Chrysler sebring 2009electrical warning lights

My 2009 Chrysler Sebring has been havig multiple power failures with the warning lights system. I bought it NEW august 2009. By 11, 000 miles the warning lights go off for no reason I loose power while driving, the starter has a mind of its own and cranks out of control for 60 seconds without starting the car! I have taken it to the Dealer who has worked on it 4 times this month and now took out the transmission to replace a faulty part. I just got it back last night and it is doing the SAME thing!!! Now it is a holiday weekend and When I called the dealer they are closed and Chysler said "oh well it is a holiday take it on TUESDAY it should be covered under warranty." I will never buy a SEBRING again and warn other to steer clear of the 2009 Sebring LEMON!!!

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