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I used to work at Citizens bank in sales. I had to quit because I felt like a hippocrit. Well, first of all, they don't tell you that when you're sitting down at the desk opening an account that they sign you up for rewards that cost you monthly fees out of your account. They aslo don't telly ou that if you want images on your bank statements of checks that it will cost you $3.00 per month. You also won't know when the money will be deducted out of your account, because if you don't have the $3 bucks, you will go negative and be charged! Also, I feel bad for those who get paid every two weeks and don't check their accounts that often. You can be negative .01 and be charged. Also, if you have a social security check made payable to you for your child, you have to open a rep payee account titled the same way the check is titled. Also, they won't tell you that you need $50 bucks to open the checking account. Also, if you want to open an account and your address does not match what's in the computer, with usps then you have to go back home and get a utility bill with your name and address and they need to document it with the acct number and statement period...How would anyone know this before they got there? There is no way. Citizens bank sucks. Also, they apply you for a credit card when they are asking you all of these wuestions, and run your credit once for the credit card and another for the checking account which brings your score down. Often, they don't tell you they are applying you for a credit card, but if you do get pre-approved, they wil say, "OMG you jsut got approved for our Citizens Bank Credit Card"..Get it?I'm telling you this bank is whacko..Stick with the small banks in the areas. They're not out for profit, they're out to keep customers!!!

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      17th of May, 2011

    They are ###. I moved all my money to a new bank with no fees. The last act was to transfer the remaining 200$ to my new account, make the citizens 0$ balance and close it. What they didnt tell me was that when it went to 0$ balance, the overdraft kicked in charged my account 3$... so I couldnt close it until I paid the 3$ even though they swore on the phone no charges would be incurred. I stormed over to a branch and complained, they smiled and said they couldnt do anything. In a full fury i paid the 3$ and closed the account. This is OUTRAGEOUS

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