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The waitress was careless and rude. Horrible expierience. If I go there again I will ask for another person to serve me. Her name was elisa.

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      Mar 01, 2011

    My family and I drove from out of town and went to the Mall. Chilis Was one of our families favorite restaurants were we usually meet for dinner. From our previous visits to Chilis in the past there has been an excellent experience..But this particular time in this Chillis we had a part of 10 due to our family comming from out of town..We arived at Chilis around 6:40pm, and was told by the host that will be seated in 10 minutes..The host then came back and said that we will be seated in 15 minutes, 40 minutes later still no seat..Meanwhile in between the time we were waiting the host was seating tables of 6 and 8 and even parties of 7..We kept asking the host when were we going to be seated and she said in a couple of minutes..After the 40 minutes we were eventually seated but she tried to make us split up and sit at two different tables, but all this time there was a table that seated all of us. By this time its around 7:20 pm we get seating then 20 minutes later we finally get drinks, we order food. We actually ordered apetizers then another hour we receive our food at 8:40pm we got the food before we received our appetizer, didnt get the appetizer had to tell the waiter that we didnt get it..He then went back to the back and said that they didnt make the appetizer, I ordered french fries but got beens and rice which I am allergic to black beens, my niece food didnt even come, so he had to go back and fix it, then he came back and said that they were out of chicken tenders. So she had to wait an additional 15 minutes to eat. We requested to speak to the manager but the waiter said that it was his fault, and we still didnt talk to one...There was one guy walking around speaking to every table, but ours...Im assuming that he was the assistant manager or the manager, but when we went to Chili at other locations, they made sure they made there way to the larger tables other than the smaller one's. This is the worst experience i have ever had with a chilis, and was very disappointed in my visit, and will not be back to this location. And will not recommend this location for my business anymore or anymore of our family gatherings.

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  • Li
      May 21, 2012

    About a year ago, my husband and I went for dinner at our local Chilis. We were seated quickly. We were told that 2 people would be serving us that evening. One was a young man and the other a woman. Why they need 2 waiters/waitresses is beyond me...anyway, the young man came over about 10 minutes later, no one asked if we wanted anything to drink...he asked if we were ready to order. We were, so we did, and asked if we could get something to drink as well. His reply was "oh, no one asked you if you wanted anything? well, I will go let them know that you would like your beverages." Uhhh, why don't you just go get them!!! We received our meal, about 10 minutes later a woman, the other waitress, asked how we were doing. We were fine at that moment. So, we finished our meal...without any refills on drinks...because no one ever came back to check on us. My husband wanted more soft tortilla shells so he could finish his meal and we were also talking about dessert. The young man came back to the table, with the CHECK! he proceeded to say that he would take that up when we are ready. I said "well, could we maybe get some more shells for his meal and maybe some refills on drinks"? he seemed unfazed by the fact that we had to ask and were not ready to leave yet...! So, he brought us drinks and shells, I asked for a take out container and he asked about the bill again. This was no where near closing, just FYI, it was about 9pm on a Saturday! So, then we waited for him again to come back with my container, which was about 20 minutes later and yes, by that time we were ready to leave. When he came back with the container, I gave the bill to him and said, "guess we won't be having dessert tonight...", no response...I sent an e-mail to Chilis after that. They did try to contact me by phone, it was the manager of the local Chilis, I was unable to take the call, since I was at work. The following day, I received a voucher in the mail for so much off our next meal. About a month later, we decided to go ahead and try it again and use our voucher, all was fine with out meal and the service. The manager who was working that evening, came over to the table (after we handed our waitress the voucher when she collected for our bill) and asked how everything was, it was fine... About 3 weeks ago, we were out and about and wanted to stop for lunch...well, we decided to stop in at that same Chilis, since last time was fine. Well, low and behold this visit was not...again! I will not be returning to Southgate, Chilis. We were barely waited on. Had to ask for napkins 3 times and you would think they were rationing them because she brought us one at a time, when one of us was having ribs! NEVER asked if we wanted another drink. At one point my husband had to get up and walk over to the bar to ask if he could have another. We ordered chips and salsa, which we never received. Even though we asked twice for them. Not sure if the waitress even cared if we got anything, it was not busy, it was early on a Sunday, a few people seated in the bar area. We waited a half hour to get our bill, because everytime we did see our waitress she was near the bar, talking to other employees or only taking care of the men at the bar...hmmmm. So, maybe Chilis in Southgate, Michigan needs to review their employees. Have better hiring requirements. Maybe hire some waitresses who know how to read and write, since pretty much they all seem pretty oblivious to what is going on and the waiters not much better, only concerned with when their customers are ready to leave! Not a good way to earn your tip money!

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  • Ii
      May 21, 2012

    I think you noticed that my profile says male and you are picking on me because I am gay. I did not want to bring this up but the reason I believe I got bad service from Chili's is because we are an homosexual married couple. You noticed this as well and made you rude comments. Frankly if they are going to discriminate against me for being a homosexual they will not be getting our service.

    OH by the way I am not seven. I am 20.

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  • Ro
      May 21, 2012
    Best Best Advice

    They don't want your ### in their restaurant. Nobody does.

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  • Co
      May 21, 2012

    Why didn't you ask to see the manager during your visit/meal? They can't fix it if they're not aware what's happening!

    I am not sure what some of these other comments are all about. The bottom line I am surprised that the servers don't really understand how they're really compensated, yes, tips! Like I mentioned before you need to notify management when service is not up to par. Although Chilis is not a 5 Star restaurant, they still charge enough for their food to make a decent profit. I think McDonald's has better service than the service you experienced!

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  • Ki
      Jul 16, 2012

    That does sound like some pretty bad experiences!My boyfriend and I had a waitress that never refilled our drinks either and would ask how we are doing but then walk away as we were answering.I haven't experienced anything like you did though.

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  •   Nov 11, 2012

    How was she careless and rude?

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