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From the day chase took over wamu it was a nightmare for me.
On may 27th, 2009 I wrote a letter to chase that went something like this.

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to you on behalf of _in regards to the business credit card account we have with you. It was brought to my attention on friday, may 22nd, 2009 over a phone call that I received that we had missed april's payment and that we had another payment due may26th, 2009. I immediately made a payment over the phone, but had some concerns as to why I never received a statement in the mail or a notification of any kind. The customer service representative was very rude and could not give me any answer.

I went online to look up our account and found that chase had automatically enrolled me in "paperless notification" when they took over my old account I previously had with wamu. I found this very upsetting for several reasons. First, if I was switched to paperless statement, why was I not notified by mail that this was taking place? Second, why was I not notified that I had a payment that was due? And lastly, how can the switch take place without my authorization? I can not make a payment if I am unaware of the payment that is due.

If you look back to our account with wamu you can see I was always on time with my payments. This was not my fault, but the fault of chase for switching me to a paperless statement without authorization and I am requesting that the $39.00 late fee be reversed.

I have updated the account to receive future statements per us mail so this should not be an issue from here on out.



Then the rest of the nightmare continued.

On may 28th, 2009 I decided to cancel my credit card with chase as they had not only charged me a late fee of $39.00, the customer service was downright out rude, the fax number they gave me to send information was incorrect, I talked to 4 different representatives and got 4 different answers, I was told they do not reverse fees, and on top of it all they had also increased my annual percentage rate from 8.99% to 29.99%. Yes that is not a error in my typing.

I paid the card off in full on may 28th, 2009 and wrote a letter that went something like this.

To whom it may concern:

I have paid off this account in full and will no longer be doing business with chase.

Due to the unacceptable rudeness for your customer service representatives, incorrect information on how to fax something to chase, which lead me on a wild goose chase all day, and being switched to paperless statements without my consent, costing me a $39.00 late fee, along with a lot of frustration and most of all my valuable time is the end of doing business with you.

I know credit card companies are into the bullying phase of the credit crunch, but I did not deserve to be treated like that? Your customer service people are so rude it is almost unbelievable. I will make sure to let others I know aware of the way I was treated and in my opinion they should never do business with a chase bank or credit
Card company.

I have requested that this account be closed immediately, please make sure that it is.


In june I received my next months statement thinking that I was free and clear of ever dealing with chase again, now let me remind you I paid the card off on may 28th, 2009 and this statement had a finance charge of $73.04 for the balance due between may 26th payment and may 28th the day I paid it off. $73.04 for 2 days!!

I called again and was told there was nothing they could do about it, once again by a very rude customer service representative, so I paid the $73.04 that was due by june 26th, 2009 on june 10th, 2009.

You are not going to believe this, but when I received my july statement my effective annual percentage rate went from the 29.99% to 60.36%. Is this even legal? There was also a $1.00 finance charge included on this statement. I immediately got on the phone again and was disconnected twice before I could even talk to anyone. Once again there is absolutely nothing they can do about the $1.00 finance charge so they told me if I paid it over the phone that would be the last payment I would have to make, so I did make the payment over the phone on july 8th, 2009.

Over done with so I thought. I received my next statement for august and this time there was a $13.95 processing fee for making the $1.00 payment over the phone and another $1.00 finance fee on top of that for a total of $14.95.

I was not going to get off the phone until this was reversed. I spoke to 1o customer representatives before someone finally said he would take care of it for me. I have been checking online and it looks like the charges were taken off, but I have not received my september statement as of yet.

This account was closed as of may 28th, 2009, yet I still have a total credit limit of $5000.00. Will chase ever get it together? No company should be able to do business like this.



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  • Jl
      Oct 26, 2009


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  • Ji
      Nov 11, 2009

    Just tonight, November 11 (Veterans Day, and I am a Vietnam veteran) I received a notice from Chase (online--they took over WAMU, where we never had a problem) that I owed over $220, part of it being a $39.00 late fee because they said I made the payment late...(not so, it was two days early)...and they added a finance charge of $66 and some change. My God, how can these people call themselves legitimate businessmen? They had also upped my interest rate to 29.99 percent earlier. How on earth can we even manage to pay with such creeps? Where is the law?

