same experience. Three pairs of Clarke's shoe split at the seems when I put my hand inside to clean them. .I sent Clarke's photos of the faulty shoes. Clarke's say because the shoes are over six years old this is to be expected. Not in my book!! Clarke's also said the materials used and the method employed were OK - They have got to be kidding.Clarke's offered a £10:00 voucher considering what I paid for the shoes this is insulting. I told them I wanted TWO new pars and they could keep their voucher. It has all gone quiet at Clarke's. Having bought Clarke's shoes all my adult life - for me - my wife and kids - I will never buy another pair!!!

  • Mr
      3rd of Dec, 2014
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    Here is My experience of Clarks footwear best told by copying in the text of the letters.
    1st Letter
    Complaints Department
    40 High Street
    BA16 0EQ
    United Kingdom 10 November 2014
    Dear Sirs
    I remember the first time I visited a shoe shop. My mum took me to Clarks to be measured and fitted out for sandals. That was over 55 years ago and I am pleased to see your company is still going, as am I.
    Since that time I have almost invariably bought Clarks shoes. I find them comfortable and of good quality and if looked after they can last many years and that to my way of thinking justifies the price.
    A few years ago I bought some Clarks sandals and wore them that summer and again the following year for our overseas holiday. Whilst on that holiday the wrap became detached and I was surprised and disappointed to see that the leather wrap was attached to the sole by an adhesive and not stitched as it appeared from the outside. They were impractical to wear and I bought a cheap pair to get me through the holiday. My intention was to return them once back in the UK. But on arrival home I found that the sandals had been left behind or thrown away. First time in all those years I had had a problem with Clarks footwear.
    That brings to me to this past weekend. I attended the Remembrance Day ceremony at Folkestone and decided to wear a pair of suede shoes bought probably three years ago but worn only once or twice. During the walk past the upper of the right shoes became detached from the welt and all I could do was to remove them, it was impossible walk in them as my foot kept sliding out of the side. Embarrassing to me but amusing to some others.
    When I had the chance to examine them I could see that the rubber sole had split along its length beneath the stitching. These, a pair of shoes worn no more than a couple of times – borne out by the shoes condition - of the correct fit and not subjected to sunlight or chemicals etc as they are stored in my shoes closet.
    I have enclosed these shoes for your perusal and would welcome your urgent reply and explanation.
    Yours sincerely
    Reply from Clarks
    Dear Mr Anderson
    Thank you for taking the time to return your shoes to us.
    We're very proud of the quality of the footwear we make and therefore, I was concerned to learn that your shoes came apart, whilst attending the Remembrance Day ceremony. I appreciate how embarrassing this must have been.
    We have however, examined the shoes and can confirm that this style was last manufactured over 6 years ago. We feel the problem was not a fault in the original materials or construction but due to factors beyond our control. In our opinion the breakdown is due to natural deterioration through age.
    I do, however, understand your disappointment and therefore, as a measure of goodwill, on this occasion, I have enclosed a voucher for £14 which I hope you will find useful.
    We will hold your for a period of 4 weeks from the date of this letter after which time we wi/i donate them to our Shoebiz charity.
    On behalf of Clarks, I apologise for the inconvenience caused and hope my action will help to restore your faith in our brand.
    Yours sincerely
    Linda Murphy
    Email to CEO
    Good Afternoon
    I am writing to you as I do not feel the above complaint has been dealt with fairly.
    I was taken aback when I received the letter this is not what I would have expected from Clarks
    This is clearly a failure in the materials used and not a wear and tear issue they having received very little use.
    I would have thought it would be seen as an embarrassment that these materials would degrade and fail in such relatively short time.
    Instead it is used as a reason for rejection. I understand the six year rule.
    I have some Clarks footwear that go back ten years and one pair of boots well past that time.
    I don't think it unreasonable to expect quality footwear to last past six years if cared for properly.
    I have attached both letters, sent and received.
    The footwear is still with your company and so can be inspected should you wish.
    I would appreciate it if this could be reviewed and the above taken into account..
    No reply received
    Second letter sent to Lynda Murphy Complaints dept
    Dear Linda Murphy
    I am sure Mr Clark would be revolving turbine like in his grave if he could know that after 180 so years his company was manufacturing footwear with a use by date.
    It is a damning thing for a quality footwear company like Clarks to say about their product, that it will naturally degrade to the point of failure in only 6 years.
    This is not wear and tear this is a poor quality material wrongly chosen and your company should put their hand up to it and refund the full cost.
    I have enclosed your voucher you can use this to cover the return postage charge.
    Please return the shoes.
    I will post pics of shoes if I can. When or if I get them back!

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