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Chase Manhatten Bank / rip-offs and poor customer service

1 United States

I have a debit account or 'pay card' account that is through Chase Manhatten bank. I accidentally ran my pay card negative $6 and change-How this can even happen is beyond me (apparently allowing an account to run negative is a huge source of revenue). OK fine-I should have checked my balance before I went to Taco Bell. They charged me $25 for overdraft then later that night I was charged another $25 for not bringing my account current!??? I called their "customer service" which is an outsource office located in India. Of course, none of the issues that I am talking about were handled. The man that I talked to either could not help me or would not help me-all I asked was that the second charge for $25 be reversed. He said they would do an investigation and someone would contact me within 10 business days. Does this bank understand customer service?

How about a debit card that wont allow you to overdraft? I know its possible. Its a minor bit of programming-some software changes.

I plan to contact the banking guild and file a complaint. I have had several run ins with Chase's "customer service" dept. To this date-not one of the issues that I had have ever been resolved by their office in India. Poor English and a profound case of impotent employees. Why would you call these people customer service reps if they don't have the ability to handle a problem on the phone.

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