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chrysler repo dept. / rude supervisor

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I had been making payments for 11 months on my dodge payment date fell on the same date as my mortgage so I was sending in my car payments 2 weeks after the due date thinking I would just pay the late charges as they accrued. I found a payment bill under some papers one dfay and discovered it was over 30 days past due ! I called chrysler finance and told them I would send out a check on that monday which was 4 days later and I did that in the amount of $325. The wed. after that monday I received a call from the repo dept. stating that I have to get them $660 by 8 pm that night or jeopardize my contract ! Well, this first guy was reasonable and gave me til 4 pm the next day to get in the remaining $335 since I sent in $325 already. The first payment was for july and the second for august. I then called chrysler financial and set up a payment for the following sat . after I got paid and was told everything is fine, got a secured confirmation number and called back chrysler repo dept. to tell them this. Upon my call some young woman told me that this is not an option and I need to send in $660 again by that night. I told her I already sent in a check for $325 monday and was told by another repo dept. advisor that I have until 4pm the next day to get $335 more in.She wanted nothing to do with this so I asked for her supervisor. This guy got on, wish I could remember his name, and I told him about the next day thing and also about the secured payment date I set up with a financial represetative for the next sat. He then got very rude. He stated that I have been paying late every month for 10 months which I admit I have but I also have been paying the late fees at which he responded..."this is not the way to pay, payments are due on the due date and there is no grace period, your in default of your contract".He told me the check I sent out isn't here yet so I have to pay $660 by 9 pm that day and he deleted the payment arrangement I made also for sat. I told him a check is in the mail and he said "I don't care, it isn;t here so send in $660 tonight" ! I told him I was in work and it would be impossinle to do this tonight since I work til midnight and my wife does also and his response was..."well, you have access to a phone at work, use your time wisely and make some calls and get that $660 in here by 9 pm tonight". I asked about other options and he just kept raising his voice and saying there is no other way get that money in here and he slammed the phone down on me in mid sentence. I then called the financial dept. and they gave me another secured payment date for the following sat. which was deleted by this same guy as I was talking to the financial dept !!! I finally got to a financial dept. supervisor and I ended up sending in $335 that thursday via a phone payment. All in all this was a total screw up ! I should have been told that my payments have been late and there is no grace period a long time ago( although I found out differently from another supervisor). Albeit, this repo dept. supervisor treated me like some degenerate off the streets. If this is how they are trained to treat thier customers I will never buy another chrysler product ever again ! The financial dept. workers were polite but this guy should be fired immediately ! After they receive my payments I will be allowed to change my due date so as it won't be due at the same time with my mortgage payment. I want to take this further to have this rude, obnoxious employee (supervisor)in the repo dept. disciplined. I really wish I could discipline him myself !!!

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  • Ji
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    Dear Chrysler,

