Chryslerram 2016 1500

contacted FCA in hopes that they could help me get a gas tank for my truck was the worst thing i did there is no such this as customer service at this place it been 2 months and i still do not have a tank was told 3 dates that it would be in nov 6, 12, and 28 never got a call or email saying that the tank would not be in i have been called a lair by my case manager and her supervisor and to this date i still do not know when or if i will ever get a tank for my truck but yet you want me to be loyal to ram be loyal to your customer

  • Updated by caveman993, Nov 28, 2018

    so i guess no one at this P.O.S. company cares that there product is [censored] and everyone is having problems i guess that why they never call you back FCA no such thing customer service is no in there vocabulary they lie they no punt dodge your call thats the only thing this company is good for sorry but kiss my rosy red ass you suck

Nov 28, 2018

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