Chrysler / repair or replacement key

Tuscaloosa, AL, United States

I took a Chrysler Crossfire to Locklear Chrysler in Tuscaloosa AL due to a key which was stuck in the ignition. Car would start but we could not get the key out. I lived in Birmingham my daughter lived in Tuscaloosa . The car was taken in afterhours and the service manager called me the next day and advise that the car needed a new key which had to be laser cut by the particular vin number by the manufacter/Chrysler. They told me it would be a few days Got the car the car back in a few days. This was in August 2011.
Daughter picked car up.seemed ok but the key would not unlock the doors of the car they didn't mention anything, daughter was using electric opener and ddi not notice this for a few nonths.. In April 2012 car would not start could key would not turn and steering wheel had locked. Had to have car towed to Hoover dealer for repair since all shops advised this was a dealer issue due key having to be laser cut. The hoover dealer called me after a few days and advised there was a problem. I went up there and found out the key i had purchased for $251.11 in 08/2011 did not match new parts and was totally different from the ed key that again had to be programed/ laser cut by cars individual vin by deale/manufacture. They told me it appeared they had got the key from a junk yard and switched the ignition switch key part to match
the wrong key. I contacted Locklear several times they were rude and acted like I was completely crazy I had them talk to the service manager in Hoover at Hendricks Chrysler and they still acted like It was not their fault. Locklear had also told me that all Chrysler parts had a 12 month warranty and my key was under warranty..They would not honor because it was not from the manufactuer it was a junk yard part.
Resulting in my car having the be repaired to the tune of $1200.00. The parts manage at Locklear Barry was very adamant they did nothing wrong and would not honoring warranty or refunding the $251.11 I had paid for the bad key.The General manager Bart Irvine was rude and I felt like I was being drilled by a prosecuting attorney needless to say talked down to like I was a ###.
The bottom line is the company is horrible they take advantage of people, especially women..I would never go there for service or buy a car there...Beware Locklear Chrysler Dodge in Tuscaloosa Al...
Camille Earnest

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