    I just wanted to send a letter thanking Chrysler for making such great trucks. The quality of your vehicles is, in my opinion, the best of all three American Automakers. Over the last 13 years I have purchased several new Chrysler/Dodge vehicles and have loved every one of them. I use the vehicles for work and pleasure and have minimal mechanical issues, all of which Chrysler was more than happy to help me with.
    In 1996 I purchased my first Dodge Truck. It was a Ram 1500 SLT Extended Cab model. I was so happy with it; I bought a new truck for myself in 1998 when the Quad-Cab models came out. I picked up a 1998 Ram 2500 Quad Cab, and a second truck, a leftover 1997 Ram 2500 SLT with a V10 for my business the day my first child was born. Both of these trucks I used for my snow-plowing business and they were phenomenal vehicles. The power, the comfort and the reliability were top notch. I also purchased a new Chrysler Voyager in 1997 for my wife. She loved the vehicle and drove it for several years. She decided in 1999 that she wanted a Durango, so I ran down to the dealer & picked up a 1999 Durango SLT Plus. It was loaded, leather & all the trimmings. The Durango was a great vehicle as well. In the spring of 1999 my 1998 Quad Cab was severely damaged in a hail storm, so I decided it was time for a new truck. I ordered a 1999 2500 Quad Cab 2500 V10 and a 5 speed. This truck was by far my favorite to that point. The power was phenomenal. I had so many compliments on the truck every time I drove it; it was a huge source of pride for me to have such a quality vehicle. After September 11, 2001 the economy took a bit of a downturn and we all suffered. But we came through it. When things finally got back to normal, I purchased a 2005 Dodge Caravan for my wife. She missed the Voyager she had 10yrs earlier and I knew exactly where to go to make her happy again. Straight to the Dodge dealer. The next year I decided it was time for me to get the truck I wanted, so I went back to the Dodge dealer and got myself a 2005 Ram 3500 Cummins Turbo-Diesel. This was the best truck I have ever owned… it could do ANYTHING I wanted, many things that people thought were impossible. I spent a lot of money on this truck getting exactly where I wanted. It got even more compliments than the other Ram I had in 1999. And to make things better, if that were possible, it got 20 MPG no matter what I did with it. I was also hoping as soon as the economy turned around and we all got back to work that I was going to buy myself a new Challenger R/T. I still have all the original window stickers for all of them too.
    But, one Thursday morning a few weeks ago, Chrysler decided that they couldn’t be bothered with me, a staunchly loyal customer, and help me out of a bit of a pickle. You see, I own a construction business in Florida. Lately the construction industry has been hit pretty hard. I was struggling to make the payment on my truck. I had gotten behind in the past, got it caught up only to get behind again. It seemed a vicious yo-yo effect with my payments. I needed that truck to keep my business running. If my business quit running, I would lose everything, including my home I had been in for 10 years. Without that truck, I could not make a living and support my family. Without making a living, I could not afford the truck. Well, I was under constant pressure from Chrysler. The calls started at 8am Sharp every day. My phone rang on the average every 30 minutes until 9pm. So, I averaged about 15-18 calls per day. I had spoken to the supervisors at Chrysler financial, trying to explain my situation. Nobody seemed to care. I would tell a customer service agent that I was going to make the payment in 3 days when I got a check from a client, but my phone never stopped ringing. I would answer it and a new customer service agent would start on me again, telling me they were going to come get the truck. Nobody at Chrysler Financial ever read the history of the record or bothered to think “Hey, maybe there is a reason why this is happening and we should show a little mercy or perhaps just give this loyal customer a break and try to work with him”. So, as I said earlier… Chrysler took my truck back. I know I was behind, I accept that. I know it’s just business. But I wish somebody, somewhere in the chain of command at Chrysler would have taken a moment to say “Maybe we could show a little kindness to an obviously loyal customer”. I was even told by Mr. Hill at Chrysler Financial that (and I quote) “we don’t care, you are JUST A NUMBER” and
    "I can't help if you're a deadbeat". Well, the Repo man took my truck three weeks ago now. I wasn’t able to do the job that I was getting ready for that morning; my Mortgage company was expecting to get a payment from, as was Chrysler. Now that I can’t make the house payment either, they are foreclosing on my home. So losing my truck seems to have caused a snowball effect that my family will not recover from. I have lost my truck, which I paid over $23, 000.00 on over 3-yrs, the $18, 000.00 dollar trade in, not to mention the $7000.00 dollars in upgrades I put in it and was not allowed to recover. And now that I don’t have my truck, I am losing my home, which I have paid $198, 000 over the last 10 years on. Wow… all because Chrysler refused to help me. Because Chrysler refused to lower my payment and stretch out my loan. Did anyone bother to look at my history with Chrysler? No. Did anyone listen to me when I tried to tell them that I had bought “8” NEW Chrysler vehicles over the last 13 years, myself alone, not counting several friends and family members I had taken to the dealership MYSELF to help purchase a new Dodge/Chrysler? No.
    I can honestly say that I know this letter will fall on deaf ears. I now know exactly how Chrysler treats its valued customers. And I can honestly say I understand why the Big Three have all but gone belly-up and had to sell off their products to foreign investors. It’s such a shame too. Americans out of work, unemployed and financially dying because of one little word... Greed. For Americans to be put in a position that they HAVE to or WOULD RATHER buy foreign products and sell our Country down the drain all because of greed. It has been a pleasure and an honor driving the Dodge and Chrysler vehicles that I spent over $250, 000.00 dollars on. I would love to have another someday, but I can promise you this: I will NEVER spend another red cent on anything that says Dodge or Chrysler on it as long as I live, and I will make sure I tell everyone I speak to about this as well. The rest of your potential customers should be aware of how much Chrysler values its’ customers.

    James R. Muniz
    Acct#: 1010814194
    Vin#: 3d7MS48C85G810230

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