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Chattanooga TennesseeChattanooga, United States

This evening around 6:30pm on 1/28/2017 I went into Circle K at 3743 Cummings Hwy Chattanooga Tennessee 37419. I had some lottery tickets to check. So I scanned them and I had won a couple dollars. So I handed them to the cashier who's name was Amanda. She had a attitude because she had to put her cellophane down and wait on me. She rolled her eyes and I told her to give me my tickets I would go somewhere else. And that she needed to get a better attitude. The other cashier was waiting on other customers as fast as she could. Amanda tried giving her my lottery tickets and I just ask for them back. Amanda finally handed them to me and grabbed her phone and out the door she went. She was already rude to a customer in front of me. He purchased a powered and ask her if they were on sale 2 for $3 she was like I don't know. Throwing her arms up at him. He just said never mind and left.
I will not be shopping in that store again. I work with the public everyday and if I treated people like she treats people I wouldn't have a job very long.

Jan 28, 2017

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