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1 P.O.BOX 15298Willington, DE, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 18004367939

Tung le acc no: [protected]
1250 indigo way h ph: [protected]
Perris, ca, 92571 w. Ph: [protected]

We want to dispute & complain about chase charged us balance transfer fee - - they did send us promotion for free balance transfer now they turn around to charge us fee! My name tung le, on 03/06/2008 - we did contact chase for asking a fee of balance transfer because we have promotion they send to us home>> that’s attack go with application >> the customer services of chase did told me they will waive a fee for me. That’s mean no fee at all, he’s promise to me. I did agree it and give him account I want to do balance transfer total: $8900.

Two days later I saw they charge me a fee. I did request to remove, now they said the person told me is not true! It’s will be fee.. But if I have promotion in my hand and said no fee of balance transfer they will waive for me... They give me their fax number and request me to fax.. I did fax to them, I follow every step they request me. On march... 03/19/2008 I recently check my account and find out some errors - & ldquo;fee” they don’t waive a fee for me... A fee still on my account! Again this time I call in request for remove and asking why they don’t remove a fee for me... They told me because the letter is valid... But they don’t explain why’s valid? What’s wrong with that letter?—the letter I have is original from them send to me, (I will include that letter to send out to you, you will see in that’s letter nothing wrong) I told the supervisor of customer services about their mistake... And request they have to responsible for that not me.. They cannot turn around and charge me a fee.. Because when I call in about balance transfer.. Their customer services did promise to customer will not charge a fee of customer. Now they cannot turn around said sorry that’s mistake!! Because all their customer services mistake and make I lost money like above, that’s not fair for me, like your customer at all—now your customer have to lost $99.00 a fee. I think nobody accept with that faults!! They have to understand about responsible all their mistake not their customer!! Please!! You have to tell customer a true! Not lie and turn around to charge your customer!!! Please investigate about your mistake!! And refund a fee for us!! Some body tell them: don’t turn around of your customer like that!!

Do they understand everything they said it’s will do exactly they said. They cannot change their word come out they mouth.. They have to responsible the way they talk and do it. They work in chase bank - they understand about policy and rules, law, everything is in their hand—they cannot that’s mistake: sorry— what’s they think? What’s they done? For all that happen above.

If they tell a true - the customer will don’t loose money like above.. Their customer have a lot choice for find a bank to fix their financial. I did told customer services I want to looking a bank for waive a fee of balance transfer.. If they charge a fee - I cannot do it. After that customer services told me he will waive a fee for me.. Nothing worry!!! Now I have to think... Do I have to trust about a chase bank said and promise!! Because they don’t keep a promise with their customer. Now I have to write a letter asking for help— I need write this letter and send out for complain the way customer services did not keep their promise with customer and include a letter I have in my hand is proof they have promotion for no fee in balance transfer. If you need more information, please feel free to contact us at [protected]... Please this is very important to us! Because we did contact to bank too many times but they just ignore I complain it, they said the letter is not true! Or the letter is something wrong... Not valid— please check that’s letter is show my name and my address on it, very clear! Nothing to fix it! It’s show a days expire of a letter too!

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