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Citizens Bank / fraudulant charges

1 NY, United States

I went to make a purchase at Best Buy yesterday for a total of $109. Only $103 processed on my bank card and it came up with a $6 balance. I did not have the additional $ had to have them void the transaction.

Why? I called the bank...apparently I spent over my $500 limit for the day. $500 limit? For ATM yes...for all transactions? Never heard of that. Ok. So I logged in to my account and it showed only $257 had been withdrawn from my account to pay auto pays and checks for the day. The $109 would not put me over $500.

I called back, and this time was told that my auto insurance debited my account twice. Yet that doesnt show on my account that I am staring at while talking to them. The insurance put me over the $500...So I call my insurance...nope they only processed it once. Thats what I thought.

And wait a second, I do the math again...nope even with the "2" insurance debits I still wasnt over $500. I called back...

NO ONE at Citizens Bank could explain it. I asked for a manager and was put on hold for 15mins before the same person came back on and tried to explain it-yet it didnt make sense. I demanded a manager again...on hold for another 10mins. Finally a manager comes on and tells me my insurance charged twice, but the second time they charged double. But...they rescinded the transaction and the funds would be back in my account by today.
I wake up today and check and not only those funds arent there, but neither is the voided Best Buy purchase.

So I am out over $300 right now waiting on Citizens Bank to get their head out of their butt and fix my account so I can do my Christmas shopping.

Merry BLEEPING Christmas A-HOLES


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