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Chrysler Pacifica / sub frame rust

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Went to get my 2004 Chrysler Pacifica inspected and was told it was "Unsafe to Drive" due to the front sub-frame being completly rusted through.
Have been told by Chrysler and Military Exchange New Car Sales that they won't cover repairs under the warranty since the car is almost 6 years old.
The inspector said he hasn't ever seen anything like it even on cars 30 years old! Already filed my complaint with NHTSA, everyone check your Chrysler Pacifica and do the same if you've got the problem.

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  • Al
      22nd of Feb, 2014
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    I received the same information after having my car inspected. I was going in for an oil change and was told that the subframe should not be looking that bad(extremely rusted and rooted out) for a car that is just a 2005. Been trying to talk to the Chrydler dealer where I bought my Pacifica, wont talk to me, keep on hold. Too bad. Was once a giant amongst car companies.

  • El
      11th of Mar, 2014
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    I have had the same issue. I was told by Chrysler that since the remedy they came up with did not involve replacing the clockspring and the air bag restraint module that I was( in effect SOL) not eligible for a refund. I paid over $500 for replacing both parts while they spent three years coming up with a solution to the problem.

  • Th
      21st of Mar, 2014
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    I went to get new tires on my 2005 pacifica and was then told my biggest problem was not needing tires. The service tech. brought me into the shop area to show me how bad my subframe is rusted. Theres a line of rust going across entire part that is hollowed out on the inside. This is not an inexpensive problem to fix and my vehicle is not old enough
    to have rust damage to this extent. This is why ive never bought American made cars before.

  • Do
      27th of Mar, 2014
    0 Votes

    Same here 2006 Pacifica
    replaced tires and was told to get rid of it before it rots out completely.

    this car has always been taken care of and that is the only place where there is any rust.

  • Bo
      19th of Apr, 2014
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    My 2005 pacifica is now unsafe to drive due to rusted frame on passenger side. I purchased the car new and have taken extraordinary care with under body wash to remove crud regularly in winter - every winter since new. That location on the frame is the only material rust and it is EXTENSIVE. Obvious manufacturing defect. No car should have these issues... even 20 year old cars have intact frames!

  • Ja
      6th of May, 2014
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    Chrysler - Gearbox failed
    Chrysler South Africa.
    South Africa

    On the 16 April 2014 I was on holiday when my Jeep Wrangler gearbox failed. It was taken to Union Motors in Shelley Beach.
    Feedback was that the Jeep submerged. I visit the workshop and Shaun the workshop foreman immediately mentioned that the jeep was under water. That was even before they open up the gearbox.
    Since then they just come up with procedures to follow and Jeep head office to decide if it was negligence by the owner.
    I have bought the Jeep a month ago and never touch water. The previous owner also confirmed he never submerged the vehicle.
    The vehicle history show that it was only serviced and a wire harness that was replaced.
    These vehicles are build to 4x4. The gearbox breather point are on top of the engine with a non return valve. How can it get water in.
    The interior show no sign of water damage. They even blame the vehicle to be an in accident.
    It is just unacceptable to try and put the blame on the owner if the vehicle is build to 4x4.The warranty say that the owner is responsible to only use the vehicle what it is build 4x4. In the mean time I am without a vehicle because Chrysler take their time to repair the vehicle.This is my fourth Jeep and I love the brand. Now loving Jeep brand they treat the customer like this. The feedback was that it will cost R43'000.00 to repair or a new one will be R60'000.00. If a mighty company like Chrysler not wanting to repair the car UNDER WARRANTY> Where must I get the money who owe a salary every month get that kind of money. It will just not be fair.I am fighting for survival here.

  • Vi
      27th of May, 2014
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    I have a 2005 Pacifica with the same problem. Chrysler claims my vin# is not part of the extended warranty.

    Typical, deny there is a problem until someone is killed because of vehicle failure. This is my Family's vehicle, I do not plan

    on waiting for something bad to happen before I am heard. Hopefully, someone will wake up at Chrysler and see that this

    is a problem. Chrysler have some pride in the car that was voted "Car of the Year in 2005" and own up to the problem.

    Former Chrysler Owner

  • Ch
      11th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    I have been going around and around with Chrysler about this so-called letter. It is true there is an extended Warranty called X26 and it is what the letter states. However, if the car was built within a certain period (which mine is out of) I think about 6 weeks (which during that time, I am sure only a few were made) you car get covered. My PAC is within the guidelines of the letter and CHY will do nothing about it. The engine is ready to fall out! I have and run salt trucks in the northern states that do not have this problem. They aren't kept in a garage like my PAC and they run 20 hours a day for 8 months straight.

    Very frustrrated.. they hope we will all just go away

  • Je
      8th of Jul, 2014
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    I am the second owner of a 2005 Pacifica, took it for its 1st oil change after purchasing the car with just over 90, 000 miles on it and I was told to get it to a Mechanic right away that the frame was rotted out severely, meanwhile I have my 3yr old in the back. I called my mechanic and I was told that it was unsafe to drive and has been in the shop since last Monday. Chrysler needs to take responsibility and fix this problem before someone dies! I am petrified to put my child back in that car even after it's fixed!

