Chryslerheated steering wheel and heated front seats

I have a 2017 Ram 1500 Laremie, when I first got the truck my heated steering wheel and heated seats worked amazing, however now my heated seats in the back are still working great but my front heated seats and steering wheel barely get warm and the steering wheel will only slightly warm up when it feels like it. I have had it in at 5 different dealers now for it to be looked at and continue to get the run around about its not throwing any codes so that's just the way it is! This is not acceptable on a $73, 000 truck that only has 10000kms on it. I have done alot of research on this and I believe the heated controls module is faulty as it used to work great and now it doesn't as for the steering wheel the heated control module controls this aswell, there is a thermostat in the wheel which may be faulty. Bottom line is I need this to be addressed immediately as nothing is being done about this situation and I am continually wasting my time bringing it in for the same problems. This was a exspensive truck and the heated seats and steering wheel did work for about 4000kms this is not how a warranty works I want new parts to be installed on this truck regardless of whether or not it's throwing any codes. I have had a 2016 Ram 1500 before and the heated seats and steering wheel got hot! I have also test drove other Rams with the same heated seats and steering wheel and they work awesome kind of like mine used to!!!

Please help


Dec 01, 2018

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