Chipotle Mexican Grillbowl

F Nov 14, 2017

I went to Moreno Valley location on Frederick st. They were out of steak, chicken, carnitas. no sign was put up until you ordered. my kids didn't get to order anything because they were out of the meats they only eat. the employee explained that the grill wasn't working and that they only had barbacoa and soyrizo. so I asked then why do you guys have 8 employees on the floor ?? there were maybe 3 costumers inside dinning in and I was the only one in line, the restaurant wasn't clean, the food bae should have been stocked and cleaned, there was too many employees for that restaurant not to be clean . I ordered a barbacoa bowl white rice ( which was hard) pinto beans, red hot sauce ( not spicy and very liquidy) sour cream, guac... extra cheese, first of all we all know that they are extra stingy with the meat, the only meat they were offering was cold!!! like why???. when I started to the bowl I was immediately disappointed. chipotle get your life together.

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