Chrysler Group LLC / Refuse to fix Vehicle

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I am writing you today because I am having a very difficult time finding someone who is willing to help me with my malfunctioning vehicle before it gets me killed. I have contacted Chrysler, Dodge and several lawyers and I still find myself at the end of a dead end street.

In 2007 I purchased a 2008 Dodge Avenger from Westside Dodge. I have had recall after recall and now the latest malfunction is going to get me killed.

I have been in contact and dealing with Chrysler and Dodge for the past several months trying to have the malfunction of my car fixed or replaced. I have delivered or had me my vehicle towed to the dealership on 5 different occasions for the same problem. I have had far too many close call car accidents because of this malfunction. While I am driving, on the interstate during rush hour traffic, traveling 60-70 mph the accelerator will automatically stop working. The gas pedal goes to the floor, revs up, but does not go anywhere. The car goes from 60-70 mph to 20-30mph in a matter of seconds. It is almost as if the car goes into neutral all by itself. After 10-15 seconds the accelerator will start working again and I can continue on my way to my destination. There are no warning signs to know it is coming and after the accelerator starts to work again there are no malfunction lights, such as a check engine light, that comes on to alert of a problem. The most recent time this happened was this morning...every week I have to take time off of my job to deal with getting a rental car and having my car towed back to the dealership.

The dealership and Chrysler continue to give me the run around by telling me that "they have had several reports of this around the world, we do not know what is causing it and we do not know how to fix it.” They are not willing to find a resolution other than "come get the car when it happens again just call us." In the mean time I am going to get into a serious accident and get hurt or possibly killed because they REFUSE to fix this car.

In the light of the most recent Toyota controversy, you would think Chrysler/Dodge would be a little more willing to take action and try to find a resolution to this malfunction before someone gets hurt, injured or killed.

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