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Chrysler Corporation Canada / Lemon

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Dodge does not stand behind their products. I owned truck since it was new and within days of warranty expiring I have had numerous failures. Just to name a few- Rear differential blew apart at 150, 000 Kms cost 2000 plus to repair. both lower control arms broke at the front differential could not be repaired so had to replace complete differential at 165, 000 Kms cost over 2000 dollars. Two front fenders rusting out even though truck was under coated since new. Front wheel bearings replaced, numerous sway bars drag links etc replaced. Check engine light refuses to stay off 3 different dealers can't tell me why. To sum up I got a lemon and dodge doesn't even care! Ram tough I think not!

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  • Wa
      17th of Nov, 2011
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    I think I got the same lemon 2006 Dodge Dakota My truck is only highway driven. Washed & waxed every week. At 115, 000 it has now had 3 complete brake jobs on the front & 2 on the back, tie rod ends, torsion bars & bushing, control arms, upper & lower ball joints, all wheel bearings & on & on Dodge dealer say this is normal It was costing me around $1000 every 6 months but this month it was $2400 to get it back They tell me none of these things are cover under warranty and should be as they are a safety items. Any one of these items could let go on the highway and cause a bad accident
    Not to say anything about the body as it looks like it has the measles coming out under the paint and around the wheel wells the paint is falling off been a Dodge man for 30 years but no more I've had 2 Dodge truck before but never had all these problems or expensive bills

  • Da
      11th of Jun, 2013
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    i just bought a used 2012 dodge ram 1500 st crew cab and the price we agreed on was $ 20, 996.after i got home and had a good look at the paperwork, i saw that they charged me $22, 996.i traded in my old truck for $2000, looks like they got it for free.i went back to the dealer and they told me thats the way it works, so i left mad and later found out they gave me an extended warranty for $2, 150 that expires in 2017.the funny thing is that my factory warranty expires in 2017.they couldnt give me any paperwork on the extended warranty cuz of computer problems(she said) .it obvious she sold me a bogus extended warranty.thats not all, i bought life insurance for $1652.37 and disability insurance $1672.27 from the finance company and the dealer added these 2 figures to their price too even before it was sent to the finance company, so im paying for it twice.i am out $7474.64 in total and that doesnt even include the gst and pst i would have saved.i have contacted chrysler canada and just waiting to see if i hear back.

  • Fa
      17th of Dec, 2013
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    bought a Dodge Journey last year it`s a 2012 makes a sound when I start it and it`s cold, the dealer says it`s normal it`s a problem they have ...I would like to know if anyone else has this problem ? It`s under warranty and I do not understand why they did not tell me about this problem before I bought it... and to top that off when I open my door on the passanger side it makes a noise said that it was normal too because it`s cold... please if anyone has a journey let me know if this is normal...

  • Le
      20th of Feb, 2014
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    Dont feel bad I reported an engine problem with my P T Cruiser just before my 100, 000 km warranty expired to my Chrysler Dealer. I was told and its on the paperwork I have IT'S NORMAL ENGINE NOISE (PISTON SLAP). Now that it has 126, 000 km on it Chrysler Canada said I have too many km on it now. I took the car back to the dealer a couple of weeks ago now it needs a new engine. $7, 000.00 dollars is what they originally wanted now they say 50/50. I believe this was an ongoing problem BEFORE the warranty was up.Fabio if you can FORCE them into changing the motor. My car cold sounds like my son in laws Golf Diesel at start up.

  • Ex
      3rd of Feb, 2015
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    I completely agree that Chrysler does not care about there customers and don't stand behind there products. I have a Dodge Caliber that apparently needs the Sub Frame replaced, although the warranty does cover this. What it doesn't cover is the fact the part needed for this repair is back ordered and could take as much as 3-4 weeks for it to come in. Leaving me with no vehicle to get to work which is 40 kilometers one way out of town. They should be covering the cost of a replacement vehicle while this part is being waited for. My Caliber is driveable, and the service advisor suggested if I need to drive it to keep it in town only. Which I strongly disagree with her advice, I am not endangering my family by driving a car that potentially the suspension, steering or even the engine could drop out of my car. BRILLIANT COMPANY, this day in age customer care speaks volumes and I don't hear a damn think Chrysler is saying. I like my Caliber but this company stinks.

  • Gu
      26th of Sep, 2017
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    have an issue with the seat.Material has come apart at the seem of my driver side seat.Brought the vehicle inn to the Dealer had it inspected and the Manager told me that without a doubt there was a fault in the material.He sent a picture to Chrysler .Aweek later I was contacted and was told my warranty would not cover the fault because they said I ripped the seat myself.They came to this conclusion from looking at a picture when the Manager told them without a doubt it was faulty material.If this is the way they manage customers I wont be 1 of them .I had maintenance work schedule to be done in the next couple of weeks, needless to say this has all been cancelled.Also they have lost a customer for life.My suggestion is do not pay for extended warranties as they wont be honored

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