  • Lo
      26th of Aug, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I am the first owner of a 2006 Pacifica and regularly had it serviced, all at the same Chrysler service location. With no warning at all, I was told that the subframe was completely rusted and the car was unsafe to drive. It was also unsafe to sell it as I would likely be liable for anyone who might have an accident because of this issue.
    I drive my children and their friends regularly in this car and I am astonished that there was a recall on the car, yet it was limited to a very few of the cars.
    We should definitely pursue this as a group and notify the newspapers and the TV stations where everyone lives. There is no excuse for a company to be able to get away with this type of behavior. The Kelly Blue Book value for our car is $8, 925, and if Chrysler doesn't take care of this, we are out this money. We have taken meticulous care of this car and now it appears to be worthless.
    I am starting my letter writing campaign now.

  • Jo
      4th of Sep, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Add another to the list 2004...changed oil oil the weekend ...looked up at frame and saw massive rust ...poked it with wrench and rust just started falling to the ground...big holes on both sides. I am having steel plates welded on to both sides.

  • Ch
      19th of Sep, 2014
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    Same here, 2006, bought less than a year ago used from a chrysler dealer. In the shop at that dealer now, told me it wasn't covered under $2500 extended plan. Told them to contact chrysler for me. I'm waiting for their verdict..

  • Mb
      24th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    Badly rotted subframe here too on my 2004 Pacifica, 128K, single owner. I was just in today to get my brakes checked and new tires put on. But the mechanic alerted me to this more serious problem. Shipped me off to the autobody shop for an estimate. I called Chrysler dealership. This car is not within the extended period so they can't help me. I was going to buy another in a few years and was seriously considering the Town & Country bc I like my Pacifica and just needed more room. But NEVER will I buy a Chrysler again. They KNOW about the problem and they are not helping. Bc it would be too costly. But bad PR hurts too. Other car companies stand behind their cars. I've been reading these comments and hear about other companies repairing, giving out loaners, no problem. WTH?!

  • Fr
      3rd of Oct, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Just failed state inspection... same problem as everyone else. 2005 with 125k, rusted subframe. Only family car that fits our family of 5 and in a real tough spot now. Not sure what to do...

  • Cs
      27th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    I just found out in March that I have the same problem with my subfaframe being rusted in 6 places! The dealership said $2000 to fix and no help from chrysler because I'm out of the warranty range! This is frustrating I will never buy another Chrysler again!

  • Er
      14th of Nov, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I am the current, not original owner of a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica, and in a word it is a piece of crap! This car has cost me thousands of dollars since we purchased it in 2011 with about 75K miles on it. Immediately after purchasing the vehicle we noticed some sort of lurching or loping in the vehicle and took it to several mechanics who could not identify the problem. We were told that it was a throttle positioning sensor but that was not the case. About seven months after purchasing (three days before Christmas if memory serves me correctly) this junk heap had a timing belt snap on it with less than 90K miles on it! The damage ruined Christmas and destroyed our family finances for over a year. When this car was returned I noticed a strange pull in it and it developed an oil leak. In 2012 we went to smog it and found that the Catalytic Converter had gone out in the vehicle. To order the unit from the dealer, because I was told that there were NO CALIFORNIA RATED converters available ANY WHERE, would cost me over $1300 which I refused to pay and had the vehicle impounded for my actions. I finally was able to find a cheaper after market unit in 2014 for just under $500. This scrap heap now is not wanting to pull and it appears it needs motor mounts that will cost me over $200 just to purchase and then take a weekend installing if I do the job myself. I have more than a year and a half to left to pay on this pitiful excuse of a car and I would like some compensation for my families troubles with it. I have a nearly 24 year old Toyota 4Runner that I paid less than $400 bucks for 4 years ago that gives me less grief than this thing has. CHRYSLER YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES for producing such a low quality vehicle! I have read the many postings on this cite and many others that explain all of the problems that people are experiencing with this vehicle yet you choose to sit there stoically claiming innocence in the production of such a low grade product! Several years ago you stood be for the people of this nation begging us assist you and bail you out of the financial mess you had gotten yourself into an now you refuse to repay that assistance, UNBELIEVABLE! Many of us have were struggling to pay for the car when we thought we had purchased a decent vehicle, these burdensome repair costs are dragging many of us under! If there is ever a class action law suit please contact me at

  • Sn
      3rd of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    Class action suit was file in January 2015 for the premature engine cradle rust / failure... lets see what happens now!

  • Ka
      9th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    I just had Pacifica just had my 2004 Pacifica in for an oil change. They told me I need to get rid of the car as soon as soon as Possible
    because it was unsafe. I am recently divorced with three children I was a stay at home mother. I am not currently emloyed. I desperately need my car . I don't believe how terrible this looks plus the safety of my children is in jeopardy now. Please howI don't believe how terrible this looks plus the safety of my children is in jeopardy now. Please Help us!!! Sincerely, Karrene O'Dowd

  • Ra
      14th of Feb, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have the same problem that everyone is talking about. 2005 Chrysler Pacifica that is just outside the range that Chrysler is willing to fix by a couple months. Not sure what to do with the car now. Chrysler quoted me just over $3000 yesterday to replace the sub frame and said I shouldn't drive the car. Any advice would be helpful. I'm thankful that the class action lawsuit was filed, hopefully we'll see some results with that.

  • Ma
      16th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    j'ai acheté un chrysler pacifica 2005 touring sans l'avoir fait inspecter et par après mon garagiste a constaté que mon subframe était pourri et que le véhicule n'est plus sécuritaire à conduire. J'ai appelé chez mon concessionnaire et il n'y a aucun rappel sur mon véhicule !

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