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Chase Manhattan Mortgage / wrongful foreclosure

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Starting In May of 2005, Chase added a hazard insurance in the amount of 7770.00 dollars (a rip off in itself) and then increased my payment by a 1000 dollars a month. My insurance agent sent the policy to them time after time after time... after 7 months, they said they would credit me, but only credited me for half... in the mean time, my escrow account is inflated and incorrect...

I am sending in my payments, the normal regular amount with the assurance this would get taken care of, and my account would be credited.
That did not happen. I often sent in the increased amount and double payments. I Have spent 1000's of hours with the Worst Customer Service in all of America trying to resolve this, I have a file so thick full of letters, faxes, emails, certified receipts. I have had to retain an attorney on two different occasions.

In October of last year they threatened to fore close... I sent then 30,000 dollars, again with the assurance that it would be researched, and my account credit and a refund... I pulled out money from my savings, and was hopeful that it would be resolved quickly... My normal payments were approx 2500 a month... (the real payments) they were claiming were 3200 dollars
THE CPA produced a flow chart and spread sheet showing that the 30,000 dollars they received would have easily covered the entire year of 2006. Yet there already 7 payments in place for 2006...

There were several payments that had been put in my escrow or put to principal and once again misallocated. They show on one spread sheet they claim they credited me for the October and November, but those payments had already been made... Then looking closer at the spread sheet (THEIR SPREAD SHEET) they took both payments and moved it to the escrow column at the increased incorrect amount!!

I have MS and the stress made me very ill. I was unable to really purchase the Christmas gifts for my son, that I wanted, because of the money I had paid them, and did not get the credit...

So, I kept sending letters to credit it.. for 2007, and then again, using their spread sheet I proved all the mis applied payments... This person Kevin Posey told me he would have his Cracker Jack research team, review and correct the account history and get the payments all credited...

In the mean time, after 16 months, the insurance issue is still going on...
I am calling about every week at this point. I had been faxing Kevin Posey for three months, asking, begginng for help... and answers... the last fax I sent him was on May 16th... of 2007. HE could have easily called me, faxed me back... something.

BUT>> he did not...

I have cried and cried on the phone with some of these Customer service people, begging for them to get this account in order and back on track...
I have been in the business for years, and dealt many mortgage companies and Chase is the worst Banking institution around... with out doubt. There are several class actions suits, and I am researching the number of foreclosures they are responsible for the US.

I am a single mom, with a precious 15 year old and last week, a man knocks on my door and tells me he bought my house on the court house steps in Austin, Texas. My home is a small but in a nice area, where the values are high... I was in shock... we go from corresponding with Kevin Posey in Chase to my home is foreclosed. My home was purchased for half of the value.

I am going to do whatever it takes to get this foreclosure reversed... and then have my attorney sue CHASE>. This is a horrible injustice... and this is my home... Texas has terrible foreclosure laws, and we are a no redemption state with only a 21 day notice before foreclosure.

HELP ME< If you have any more stories, or can help me... PLEASE HELP>> I will not give up my home and I plan to make it my goal to expose these sleazy people... CHASE "S CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SO BAD!@!

Do not do business with them for any reason!!!

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  • Cy
      6th of Feb, 2008
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    this sounds so much like my story. I am currently in the midst of a foreclosure fiasco with Chase Mortgage that has happened because of someone's mistake. Two of my payments I sent were wrongly put in my escrow account. I even recieved a letter stated my escrow account had a surplus. For almost a year I have fought trying to get the escrow situation fixed but to no avail. At the end of Jan 08, I recieved a letter and My January payment in the mail due to it not being certified funds. I was at a loss.. I called to talk to someone and got the biggest run around. I just found out yesterday that my home is in foreclosure because it was deliquent and my inusrance had lapsed (Which is paid from the escrow)

    Chase failed to purchase my insurance with the money in the escrow account, which was set up by them for that purpose. They have also failed to credit my account with the extra money that was "accidently" put into the escrow account and now I have to come up with a 4000 dollars to get out of foreclosure. After reading several similar stories, I am feeling that I will never get this big mess straightened out.. I am considering getting a lawyer. My loss mitigation person told me he would do an investigation and audit of my account, but I am losing faith fast, that they will right their wrong...

  • Hu
      14th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had a similar problem with Chase Mortgage. I couldn't agree more. I lost my house to foreclosure in 2003 after our home was flooded with sewage from the city line deeming in uninhabitable. I asked Chase for help to stop or reduce the mortgage payments until I received money from insurance. They refused to do so. My insurance only provided so much and met their max. I then had to pay for a new place to live. Chase literallytold me that they could do nothing about disasters and could do nothing to stop or temporarily reduce payments until a disaster such as mine was on itsway to resolution. I ended up handing the keys in voluntarily because there was no way for me to pay for 2 house payments. They have ruined my credit. I am still feeling the effects 5 years later. I have been through lawyers, the state/city governments and nothing was ever done. I ended up losing nearly $50,000 and have to endure the heartache of denied credit opportunities due to poor credit because of and inconsiderate and ignorant company that does not deserve the business of any American. I will never ever ever do business with this company or anything affiliated with Chase. I am bitter and feel they are responsible for the hardships I have endured over the 100% past few years. It is absolutely sickening!!! I saw your posted comments and it made my stomach sick.

  • Va
      21st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes
    Chase Manhattan Mortgage - Scam and lies
    Chase Manhattan Mortgage
    United States

    I had a mortgage with Chase Manhattan Mortgage, my home went into foreclosure. I made arranged payment with Chase which all payment was made through western union quick collect Chase said they did not received the payments got letters from western union supplied them to chase even had Western send them a letter with all the payments listed they said they have to records. I decided to file bankruptcy but did not go through with it.

    Got the house sold, relocated Chase was paid off I still think they owe me for the payments they received that they said they never received. On my credit report Chase manhattan Mortgage is listed twice one saying the house was sold paid in full the other Chase manhattan listed has delinquent. I have been trying to get them to remove it from my credit report since 10/2005 and still cant get them to remove it.

  • Ma
      29th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes

    Oh can thank that fellow Texan George Bush (and Rick Perry) for all the southern hospitality Chase offered to you.

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