Chrysler / 2018 jeep compass

September 21, 2017- Traded in my 2014 compass (engine light came on almost as soon as warranty was going to be up) purchased brand new, vehicle was not inspected nor detailed before giving to me. There were NO air valve stem covers on the tires. had to get tires pumped on my way to work making me late.
May 4, and May 23, 2018 BRAKE ASSIST fully ENGAGED, slowing the vehicle while driving full speed on highway. For no reason. Luckily was not rear ended, this time. Several letters written and ignored by head offices in Canada and U.S. Nanaimo chrysler could not diagnose and mostly took it in for paper trail.
August 16, 2018- Radio would not turn off when car was turned off. Turned vehicle on and off two more times before radio would turn off.
August 17, 2018- Lift gate tried to activate and open while driving down the road.
August 20, 2018-Jeep taken in to dealership again for paper trail.
These issues are dangerous and I feel that they should not be ignored, but they are. I feel that an exchange of a different vehicle would be appropriate, as this one clearly has issues. Chrysler should swap my jeep. (if my purchase had gone smoothly and properly I would not be half as irriatated as I am right now)


Aug 21, 2018

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