    Tomorrow I'm going to call them and try to straighten out the mess, but given that Linda's story sounds plausible and true, I doubt if I get anywhere. I guess a lawsuit may be the answer.

    Jim in California

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  •   Jun 03, 2016
    Chase - Very horrendous customer services
    PO Box 15153
    United States

    No April fool's day joke. Very horrendous customer services. The 2 women I spoke to were aggressively rude, wouldn't let me talk and then said I was wrong. *They* kept saying, you aren't letting me talk. They would jump right in before I could explain what I was seeing on my bill and telling me the dates listed on my bill weren't the actual dates. Whatever.

    Basically, I sent in a credit card payment (always paid in full and on time) and it appears they tried to put it through on a Sunday, when my credit union is closed. They then charged me a $39 fee for returned payment on the same day they put the check through again and received full payment. This all happened about a week before the payment was actually due.
    When I called to find out about it, I was talked to snidely, condescendingly and laughed at. They said they would put me on hold but basically put me on mute and left me there for several minutes. I was talking with my husband about what our credit union account said and the CS person tried to take that info and use it against me. Thing is, the credit union never lists a bounced check or charges us a fee for a bounced check nor did they contact us about a bounced check. All of which they do. We've had it happen before when they've had to take money out of our savings to cover the checking.

    I did, finally, get that $39 fee waived. But I worked hard to get that fee removed and was upset and had knots in my stomach by the time I was done. Why couldn't they have just done it when I first called instead of treating me so poorly?
    I hung up and called back immediately asking to speak with a supervisor (I did not get one the first time around) and closed the account. She ridiculously said that if I were to re-open the account at a later time it would be based on my credit at the time. I laughed and said that I will NEVER deal with Chase in any circumstances. From reading complaints out here, seems their auto and home financial services are staffed by the same inept pool of hired workers. I wonder if they get points and a bonus based on those points for how rudely they are to people. Amazing. Maybe there is a class, How to Be Rude, 101.

    I am actually afraid to deal with them after reading the complaints out here. And I will monitor my credit score (which is excellent) to make sure they don't mess with it.

    I've dealt with several other credit card companies in the past and have never been treated so poorly. I also have a Bank of America card which was a back up card and will solely use that one from now on. You should only have one credit card anyway. Easier to keep track of.

    Now, in a couple of months, I will request my free credit report to double check they weren't completely evil. I just can't trust my hard earned, excellent credit record to be ruined by people who can't even be nice. If my home mortgage ever gets transferred to them, I will immediately refinance. I can't imagine having to deal with this low level of service on something as important as my house!

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  • Li
      Jun 03, 2016

    I obtained a CHASE credit card through Circuit City, Winston Salem NC, with a 0% interest if account was paid off by 10/29/08 (17 months after account was opened).This was great, I was so excited!!! My minimum monthly payment was only $10.00. Every month I paid 3-6 times the amount of my monthly minimum with plans to pay off the account before the promotional 0% interest ending date. Well, did I get a real slap in the face when I called on 10/20/08 to pay off my balance of $272.07 and they tell me, "oh, your promotion actually ended 9/04/08 (with NO notice to me) so now you owe $560.85 thats the $272.07 plus 415.20% APR". WTH!!! So for the last 8 days I have been trying to dispute this and each time I'm told, "Sorry, thats just the way our contract rolls". Yesterday I decided to check them out with the BBB of Delaware, guess what? I found that over 7 thousand complaints have been filed with the BBB of Deleware alone. Today, I get an email from the BBB of DE confirming they have forwarded my complaint to CHASE Headquarters for a resolution, it is now 12PM on the final day of my "0% financing promotion" and I still haven't heard anything. Oh and BTW, I tried to just go ahead and pay the $272.07 and was told it will only be accepted as a "payment" towards the $560.85 "remaining Balance" on an $840.00 purchase, thats been being paid on for the last 17 months. Geezs, if I make it through this with my sanity, "I swear to GOD, I will never do business with CHASE again or anyone or thing thats is affiliated with CHASE BANK.

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